Don’t Starve Together – Ultimate Maxwell Guide.

Don’t Starve Together – Ultimate Maxwell Guide. 1 -
Don’t Starve Together – Ultimate Maxwell Guide. 1 -
Uhhh…. Maxwell guide?



Are you tired of running outta stones and log? Don’t like getting wood for the firepit over and over? Do you hate the forest (SLAUGHTER). Love that feel of adrenaline in your veins when any boss would one-shot you without armor? No worries mate, we’ve got a char for you. 
Let the drums roll, MAXWELL! 

What now?

So, your pros: 

  • You crazily restore your sanity with rate of 6.7/min. 
  • You can make your dark slaves (please, don’t, steam) that will chop, dig, and mine for you. There are also combat shadows, but those are pretty weak.

And cons: 

  • Your health is less than spider’s one (75 to 100). 
  • You crazily restore your sanity with rate of 6.7/min. Makes hard to farm shadow fuel for your little creatures.

So, now you might ask: what the crap is in my inventory. No, it’s not Holy Bible of All-Mighty Lord Which Came Down To Save Us. That’s Codex Umbra. You can craft your shadows near dropped Codex. Note, you can create only 3 shadows at a time. Each one will last for 2 days. 
Pro tip: never let those 2 days run out. Better, kill shadow with ctrl+F when you don’t need it anymore (how sad). 
So, there are 2 efficient sets of shadows: 

  • Chop’n’dig. 2 axemen, 1 digger. 6+ stacks of log guaranteed. 
  • Mine. 1-3 miners.

Almost never you want to spawn duelants, they are not that useful. 
Don't Starve Together - Ultimate Maxwell Guide. 
As you can see, we need nightmare fuel for puppets but Maxwell’s sanity always regens. Well, if you do not have awesome teammates who would farm it for you, there are a few ways: 

  • Farm it when puppets are alive. You lose sanity as your puppets live, so you want to farm it in that time. 
  • Find some green mushrooms, eat them raw. 
  • Find a hole in da ground. Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump… 
  • Expensive ways (see The Beard 777: Insanity) 
    Don't Starve Together - Ultimate Maxwell Guide. 
    Yeah, you gotta jump.  
    Caution: farm fuel preferrably in armor as you are pathetically weak. Anyway, kite. Nightmares are easy to defeat, you run into them, fall back baiting a bite, hit ’em.  


Overall role in a team and development.

No. It doesn’t mean you have no responsibilities other than getting wood and stone. 
You are a mage because of your high sanity regen. Build a Shadow Manipulator after that bunny one. 

  • I highly recommend you Night Armor made of papyrus and dark fuel. It protects your wimpy butt. 
  • Next, maybe you want a Dark Sword (living log, fuel). Highest damage in the game, sanity usage. Perfect for you. 
  • Some staffs. Ice one of course. 
  • Nightmare amulet for easy sanity farming (2 ametists, 6 gold, 4 fuel).

.Really, that’s all. Maxwell may seem special, but actually magic can be done by anyone just as gathering resources, he just does it better and quicker. Don’t forget he could be a tank with a dark armor and a dark sword. Append my guide in the comments. Bye! 

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