Don’t Starve Together – Wolfgang Ultimate Solo (+co-op) Guide

Don’t Starve Together – Wolfgang Ultimate Solo (+co-op) Guide 1 -
Don’t Starve Together – Wolfgang Ultimate Solo (+co-op) Guide 1 -
This guide tells you how to survive with Wolfgang.



Applies to solo Wolfgang, but in co-op this would help too. 
Wolfgang is one of the strongest (in all meanings) characters to play with in Don’t Starve Together (and Alone too). 
So let’s jump into his flesh and see the most efficient ways to manage his unlimited power. 


So, you clicked Wolfgang in character menu, what’s next? First, you gotta know that Wolfgang has 3 different forms. 

  • Wimpy 
    You’ll become wimpy when under 100 hunger, will transform to Normal when above 110. 
    In this form Wolfgang is really worse than any other characters (not Wes) because his damage multiplifier varies from 0.75x to 0.5x (twice as low as Wilson) depending on current hunger. His max hp falls as he starves linearly. His satiety usage is normal, though, at rate of 75 per day. He will run 10% slower. If you don’t expect any fights this form is not that bad because of its reduced hunger. 
    Don't Starve Together - Wolfgang Ultimate Solo (+co-op) Guide 
  • Normal 
    So you’re gonna be in the normal form when you’re from 100 (110) to 220 hunger. Damage 1x (same as Wilson), hunger 1.5x (112.5 a day). Max HP: 200. Not bad for small combats. 
    Don't Starve Together - Wolfgang Ultimate Solo (+co-op) Guide 
  • Mighty 
    This form is the cause of people using this char. In this form Wolfgang’s speed increases up to whopping 125% (same as with the cane), max HP up to 300, damage from 125% to 200% depending on hunger which usage is, you would say insane, 3x (225 a day). Of course you don’t need to always be Mighty, only for intensive battles (bosses, continious farming etc). 
    Don't Starve Together - Wolfgang Ultimate Solo (+co-op) Guide 


Start of the game

So, you have loaded into the world. Normally, start collecting things on the ground (twigs, grass, flint). At day 1 your goal is to find 2 twigs, 2 grass to make a torch and not die in the 1st night. A Chester would definetely help. Alright, so you now gotta explore map to find a suitable place for your future base. The perfect one for Wolfgang, I would say, is one where you can easily access beefalo and spiders (at least 3 dens), of course grass, twigs, wood, as many biomes ap. But, as Wolfgangyou don’t want to delay buildment of your base because a crockpot is essential because you can’t eat just berries and carrots. If you can’t find one, don’t worry, make a science machine (4 log, 1 gold, 4 rocks), then all you needed (backpack, shovel, spear, wooden armor, top hat if you can) and prototype (craft but instead of placing right click at surface) a crockpot so you can place it and make meatballs (1 meat, 3 of anything except of honey and twigs) if you’re starving. 
Pro tip: keep your hunger under 110 so it will not be spent so much. Don't Starve Together - Wolfgang Ultimate Solo (+co-op) Guide 
perfect one by u/JVMAG 
Just build a typical base with a firepit (12 rocks, 2 log), a lightning rod (3 gold, 1 cutstone), a crockpot (burn and cut trees for coal). Next you upgrade it (alchemy engine, fridge, another crockpot etc). 
Pro tip: don’t fear chess, they are easily defeated with a log armor and a spear if you’re mighty.Don't Starve Together - Wolfgang Ultimate Solo (+co-op) Guide 

Essential Development

Because of Wolfgang’s high sanity drain of aura and darkness you want to build a honey farm. Make beeboxes (2-4 will be enough just for you) of planks, 1 honeycomb each (acquired from destroyed natural beeboxes) and 4 bees alive for each one (use your bug net). Also you will need to surround your beeboxes with flowers (are planted with living butterflies [don’t ask]), about 7-10 will be enough. This farm is required to make taffies which regen your sanity by 15 each. They are made from 3 honey and 1 non-meat ingredient.Don't Starve Together - Wolfgang Ultimate Solo (+co-op) Guide 
Then, after sanity, Wolfgang needs lotta hunger and health. The best way to kill two birds with one stone is to grow veggies. You want to make a rijama rig, a hoe, a watering can. Then rig 4 nearby squares of ground, dig out trash there, use your hoe, plant seeds, water them (can can be filled from a pond), talk to them (ye). – for maximum efficiency. You can make meatballs (1 meat/monstermeat and 3 fillers) and pierogi (1 egg [from birdcage] and 1 meat/monstermeat, 1 veggie, 1 filler). They restore your stats. 

What’s next?

Generally, that’s all. Now you can develop without dying. Kill (tank) bosses, upgrade your base, explore the underground. And remember, Don’t Starve (Alone). 

Written by horart

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Don’t Starve Together – Wolfgang Ultimate Solo (+co-op) Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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