DOOM Eternal – How to limit fps in game guide

DOOM Eternal – How to limit fps in game guide 1 -
DOOM Eternal – How to limit fps in game guide 1 -

Hi, welcome to this post, DOOM Eternal – How to limit fps in game Guide.

This post will help you how you can limit your FPS on Windows or Linux systems without introducing input lag.


This guide will introduce you to some basic tools and provide instructions on using them to limit the FPS of your games. This guide does not teach how to use the tools properly or troubleshoot. If you want to learn more about a specific tool, consult its user manual. Open your preferred search engine and begin searching if you’re experiencing problems.

Windows 10/11

NVIDIA Control Panel

Open the NVIDIA Panel by right-clicking on your desktop and selecting the NVIDIA Panel option. Follow these steps:

1. Open “3D Settings”.

2. Open “Manage 3D Setting”

3. Open “Global Settings”, if you want to change global settings. Or “Program Settings”, if you want to change local settings. If you selected local then find the exe file of the program.

4. You can set a limit by turning on the “Max frame rate” option.

AMD Software Adrenaline Edition

Open AMD Adrenaline with a right click on your desktop. This will bring up a context menu. Click on the AMD Adrenaline choice. Follow these steps:

1. Open the “Gaming tab”

2. Open “Games” to set local settings. Or “Graphics”, if you want global settings. If you selected “Games”, then select a particular game from the menu.

3. Find “Radeon Chill”, switch it on, then enter the desired limit. If you don’t have any reason to change it, set the minimum to be the same value as the maximum.



Follow the instructions on how to install
MangoHud GitHub –

MangoHud has a configuration file which can be set to set global or application-specific options. Usually, it is installed as


The following are some examples of how to use
get a copy from here – []


Create global configuration (will not affect programs unless instructed otherwise).


For per-application configuration, create one of the below.

# For native applications

# For wine/proton applications

Note from

If you start the game from the terminal with MangoHud enabled (for example by starting Lutris from the terminal), MangoHud will print the config file names it is looking for.

Open the configuration files you will use in a text editor. Locate the environment variable fps_limit and set its value to the desired limit.


I was not blessed with knowing how to limit fps externally, but I searched for it. Too often, I heard people recommend using vSync to limit fps. This is bad advice when it comes to fast-paced first-person shooters like Doom Eternal, as input lag can be a problem. V-sync was designed to eliminate screen tearing by synchronizing your frame rate with the refresh rate of your monitor. Limiting the number of frames per second is not the primary goal of the technology. Stop recommending FPS games with this feature, you filthy slob!

Frame Times

Do you get reasonable frame rates, but the game feels off? It’s possible you are experiencing poor frame rates.

Frame Rate vs. frame time

Frame rate, measured by fps is the number of frames rendered on average in one second.

The frame time, measured in microseconds, is time between frames when no new frames have been rendered. If the frame rates are good but the frame times exceed the maximum threshold then the game will feel stale even if it is a decent frame rate.

What is the maximum threshold?

The maximum threshold for frame rate is 1/fps*1000, where fps is your frame rate.

Frame times for 60fps should not exceed 16,6ms.

Ideal frame rates and frame times are as high as you can get.

How to check your frame time?

MSI Afterburner can be used on Windows to do this. This guide is not intended to cover MSI Afterburner’s installation, setup, or usage.

MangoHud will show you your frame time on Linux if the “frame time environment variable” is not commented in your configuration.

What to do if your frame time is bad?

Even though you could buy better equipment, poor game optimization will ultimately give even high-end games a hard time. AAA games are happy to prove this repeatedly in the 2020s.

The most convenient solution to the problem is to increase the frame rate. Increasing the frame rate can reduce the time it takes to render a new image. If you don’t have this option, the game isn’t optimised well enough to be worth your time and effort. Or you could start saving up for a better computer if you are convinced otherwise.

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