Forza Horizon 5 – Fix for Microstutter in Game

Forza Horizon 5 – Fix for Microstutter in Game 1 -
Forza Horizon 5 – Fix for Microstutter in Game 1 -

Hello and welcome to my quick guide, that is going to cover:

How to significantly reduce microstutters and/or eliminate them all together!


I would highly advise to follow the steps shown below, to make sure that the potential issues lies within the game itself, and is not caused by complications in GPU Drivers, VRAM restriction, Nvidia or AMD Control Panels or Background Processes/Hardware Limitations.
Turn10 and Playground Games have released a roadmap list of fixes that are going to be implemented into the game in the near future via. Hotfixes and Updates.
The list can be found here: FH5 Known Issues – [] 
The list of fixes I recommend:

  • Updating drivers:
    Please make sure that your Nvidia/AMD Drivers are up-to-date respectively. 
  • Set application priority to Real Time:
    Navigate to the -> Task Manager
    Click on the tab -> Details
    Find -> ForzaHorizon5.exe 
    Right Click the process and choose -> Set Priority -> Real Time
  • Verify Integrity of Game Files:
    In case of any complications that has occured during Game Installation, you might consider utilizing Steam's Game Integrity Verification to replace any broken or missing files from the Game Installation path. 
    To do this, in the Steam application navigate to the tab -> Library 
    Right click on -> Forza Horizon 5 
    Select -> Local Files 
    Click on -> Verify Integrity of Game Files 
    Allow the process to finish and replace any broken or missing files from the Installation Folder.
  • In-game Settings:
    There are several in-game settings you can change with minimal loss of image quality, that can benefit you in eliminating microstutters and/or lag. I am going to list settings that definitely that will assist you to eliminate stutters. 
    Within the games settings menu, navigate to -> Hud and Gameplay
    Scroll to -> Player Designs 
    And turn this settings to off, this setting enables or disables the applied liveries of other players cars.
    Reducing the World Car Level of Detail, SSR & Lens Quality:
    Many players experience reduced FPS and microstutters when traversing FH5 where there's a lot of traffic & other players. Hotspots, so to speak. To reduce the amount of fidelity the game has to render when near other players/AI, I would suggest turning this setting to "High" to recieve a 3-5% FPS boost. 
    To do that, please navigate to the menu -> Settings 
    Click on -> Graphics
    Scroll down to -> World Car Level of Detail 
    Set the option to High, in case it was set to a higher option. 
    There is next to no loss in visual quality, but the performance boost is noticable. 
    Within the same "Graphics" menu, you are free to reduce the SSR Squality and Lens Quality to "High", again with no noticable visual fidelity and a 2-3% FPS boost. These two settings adjust the reflections in water, road textures & on screen effects like water droplets caused by water splashes.
  • Reducing system load by de-bloating the Windows OS:
    There are many different guides and tools that will reduce the number of processes that your personal system just have idling and stealing valuable resources from. 
    This is a harmless approach if you follow this exact guide, and specify what you as an individual expect and need from your system and OS. I have utilized this guide, and have had success with it myself. 
    I will list the video that I have followed so you can do the same, if you so wish to.
  • Nvidia Control Panel Settings for NVIDIA Users:
    These settings are a general suggestion, and I have used with the help of the other steps to completely eliminate microstutters. 
    Please follow along to test my settings, but make sure to backup your prior settings in case they are not to your liking. 
    Within Nvidia Control Panel: 
    TAB: Adjust image settings with preview -> Use the advanced 3D image settings, set the slider to -> Balanced
    TAB: Manage 3D Settings: 
    Image Sharpening -> Off
    Ambient Occlusion -> Off
    Antistropic filtering -> Application-controlled
    Antialiasing FXAA -> Off
    Antialiasing Gamma Correction -> Off
    Antialiasing Mode, Setting -> Enhance the application setting (This can be set to Application Controlled too, but I haven't experienced problems with it enabled, and find it to enhance the otherwise quite poor antialiasing solution within FH5 game engine by default) 
    I set this option to x8 but feel free to play around with this setting. 
    Antialiasing Transparency -> Off
    Background Application Max Frame Rate -> 30 FPS
    CUDA GPUs -> All (Select your GPU)
    DSR Factors, Smoothness -> If your PC can handle to scale the resolution up, feel free to set it to either 1.78x for 2K and or 4X for 4K. Otherwise leave this setting off. Smoothness should be set to between 10-20%, depending on how sharp or smooth you want your image to look. Higher values provide a smoother image and vice versa. I play with 13% on 1.78x. 
    Low Latency Mode - Off. 
    Max Frame Rate - Off
    Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) -> Off
    OpenGL rendering GPU - (Set to your GPU), this setting has no effect, since FH5 is not an OpenGL application. 
    Power Management Mode -> Prefer maximum performance (Self explanatory, we do not want underclocking/idling states when we play games).
    Preferred refresh rate -> Highest available
    Shader Cache Size -> Driver Controlled, 10GB and or Unlimited, (This setting is rather new to the Nvidia Control Panel and there is not a lot of documentation around, you can set it and forget it until further notice. 
    Texture Filtering Anisotropic Sample Optimization -> Off
    Texture Filtering Negative LOD Bias -> Clamp 
    Texture Filtering Quality -> Quality (Performance, can be used but it doesn't change anything from my personal use)
    Texture Filtering Trilinear optimisation -> Off. 
    Threaded optimisation -> Auto
    Vertical Sync -> Use the 3D application setting
    VR pre-rendered frames -> 1 (This setting is irrelevant)
    TAB: In the "Configure Surround, PhysX" setting, you can set the PhysX settings to Auto-select or select your GPU, if Nvidia haven't already auto selected it.

    If you've come this far, thank you for following my guide and I wish you plenty of happy and exciting moments in FH5!


Windows 10 Debloat


FH5 Known Issues

FH5 Known Issues URL – [] 

Written by TaroC ä¹”,

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Forza Horizon 5 – Fix for Microstutter in Game, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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