Don’t Starve Together – Steps on How to Get Your Own Beefalo Herd Guide

Don’t Starve Together – Steps on How to Get Your Own Beefalo Herd Guide 1 -
Don’t Starve Together – Steps on How to Get Your Own Beefalo Herd Guide 1 -

Moving a Beefalo herd across the map to your desired base location, and trying to make them stay there, can be a real pain. If you want to not base in the savanna for once, but still want the protection and resources from a herd, then just make your own!

Why Should You?

Many choose the base in the Savanna biome because of the easily accessible Beefalo that live there. However, the biome itself doesn’t have much–grass, and the occasional flower or spider nest is all thats in this usually large biome, at least other than the cows. The thing is, every single resource in this biome is able to be moved somewhere else, so while the cow protection is convenient, it’s not the best place to base.
But moving Beefalo via the Beefalo Horn is such a pain! You can cage them in, but they always want to return back to where they came from after, and break down the walls when they’re in heat.
Luckily, creating your own herd is an easier and rather cheap alternative. All you need is a salt lick, a location, and either a piece of grass & basic saddle or a beefalo bell.

How To Do It

To start, find an already existing Beefalo herd. Pick out a Beefalo, any works. Either use a Beefalo Bell on them, which will allow the Beefalo to follow you wherever you go, or a piece of grass and a saddle, which can be used to ride the beefalo to your desired location.
Set up your Salt Lick where you want the Beefalo herd to be located. Set the Beefalo next to it, and if you are holding the Bell, put it down near the lick. And that’s pretty much it.
Beefalo nearby the Salt Lick will stay parked near it, so they won’t wander off. Eventually the Salt Lick will run out, but by that time, the Beefalo seem to accept the area as their new home location.
Up until a Beefalo is fully domesticated, it will still continue to go into heat in Spring, and produce baby Beefalos. While this is really annoying when actually trying to tame it, we can use it to our advantage to make our own herds.
Keep in mind that if using the Beefalo Bell, while it will help the Beefalo stay in that area, it may prevent it from going into heat OUTSIDE of Spring. But Beefalo don’t always seem produce a baby in those time windows anyway, and can produce a surprisingly large amount during spring, so it’s not a huge deal.
During Spring, your Beefalo will somehow continue to asexually reproduce multiple baby Beefalos. Since they were born in the area, and want to stay near their parent, they don’t seem to want to return to the savanna, and will stick around once the Salt Lick runs empty. Eventually they will grow up as well and produce more babies, and your herd will continue to grow.
Since they don’t try to leave, you don’t need to make a pen for them if you don’t want. This means that once your herd grows, you can use it to defend yourself against hound waves.
You could argue that since they all descended from a single beef, that all the members in the herd are related, making doing this weird. But it’s not like you weren’t doing that in Minecraft anyway.
Don't Starve Together - Steps on How to Get Your Own Beefalo Herd Guide - How To Do It - E39CA38
Have fun! This was my first guide, I hope it was helpful.

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