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Dying Light – Skills & Boosters Guide 7 - steamlists.com
Dying Light – Skills & Boosters Guide 7 - steamlists.com

Are you tired of being robbed early by low-level bandits and mere thugs? These are the steps to make you unstoppable.

It’s the gist.

Potions in games have a poor reputation. This reputation caused me to ignore Dying Light’s “boosters” in most of my runs. This was a huge mistake.
The Boosters that you see can make you an unstoppable killing machine very quickly. They are extremely powerful and worth looking into, especially in the early stages.

What are boosters and what do they do?

There are four main boosters (except Dahlia’s potions).
Night vision
– Stamina
Speed And Night Vision They are fine. Night Vision You can be quite useful because your flashlight will invariably prove unreliable. Speed Both can be used to help you move quickly, but they are both auxiliary.
However, the real meat and potatoes are the best. Resistance And Stamina boosters. These two are powerful, but when combined they can make you almost invincible.
The Stamina Booster This will give you unlimited stamina. This is especially important in the early stages of the game, when you are facing greater difficulties. It can make the difference between life or death if you are able to deliver strikes quickly without losing your stamina.
The concept of life and death is important. Resistance Booster The latter will make it almost impossible to obtain. Feel like you’re being hit with a pool noodles while under resistance booster effects. I’m not exaggerating. It is possible to face a volatile opponent in the early game and still live to tell the story, no matter how difficult it may be. Later in the game, when human enemies have guns the Resistance Booster You must use it, as it renders bullets virtually ineligible against you.

Set up

You must first and foremost aim for the “boosters” And “boosters XL” Skills under the Survival Skill tree You can get Boosters Level 3 and Boosters XL At level 6. To quickly level up your survival skills, you can try your luck in a relatively simple quarantine zone like “Stuffed Turtle”. Airdrops are also a possibility.
Dying Light - Skills & Boosters Guide - setting up - BE90F96
It is a good idea also to go for “Crafting Expertise” At Survival level 5, to increase your booster crafting’s yield
Dying Light - Skills & Boosters Guide - setting up - 01CF9F5
To make a Stamina Booster You will need four common herbs and one alcohol.
To make a Resistance Booster You will need 4 algae and 2 common herbs.
You might have to balance alcohol with alcohol. stamina boosters Medkits. All the other ingredients are available from the moment you step out of the tower. These are the locations where you can find them: (Credit: Dying Light Interactive Map to the screenshot)

https://mapgenie.io/dying-light) – [mapgenie.io]

Branch = Algae
Dying Light - Skills & Boosters Guide - setting up - 43518C3


Boosters are not cheats. You must still work hard to keep your weapon in good condition and avoid being mobbed.
These are obvious. However, there is another problem. Even with a good deal of research, boosters don’t last long. “boosters XL” You can’t stack them or drink another before the last one ends to maintain a constant state of the effect being activated. You are not allowed to drink if you are under the influence of a Tamina booster If you try to drink another one, for example, before the first one is gone, the next one will be wasted.
This is a good idea from a balance perspective. In order to keep you alert, the game developers want to create a vulnerable environment.
Keep an eye on your screen’s meter to ensure you get the most out of your boosters. You should exit when the timer reaches 25%. This is especially important when fighting Volatiles at night.
Another major shortcoming is the Resistance rooster It does not protect against all types of damage. Although I’m not sure if this is intentional or a glitch, explosions (either from bomber zombies or barrels) and volatile ranged attack will cause as much damage if there is no resistance. The same applies to goon and demolisher strikes. Although I believe the same applies to toad zombies, I am not sure. The answer is obvious. Resistance booster You will not be saved from falling injury.
Dying Light - Skills & Boosters Guide - Shortcomings - C3F3A71
However, spacial awareness is always advised. In the early stages of the game, most of these types damage won’t be possible so there is nothing to worry about.


Written by Dark Sun ⭐

This is all about Dying Light – Skills & Boosters Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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