Fetish Locator Week Two – All Achievements Unlock Tips

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Fetish Locator Week Two – All Achievements Unlock Tips 1 - steamlists.com

This guide provides details instructions to achieving all 38 of the Steam achievements for Fetish Locator Week 2


The following guide should help you get all 38 achievements for this game. Feel free to comment with any questions. I’ll be happy to help. This is my first guide posted to Steam. I appreciate any feedback
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Game Start Achievements

Ask me one more time
• Fill out the questionnaire to start the game
Been there done that
• Watch the entire recap at the start of the game without skipping

Mid-Game Achievements

How Bizarre, How Bizarre
• During day 9, Scene 3, choose the “Dragon”, “F**k”, “Box of Soiled Condoms” options while you tell the story
Now I’ve Seen Everything
• Requires either save/load or multiple playthroughs
• Enable Vanessa’s path (otherwise, the “MILF” option will not be available)
• Save before choosing the task to do for Samiya on Day 9, Scene 2
• Complete the “Prank a M.I.L.F.” task by doing everything Samiya tells you to
• Complete the “Samiya’s Assistant” task by choosing to be a sissy
• Complete the “Gigolo” task by following though completely on the rape roleplay
Fail Out
• Enable Vanessa’s path (otherwise, the “MILF” option will not be available)
• Fail the “Prank a M.I.L.F.” task by bailing when you are given the option to
> o The order you attempt and fail the tasks in is generally unimportant except that the MILF task
> CANNOT be the last one that you attempt or it will not give you the option to bail out.
• Fail the “Gigolo” task by bailing out when given the option “I won’t do this”
• Fail the “Samiya’s Assistant” task by choosing to “F**k the B***h” when given the option instead of being the sissy she wants you to be
Unlock a secret scene using Apples
• At the start of choose the option to type your safeword
• Hit enter without typing anything
> o You’ll be assigned a safeword of “Apples” and the rest will take care of itself before the end of
> the party
> o Alternatively, you can make your safeword “Apples” intentionally by typing it and it will still
> work
Welcome to the party
• Reach Min’s party on Day 10 and listen to the briefing (unavoidable)
A walking simulator
Fully explore the Proximity Event at Min’s party
• Start at the Kitchen/Bar, then do the following clicks
> o AmRose and Iona
> o Turn Around (Arrow)
> o Stacy
> o Balcony Door x2
> o Forward
> o Pool
> o Back inside (“Enter the bar”)
> o Bar
> o Turn Around
> o Check out the rooms
> o Left Door (Locked)
> o Right Door (Locked)
> o Turn around
> o Bar
> o Stairs
> o Go Upstairs x2
> o Enter the room
> o Chloe/Kevin
> o Balcony
> o Go Closer
> o Cynthia
> o Turn around
> o Enter the room
> o Go downstairs x2
> o Go forward
> o Painting
> o Go right
> o Daisy and Allison
> o Pandora Room
> o Anthony
> o Pandora Room
> o Turn around
> o Turn Right
> o Lyssa and Min
> o Continue
Talk Your Ear Off
• At Min’s party, in the lead up to the main event, there will be a scene where you can choose a story to tell Lydia, it will take at least two play-throughs (some of them are mutually exclusive). To get the achievement, you have to tell each story until she finishes masturbating. I recommend saving before you select the first story, continuing until Allison comes back in the room, then reverting to your save and telling the next story. If you make Min, Lyssa, and Dahlia active on your first play through, the only story missing will be Daisy’s, which you can do on your second play-through.
> o Blowj*b from AmRose
> o Allison on the Stairs
> o Cynthia Outdoors
> o Lyssa in the Bedroom
> o Talia on the Pirate Ship
> o Daisy in the Pandora Room
> o Dahlia in the Pandora Room
> o Jessie’s Horserace
Outstanding Performance
• Requires two separate new game play-throughs
• First, play with Min’s path active
> o At the main event, select and watch all options before moving on to the finish
• Second, play with Min’s path inactive
> o At the main event, select and watch all options before moving on to the finish
Coffee and a donut
Make Polly’s coffee and give AmRose a donut
• Have Polly and Nora’s path active
> o Must not have cuum inside Nora in week 1
• On day 11, choose the option to participate in the “♥♥♥ garnish” challenge
• On day 11, participate in the Polly/Nora scene all the way till the end and ♥♥♥ in the coffee
• On day 11, a mandatory scene will have you ♥♥♥ on a donut
• Earn 80 points or more in the first half of the game (see my points guide)
• Do not intervene when Iona is being harassed at Min’s party
• On day 12, when you meet Hana, give her the password to Pete’s computer
• Shortly after, choose the option to trigger a blitz challenge with Hana
• During the meeting with Iona at the coffee shop, choose the option to trigger a blitz challenge with her

End of Game Achievements

True Love, Part 2
• Finish the game with Stacy’s path active
• Be sure to let her bathe with you in the first scene or her path will be cut off
Between the Thighs of an Angel
• Finish the game without Stacy’s path active, either by starting her inactive or not letting her bathe with you in the first scene.
Due Diligence
• Play the game all the way through twice. Once with Stacy’s path active and one without
End the final challenge with a F*** score of 3
• The unavoidable three are:
> o AmRose
> o Lydia (let her finish the handj*b in the theater)
> o Samiya mud wrestling
• Choose the “assistant” task with Samiya to avoid activating Vanessa or the Judge
• To ensure no others are active in the second half, be sure that only Min is active at the start of the game among optional girls (Stacy, Chloe, Jessie, Polly, Vanessa, Lyssa, Maria, Daisy, and Dahlia should all be inactive), then on the morning of day 11, tell Min that she should get back together with Anthony to end her path. Alternatively, Choose Maria instead of Min and then decline to “trade” with Terrell.
• At the final party, decline the invitation from Allison
Why So Serious?
• Part of the story, unavoidable. Near the end of the game.
Always On Top
• You don’t necessarily have to do EVERY dominant path available. I got this achievement on a play-through where I had the romantic option turned on with Lyssa, not the dominant one. Since most options default to your character being Top/Dominant, this is mostly about avoiding the rare cases where he isn’t. These were the choices I made when I earned the achievement:
> o Have Daisy active, not Dahlia
> o Do not participate in the “assistant” task for Samiya
> o When you arrive at the party, “fight fire” when the girls undress you
> o In the mud pit, choose the “overpower” option
Consistent Bottom
• As with the “Always on top” achievement, it’s difficult to be sure exactly what the criteria is here, but this is what I did for my play-though that earned the achievement
> o Have AmRose be your “secret girlfriend” not your “sexual slave”
> o Have Stacy Active
> o Have Dahlia active
> o Have the romantic path active for Lyssa to avoid domination
> o No other girls are active at the start
> o Chose “Let Stacy Bathe with you” at the start of the game to trigger the watersports scene
> o In the first scene with Lyssa, choose “Big surprise” and “That was something special” options
> o Chose the “Mention the luggage first” option when meeting with Samiya
> o Choose the “assistant” task for Samiya and agree to play the sissy when given the option
> o At Min’s party, choose “don’t bother” to avoid Oliver path
> o At Min’s party, choose “Walk away” to avoid Cynthia path
> o At Min’s party, choose the Pandora room as the first event and complete it
> o Second event, choose “Proximity”
> o Third event, choose “Main Event”
> o In the third scene with Lyssa, choose “Take the plunge”
> o Let Lydia finish the handj*b in the theater
> o At the start of the final party, let stacy win when she is undressing you
> o During the sushi scene, choose “let Stacy feed it to you”
> o Choose not to go with Allison
> o During the mud pit event, choose the “try to make her cuum” option and then the “I like this
> feeling” option.
> o Achievement should be awarded immediately after the mud pit scene ends, right after you get a “f*** point” for Samiya
Pretzel Mustard
Finish the game with 19 “f*** points”. Here’s how I did it. Some of this may be unimportant and there may be other ways.
• New Game Setup
> o AmRose is a S*x Slave
> o All tier 1 girls active (Stacy, Polly, Vanessa, Jessie, Chloe)
> o Tier 2 girls Min and Lyssa active
> >  Lyssa’s relationship option is “Dominate her”
> o Dahlia is active
> o All fetishes are “Yes”
> o Did NOT cuum in Nora in week 1
• Day 8, Scene 1, choose “Let Stacy Bathe with you” (I don’t think this matters, though, since you can’t get credit for her)
• Day 8, Scene 12, Chose to forbid Lyssa from using her d**k (extra points)
• Day 9, Scene 2
> o Choose “Let’s have some fun first” with Samiya
> o Choose “Be Samiya’s Assistant”
• Day 9, Scene 3 Choose Dog/Cuddle/Magazines options for story
• Day 9 Scene 4
> o Choose “F*** that b***h”
> o Choose “Be a gigolo” and complete the scene
• Day 10, Scene 4, Choose “Good. Definitely good.” In bathroom scene with Lyssa.
• Min’s Party
> o Choose “See what’s going on” with Oliver, then “Help”
> o Choose “Tap that a*s” with Cynthia, then either finish
> o Choose “Keep Watching” twice with Chloe
> o Choose the Horseback Riding Event
> o Choose “Just watch” with Iona/SuperNova
> o Choose the Proximity Event with either finish
> o Choose the Magic & Mysticism Event
> o Choose the Pandora Room Event and complete it with an org*sm
> o Choose Prepare for the Main Event and complete in any way
• Day 11, Scene 2
> o Choose “Accept – I’m down for that” for cuum garnish fetish
> o Choose “But I’m interested in Min”
• Day 11, Scene 3 Choose “Play along for now” with Cynthia
• Day 11, Scene 6 FPOINTS for Polly and Nora +2
• Day 11, Scene 7 FPOINTS for AmRose +1 (3)
• Day 12, Scene 1 Choose “Accept – I want to see that” for Squirting Fetish
• Day 12, Scene 2
> o Choose “Give her the password”
> o Choose “Do it (spend 15 points)”
> o FPOINTS for Hana +1 (4)
• Day 12, Scene 3
> o Choose “Take the Deal” with the Judge and complete in any way
> o FPOINTS for the Judge +1 (5)
• Day 12, Scene 4 FPOINTS for Lyssa +1 (6)
• Day 12, Scene 5, choose to “Stop Lydia before you cuum”
• Day 12, Scene 6 FPOINTS for Dahlia +1 (7)
• Day 13, Scene 1
> o Choose “Go for it” with Chloe/Kevin
> o FPOINTS for Chloe and Kevin +2 (9)
• Day 13, Scene 3
> o Choose “Do it (spend 15 points) with Iona
> o FPOINTS for Iona +1 (10)
• Day 13, Scene 5 FPOINTS for Lydia and Chastity +2 (12)
• Day 13, Scene 8 FPOINTS for Vanessa +1 (13)
• Final Party
> o FPOINTS for Min +1 (14)
> o FPOINTS for Cynthia +1 (15)
> o Choose “Go with Allison” after the sushi scene
> o FPOINTS for Allison +1 (16)
> o FPOINTS for Samiya +1 (17)
> o Choose “I’m… open to it” with Oliver
> o FPOINTS for Oliver +1 (18)
> o FPOINTS for Jessie +1 (19)
Spicy Pretzel Mustard
The key to this one is that there is a “Character Gallery” on the main menu. That is the pool that is being referred to, NOT the one you can see in-game. This requires two play-throughs. On your first, if you do a perfect game (see my notes on the Pretzel Mustard achievement), you can get 20 of the 23 characters. The three you are missing are due to the restrictions on the character paths that can be active at the beginning of the game. To get the other three, simply start over and do the exact same choices with the following changes/additions:
• Choose Maria instead of Min at the start of the game
• Choose Daisy instead of Dahlia at the start of the game
• Day 8, Scene 3, Choose “Fine” with Maria
• At Min’s party, complete the Pandora room with Daisy instead of Dahlia
• Day 11, Scene 2 Choose “Who can he offer you in trade” with Terrell
After you’ve finished both play-throughs, go to the main menu and selects the character gallery. Click on each silhouette to unlock it. There should be 23 total. After you’ve done them all, you will get this rare achievement.

Character-Specific Achievements

Double Shower – STACY
• Have Staci’s path active
• Enable watersports (either by participating in week 1 or selecting yes for it in the questionnaire
• Choose to “let Stacy bathe with you” on Day 8, Scene 1
Min Max – MIN
• Have Min’s path active
• The morning after the party, after class, choose option: “But I’m interested in Min”
• Everything else will happen automatically as part of the story
Now Serving Hot Pretzels – POLLY/NORA
• Have Polly’s path active
• Must NOT have ♥♥♥ inside Nora in week 1
> o Choose a game save that didn’t have that event, or
> o In the New Game Questionnaire, say “No” to Creampie Fetish, or
> o When asked if you came in Nora, say “No”
• The Polly/Nora scenes will happen automatically
Who’s Your Daddy? – NORA
• Must have “Creampie” Fetish active
> o Either use a week 1 save where you participated in the creampie challenge, or
> o In the new game questionnaire, select “yes” to Creampie on the fetish list
• Must have ♥♥♥ in Nora during week 1
> o Either use a week 1 save that included that action, or
> o Choose to have Polly active in the new game questionnaire AND when asked, say that you came in Nora during week 1.
• Near the end of Day 8, choose “Well, I guess I would be a dad” during the fight with Nora
• During day 13, choose “I will be a father” when Nora confronts you
Eye for an eye – TERRELL
• Have Maria’s path active
• Either load a save in which you gave her to Terrell on day 6 or choose to have her active in the new game questionnaire
• Let her blow you in the classroom scene (day 8, scene 3)
• At Min’s party, you will have a mandatory conversation with Terrell about Maria
• On Day 11, Scene 2 (After class), Terrell will approach you
• Choose the option: “Who can he offer you in trade?”
Motion Denied – LYSSA
• Have Lyssa’s path active
• Be in a dominant (not romantic) relationship with Lyssa
• In your first scene with her, choose option: “Forbid her to use her ♥♥♥♥”
• In the next scene with her (in Stacy’s apartment) chose option “Good. Definitely Good”
Play hockey with the Law – LYSSA
• The natural conclusion to Lyssa’s path. If she is active, I don’t think you can avoid this achievement.
Hole for Glory – MARIA
• Follow the directions for the “Eye for an Eye” achievement
• When given the option, choose to have Maria send you pictures of what she is instructed to do with Terrell
Daisy all the way – DAISY
Do everything you can with Daisy at Min’s Party
• Be on Daisy’s path (you have to be on either Daisy or Dahlia’s path)
• Must have all fetishes enabled
• Go to the Panadora Room
• Option: “Go check up on her”
• Options: “Fondle her” or “Don’t”
• Options: Hand / Paddle / Sticks (any)
• Option: “Hold On”
• Option: “Punish Her”
• Option: “Hold Longer”
• Option: “Hold Even More”
Doctor McSexy – DAISY
Send a girl to the hospital
• Have the Daisy path active
• Play with Daisy in the Pandora room during Min’s party
• The rest will happen no matter what, you will get the achievement late in Day 12
Scotty Doesn’t Know – DAHLIA
• Have Dahlia’s path active
• During the briefing for Min’s party, choose the second safeword option:
• Go to the Pandora room during Min’s party
• Option: “Stay and see what happens”
• Option: “Let’s go; get hard”
• Option: “Use your Safeword”
Death By Snu-Snu – DAHLIA
• Have Dahlia’s path active
• Participate in the pandora’s room scene during Min’s party and choose the “see what happens” option
• Everything else happens automatically over the course of the story
Sleeping with Fish – JESSIE
• Have Jessie’s path active
• Participate in the Horseback Riding Event at Min’s party
Chasing Chastity – CHASTITY
• During the theater scene, stop Lydia from finishing the handj*b. Everything else will happen automatically during the story.
Setec Astronomy – VANESSA
• Have Vanessa’s path active
• After the scene with her on Day 13, right after you unlock Vanessa’s pool character, you will be texting with Stacy on the couch
• Behind you is a telescope, click on it
How’s that work?! – CYNTHIA
• Have Min’s path active
• Have s*x with Cyntha at Min’s party when given the option
• The morning after the party, in the cafeteria, choose “Play Along for Now” after she threatens you with blackmail
• During the final party, a scene will happen with Cynthia. Choose the “Deflower” option
Boys are back in town – OLIVER
• Have Lyssa’s path active
• Help Oliver at Min’s party when he tries to get in without a mask
> o Option: “See what’s going on”
> o Option: “Help”
• Have s*x with Oliver at your party when given the option

Written by CentAurora

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Fetish Locator Week Two – All Achievements Unlock Tips, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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