Cyberpunk 2077 – Hidden Gem Locations

Cyberpunk 2077 – Hidden Gem Locations 12 -
Cyberpunk 2077 – Hidden Gem Locations 12 -
Wanna know where to find the Hidden Gems? Don’t have any idea what they are? Here’s a guide to help with both of those questions. This guide currently contains maps and details on what to look for to find each of the 190 Hidden Gems.


Hidden Gems, What Are They?

Quite literally, hidden stashes. These do not show up on the map and do not involve any sort of mission. Typically, you’ll need to loot a dead body or some kind of chest for these. These are NOT required for any achievements. These areas sometimes contain things such as legendaries and skill shards. If you’re going hunting either of those, have a map for Hidden Gems open because many people don’t actually know about these. Chances are, if you’ve ever seen a video of people finding Perk/ Skill Shards in places not related to missions, that was a Hidden Gem. The free Caliburn everyone talks about? Also a Hidden Gem. There’s 190 total, have fun.

Guide and FAQ

This guide will show you the locations as well as detail what to look for at these locations for the Hidden Gem. The numbers on each map are placed according to the official guide, and the list will go in order by number. If any of you have the official guide, which I highly recommend buying (it’s super cool), you can cross-reference each of these with the list in the book by using its number and location.

I tried placing the arrows according to where they would be found on the map, using the radial perspective. Hopefully you’ll be able to figure out where each one is with the details provided, but if anything seems weird or if I miss something, let me know and I’ll touch up the info.

Here’s a quick FAQ:

Originally posted by someone, probably:

Why are the maps in random order?

They’re organized by the number of the Hidden Gems. As in, maps with Hidden Gems 600 and 601 will show up before ones with 845, 860, and so on. Some may have out-of-place numbers for the location, but that’s because some areas like the Arasaka Waterfront and North Oak only had one Hidden Gem each, so they’re bunched with another map.

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What are the numbers next to the arrows on the maps?

Those are the numbers associated with each Hidden Gem in the official guide. You can cross-reference the official guide and make a list with them, so just use them for that.

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Why do the maps have weird transparent edges?

Those are the borders of each location. You can use them as reference, although these aren’t perfect.

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Why aren’t any rewards listed?

I’m lazy, there’s 190 rewards to write and that’s a lot of work, and I also think that these are best if found by accident. I can tell you where to go and what to look for, but the location is for you to take in and fully explore. Also did I mention there’s 190 locations to detail? Hell naw. That being said, if a location has a reward you feel others would benefit from knowing, feel free to suggest it, and I’ll add it if it’s something like Skill/Perk Shards or legendaries.

Originally posted by someone, probably:

Why is each map a weird chunk?

To have the best possible quality while working around the in-game radial perspective, many large locations had to be divvied up.

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I can’t find a thing.

Message me here, or add me to talk privately, and I can try to help out a bit more.

Originally posted by someone, probably:

What do you mean when you write “SOUTH” or “NORTHWEST?”

This is just to help you find a Hidden Gem on the map faster. Try to think of the map as being divided into four quadrants, imagine x and y lines. “SOUTHEAST” means you go to the bottom right quadrant. “NORTH” means you just look up on the map.

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Any tips to help find these?

I highly suggest using Reinforced Tendons for the double jump, it makes traversing the environment a lot quicker and easier. Many of these locations will require you to get to the top of a building, so you’ll save a lot of time just by having these leggies equipped. It would also be best to go after these once you’re max level, as you need specific stat requirements and story missions to unlock some of these. Good luck. 😀

20 Watson – Kabuki and Little China

Cyberpunk 2077 - Hidden Gem Locations - 20 Watson - Kabuki and Little China

  • 614: Look for a fenced area with a garage door being guarded by two turrets. Dispatch the turrets, get into the garage.
  • 615: Look for a small light blue fluorescent sign saying “Dime a Duzz,” it’s a shop entrance, stuff’s inside.
  • 616: There’s a road going underground. In this tunnel, there’s a wrecked car and a body near it.
  • 617: SOUTHWEST – Fenced area with barbed wire on top. There are two flying drones patrolling around a dead body.
  • 618: There’s a small stairwell, with a fluorescent arrow sign pointing left. There’s a dead body almost directly underneath the sign.
  • 620: NORTH – Look for red shipping containers, and a large blue wall leading away from them to the left. Go into the alleyway, the third garage door will be locked behind a Body requirement.
  • 621: NORTHEAST – Large storage area, look for a huge white 2 with “NO ENTRY” under that. There’s a dead body under it.
  • 622: SOUTHTHEAST – Like any normal maintenance area, it has lots of pipes, fences, metal bars, and turrets. Hardcore parkour your way up top, there’s a lootable container at the top.
  • 631: NORTHEAST – There will be a tall antennae tower (tall metal tower with a satellite dish on top, standing on a building). Reach the top.
  • 632: EAST – You need to have finished 623 Assault in Progress, which appears in Kabuki, Watson, in the same area as this Hidden Gem. For reference, it would be north of the Allen St. South fast travel station. There will be a stairway leading down to water, and nearby will be an opening with a big pipe in it. Head inside.
  • 633: EAST – The top of this building is surrounded by fencing, with a few manmade shelters inside. There’s a fenced pathway leading to it from another building. There’s a body on a couch inside one of the shelters.
  • 634: EAST – Homeless camp under the highway, loot a dead body laying in the open.
  • 635: EAST – Look for a giant white pipe with steam coming out. You want to get on the same level as this pipe’s opening. There should be air conditioners and vents around the pipe on this building, and there is a shack on the roof here. Loot the body inside.
  • 636: EAST – Big white or tan footbridge, go inside and all the way up, there’s a body at the end.
  • 637: NORTHEAST – Look for a big blue building. On one side is a path with a bunch of shops, and on the other side of it is a dark area with air conditioners, and in between those is a safe.
  • 638: NORTHEAST – There’s a whole bunch of scaffolding making a tower up the wall. There’s a body at the bottom and a suitcase at the top. Highly recommend double jumping for this, because I got stuck numerous times inside the scaffolding.
  • 639: NORTHEAST – You need to complete Side Gig 07 Woman of La Mancha to find this. There’s going to be a food booth at the top floor of the Kabuki Market, by the elevator, with a small flight of stairs near it that goes up to a road. Near this food stand is a dumpster with a body behind it.
  • 640: NORTHEAST – You need to complete Side Gig 07 Woman of La Mancha to find this, and making sure you know about Anna Hamill’s location by either paying or threatening Imad, then waiting 48 hrs. There’s an area of Kabuki Market with a lot of food booths in it, surrounded by buildings with a large white staircase. There’s a body on it.
  • 641: NORTHEAST – There’s a small river between the buildings and a road that leads to a little pond at the end. Dive in! There’s a body down here and if you’re lucky, a glitched cat!
  • 642: EAST – Look for a large white pipe high up. There is a staircase leading up to it near where steam comes out of it. Follow the pathway, keep making your way toward some shoddy roofs and the back of a large billboard, there’s a body here.


16 Watson – Northside + Arasaka Waterfront

Cyberpunk 2077 - Hidden Gem Locations - 16 Watson - Northside + Arasaka Waterfront

  • 619: SOUTHWEST – An opening with a blue metal container sitting on a trailer. There’s a Body requirement to open it.
  • 659: There’s a large open warehouse and what you want here is a chest against the back wall. There are drones and a turret defending the area.
  • 660: There’s a dead Wraith on top of a building here. Get up top and look around. It’s easy to reach this place if you look for conveniently stacked containers and metal platforms leading up to the location.
  • 661: SOUTHEAST – There’s a turret defending a body near a shack. The place overlooks the storm drain.
  • 662: SOUTHWEST – Look for two turrets defending garage doors. Open the garage door and find the body.
  • 663: SOUTHEAST – Dead body on a metal platform near the storage units on the second floor. Drones patrol the area.
  • 664: SOUTHWEST – Look for a bunch of white buildings and a blue one. They make up a dead and of sorts with a dead body in it.
  • 665: Dead body on top of the spherical tank that’s standing alone.
  • 666: Look for an area with red and blue shipping containers stacked in their own respective piles. Atop the red shipping containers is a body.
  • 667: Look for an open area in between buildings with a large DTR sign up above red containers and a blue container on a trailer. You need Body to open the blue container and read what’s on the laptop.
  • 668: There’s a parking lot and two buildings with what looks to be a sort of alley in between them. Enter and go down the steps to loot the body.
  • 669: NORTH – Look for a red neon sign saying Barely Illegal from the road. Inside the fenced area, next to the shelter, is a dead body.
  • 670: NORTH – Look for a few shoddy buildings near a big white one in a fenced area. Enter and you’ll see a vehicle parked outside with a body near it.
  • 671: SOUTHEAST – There’s a smoking crashed AV here with a dead body near it.
  • 672: SOUTHEAST – Bunch of burning stuff here with a dead body near it.
  • 673: SOUTHEAST – In the underpass, near where the water drain starts sloping upward on the side, is a blue shipping container. Loot that sucker.


13 Westbrook – Japantown and Northbrook

Cyberpunk 2077 - Hidden Gem Locations - 13 Westbrook - Japantown and Northbrook

  • 685: There’s a path with an orange sheet of metal on the floor that leads to the entrance to where you need to go. Look down and you’ll see an open area that you need to get down to without dying, and there’s a dead body in there.
  • 686: NORTH – Body on the landing pad surrounded by trees by the road.
  • 687: NORTH – There’s a body on the shore near the piled of trash.
  • 688: There’s a fenced off side alley with pipes going across the top. There’s a dead body in one end of the alley.
  • 689: There’s an antennae relay above the street with a dead body up top.
  • 690: Head up to the rooftops, There’s a dead body on top of one near Jig-Jig Street’s entrance.
  • 691: There’s fencing up top above the gym, get up on the red platform above it and look for a safe.
  • 692: There’s a staircase here with walkways on either side at the bottom of it. One side has trees on it, there is a body underneath one in the corner.
  • 693: Look for a cherry blossom tree near stairs and a building with sheets covering many of its windows. There’s a broken wooden fence in between both of these things. On the same level as the tree is an opening between the sheets with a body inside. There’s a wooden platform leading from the area the tree is on to the building.
  • 694: From the main road, there’s a dead end leading downward with a garage door at the end and a van with a dead body inside.
  • 695: SOUTH – There’s an alleyway with a body in it.
  • 696: Metal staircase on the side of a building with a body up top. There are garbage bins at the bottom of the stairs.
  • 715: EAST – There are metal platforms holding up the large North Oak sign, and a delivery drone in the large “O” of the sign.


8 Westbrook – Charter Hill

Cyberpunk 2077 - Hidden Gem Locations - 8 Westbrook - Charter Hill

  • 703: Look for two large storm drains with a body next to them.
  • 704: Look for food carts with golden tops, and another food shop building near them. Get on top of the food vendor and you’ll see an open area between the large buildings. There’s a dead body on top.
  • 705: There’s a large billboard on metal posts with a body up on its platform.
  • 706: Complete SJ-18 I Fought The Law for this to unlock. There’s a large parking lot with a smoking car and a dead body there.
  • 707: Find Hidden Gem 686 first, located north in Japantown, Westbrook. Look for an area with storage containers, one of the open ones will contain a dead body inside.
  • 708: Look for two very large air conditioning units with a column and palm tree nearby. There’s a dead body between the ACs.
  • 709: There’s an area under the bridge with makeshift shelters, along with a Trauma Team crate and a dead body.
  • 710: Near a road intersection, there will be a flat open area with a passage leading down below. You can see the doors opening out of the ground. Enter and you’ll find a dead body inside.


18 Pacifica

Cyberpunk 2077 - Hidden Gem Locations - 18 Pacifica

  • 720: Look for a few buildings with air conditioners on top. On one set of buildings there should be a set of stairs next to a door, and up top is a dead body.
  • 721: At the top of one of the concrete apartment buildings, there is a suitcase and two dead bodies, surrounded by three enemies.
  • 722: There’s a fenced area near a few guards and a turret, by a tunnel. Loot the body in the fenced area.
  • 723: There’s a wall with a fence on top, and a Delamain crashed into it. There’s a body near the Delamain.
  • 724: SOUTHWEST – There’s a body next to a bunch of blue shipping containers on a parking lot.
  • 725: SOUTHWEST – At the end of the road is a crashed car with a body nearby.
  • 726: This is at the foot of the rollercoaster where it stands on the sand above water. There are sewer pipes down here with a body in front of them.
  • 727: NORTHEAST – You need to complete MJ-18 Transmission to unlock this. There’s a body above the tunnel entrance.
  • 735: There’s a body and a bag by a boat at the shore.
  • 736: NORTHEAST – There’s a large staircase with a blue wall on the side. On the other side of the blue wall is a suitcase near a netrunner chair.
  • 737: You need to complete Side Gig 40 Race to the Top to unlock this. Lok for a building with a lot of glass. Near it is a sort of dead end with a bunch of trash, and there is a dead body on a mattress here.
  • 738: Look for buildings with curved edges, they look like abandoned stores. On top of one is a body, and then there’s a safe hidden under construction equipment.
  • 739: Along the shore, a little ways away from the rollercoaster, is a body.
  • 740: NORTHEAST – At the bottom of Hotel Merquiss, by the beach, is a body. There’s a palm tree close to it.
  • 741: NORTHEAST – Atop a Hotel Merquiss balcony is body.
  • 742: NORTHEAST – There’s a body atop the chapel.
  • 743: NORTHEAST – A walkway covered with dark tarps with tears in them. There is a shard here surrounded by lots of bottles.
  • 744: NORTH – Reach the end of the pier, then take a dive to find a car at the base of it. Loot the trunk.


10 Santo Domingo – Rancho Coronado

Cyberpunk 2077 - Hidden Gem Locations - 10 Santo Domingo - Rancho Coronado

  • 760: SOUTH – Climb on top of the rooftops and look for a dead body near piled of garbage. It’s surrounded by garbage on a rooftop.
  • 761: House with a flag hanging on the porch, blue container up front, the house itself is fenced in. Facing it, there’s a smoking house on the left. There’s a dead body on the porch of the fenced house.
  • 762: Dead body under the bridge, under the cover of a nearby building.
  • 763: There’s a body near the ferris wheel’s cabin.
  • 764: Large brown and white building. There’s a dead body on a second floor balcony.
  • 765: NORTH – Look for a blue shipping container stacked on top of red ones. Loot the blue container.
  • 766: SOUTHEAST – There’s parking near a cliff face, with a dead body near one of the vehicles.
  • 767: Dead body surrounded by numerous NCPD cops and cars. The coops have some legendary goodies on them, too.
  • 768: Look for an android guarding the entrance to one of the red containers on the ground, then loot it.
  • 769: NORTHEAST – There are many red and blue shipping containers here, with a chest between them.


11 Santo Domingo – Arroyo

Cyberpunk 2077 - Hidden Gem Locations - 11 Santo Domingo - Arroyo

  • 781: Look for containers stacked next to scaffolding. There’s a body on an upper layer of the scaffolding.
  • 782: Look for large white upright storage tanks with a yellow staircase and ladder attached on the side. On top is a body.
  • 783: Loot garage #3.
  • 784: Body in an open area of the storm drain.
  • 785: There’s a body next to a van in between blue and red containers.
  • 786: The area in question is near a factory. Look for a white building with blue tanks on the side. Follow that toward the large factory behind it, and in between both of these buildings is a body.
  • 787: Body in a basketball hoop.
  • 788: NORTHEAST – Dead body in the underpass.
  • 789: SOUTHEAST – Look for a white building with black windows and green shipping containers on top of it. There will be a body between this building and some more green containers on the side.
  • 790: SOUTHEAST – There’s a shipping container underneath the freeway with a dead body inside. You need some level of Technical to open it.
  • 791: Look for scaffolding covered with white sheets. There’s a dead body up top.


23 Badlands

Cyberpunk 2077 - Hidden Gem Locations - 23 Badlands

  • 810: SOUTHEAST – There’s a few dead bodies here, of NCPD officers and one other. A little difficult to spot, keep an eye out.
  • 811: There’s a lone car facing a tree with a body and a drone patrolling near it.
  • 812: SOUTH – It’s a canyon-like area filled with mines and drones.
  • 813: IN TRAILER PARK – There’s a body next to a car on someone’s yard.
  • 814: EAST – Body next to a van next to spilled sewage. Good thing we can’t smell what goes on in-game.
  • 815: EAST – Area patrolled by enemies, with a large billboard on the side. Near this billboard is a body.
  • 816: Shack in the swamp. Lots of mines.
  • 817: There’s a body near the crashed airship, by the back exhaust that is sticking out of the ground. There’s a car nearby.
  • 818: SOUTHEAST – Broken wind turbine with a bunker underneath.
  • 819: IN TRAILER PARK – Underground shelter behind a house that isn’t fenced.
  • 820: NORTH – An abandoned film set near a small body of water. There’s a lootable bag somewhere here.
  • 821: There’s a lone gas station with an open underground shelter in the back.
  • 822: Trailer near a wind turbine. There’s a body inside.
  • 823: WEST – Body near the entrance of the railway tunnel.
  • 824: There’s a campsite with tents and a car nearby, and a backpack in the center.
  • 825: WEST – Look for one of the huge electrical towers. There’s a backpack near it and a clear patch of sand.
  • 826: SOUTHWEST – There’s an open red shipping container in the landfill.
  • 827: WEST – Go behind the Sunset Motel, and you’ll find a body near the river with a car nearby.
  • 828: IN BIG TUNNEL – You need to finish MJ-19 Ghost Town, the quest where you have the possibility to “Deal with Nash.” After waiting 48 or 72 hrs, A storage container will appear inside the tunnel, around halfway. Inside is a Black Caliburn, which is free for your taking to add to your garage.
  • 829: WEST – Look for an open blue/purple fridge with a body in it.
  • 830: Dead body leaning against a rock near the road.
  • 831: There’s a body in a pit.
  • 832: NORTH – This is an abandoned film set. Loot a nearby body. If you’re lucky, there’s a green Thorton Colby CX410 Butte here free for the taking. At the time of writing, during version 1.06, the vehicle has a chance of not spawning for people, in which case you’ll only find it if you make a new save.


23 Biotechnica Flats / Jackson Plains

Cyberpunk 2077 - Hidden Gem Locations - 23 Biotechnica Flats / Jackson Plains

  • 844: NORTH – Body lying in between two large rocks.
  • 845: Truck and trailer in the middle of a bunch of landmines and turrets. Loot the body nearby.
  • 846: NORTHEAST – Look for a collapsed tunnel entrance. It is guarded by turrets. Your objective is the bag inside.
  • 847: Small building next to three large ACs and a drone patrolling nearby. There is a body atop the building.
  • 848: Building surrounded by landmines. There are turrets on the roof, cameras everywhere. You need to unlock the door, the code for which can be found on a nearby body. If that’s not your style, the code is 2054.
  • 849: There’s a chest inside the trailer.
  • 850: Dead body next to the dead tree.
  • 851: NORTHWEST – On one of the roads crisscrossing the Biotechnica area, there’s a truck surrounded by dead bodies. Loot ’em.
  • 852: You need to finish MJ-21 Life During Wartime to unlock this. There is an airfield tower with a shard at the top. You need double jump for this.
  • 853: There’s a body in between two trailers.
  • 854: EAST – Chest inside the cave.
  • 855: WEST – Dead body by the fence in between the buildings.
  • 856: Look for a lone blue shipping container, there’s a body inside.
  • 857: NORTHEAST – Look for a crashed car by a large red solar-panel-looking thing. There is a dead body inside the car.
  • 858: SOUTHEAST – Dead body by a lone van.
  • 859: SOUTH – There’s a burning car surrounded by landmines with a body inside.
  • 860: SOUTH – Burning truck with a body inside.
  • 861: SOUTHWEST – Dead body by the cop car by the edge of the fenced up Biotechnica protein farm.
  • 862: There’s a building with a van up front, and in the back is an open underground shelter. You need high Body to open it.
  • 863: There’s two bodies by a circular sign and fencing.
  • 864: There’s a campsite where a mass-suicide took place.
  • 866: NORTH – Under a power tower (hehe), there’s an orange van with a dead body near it.
  • 867: Lone rusted van with a body inside.


28 Heywood

Cyberpunk 2077 - Hidden Gem Locations - 28 Heywood

  • 874: NORTHEAST – There’s a shack that has a body inside with boxes stacked in front of it. The opening is on the roof.
  • 875: NORTHEAST – You need to have completed Side Gig 23 Olive Branch, after letting the guy in the trunk walk free. There’s a building close to the Dicky Twister that you can access.
  • 876: NORTHEAST – Building with air conditioners on top. There are stacked objects in front of the building that make it easier to get up here. There’s a body up top.
  • 877: NORTHEAST – Dead body in a chair next to what I think is a bunch of air conditioners.
  • 878: EAST – Look for a fire escape ladder with a dead body at the top of it.
  • 879: EAST – There’s a dead body inside the electric substation.
  • 880: EAST – There’s an alley in between two buildings with a body inside.
  • 881: EAST – Fenced area with a striped booth in front of it, next to a Buck-A-Slice. Dead body back there.
  • 882: NORTHEAST – Look for a fenced area with lots of dumpsters inside, there’s a dead body in the middle of it all.
  • 891: SOUTH – Look for a fire escape on the right side of a brown building when looking from the road. There’s a backpack atop the building.
  • 892: NORTH – Construction zone with a body under the scaffolding.
  • 894: Body in the garbage that’s piled up by the road, behind a fence.
  • 895: Body in between a bunch of air conditioners atop a building.
  • 896: Body inside the fenced-in storage area. There are vending machines in front of it.
  • 897: Construction area with one of the outer walls broken down. There’s a body inside a truck here.
  • 898: SOUTHEAST – There’s a building with a few billboard ads atop it, with a body hiding behind them. It’s directly to the side of the road, not underneath it. Looking at the road’s slope going up, it’ll be on the left side.
  • 899: SOUTHWEST – There’s an area with lots of garage doors. One will be partly open, loot it.
  • 900: SOUTH – Another area with garage doors, this time you need High Body to open one of them.
  • 901: SOUTH – Look for a white building with orange trim at the top, next to an orange body with white trim. Nearby is a wall with a fence up top, and both of these things form a dead end with a dead body in it.
  • 907: NORTHWEST – A little bit from the shore is a small patch of land with a body on it with a chest nearby. There’s a crashed car near this location.
  • 908: WEST – There’s a tunnel with staircases leading down from it from the road level. Inside is a fenced area with a body inside.
  • 909: SOUTHWEST – Body in between the road lanes, near a lamp.
  • 910: SOUTHWEST – There’s a brown building with metal parts coming out of it and going into the sand. On the sand underneath the metal is a body.
  • 911: SOUTHWEST – Loot the body on the terrace, there is a Cyberpsycho Sighting that takes place on one of the adjacent terraces.
  • 912: SOUTHWEST – Look for two buildings with Cirrus Gold ads on both of them. In the middle of both of these buildings, high on the back wall, there’s a shard. You need to climb on top of the buildings to reach it.
  • 913: SOUTHWEST – Look for an orange pipe near a fenced area by a huge pile or garbage. There’s a body inside the fenced area.
  • 914: SOUTHWEST – There’s a shack in the underpass, there’s an opening on the north side, intersecting the road in front of it.
  • 915: SOUTHWEST – Dead body near one of the pillars holding up the bridge.


20 City Center

Cyberpunk 2077 - Hidden Gem Locations - 20 City Center

  • 893: SOUTHEAST – Look for a brown fence with some colorful graffiti on it, next to some air conditioners. Inside this fenced area is a dead body.
  • 922: There’s a glass-covered greenhouse on both sides of the street, connected by an overhead passageway. There’s a body inside, on the top floor of one of these greenhouses.
  • 923: NORTH – Look for a large building with “New Look / Jade Tokyo” in white lettering across the front. Looking to the left, there should be a large red sign for muscle supplements. Below this sign is a fenced area with a dead body inside.
  • 924: Look for a white building with a fenced area connected to it. Inside the fenced area are a bunch of dead bodies.
  • 925: There is a road heading into a tunnel. Facing the tunnel, to the left is a dead end near the crosswalk. There is a Body requirement to unlock this area.
  • 926: On top of a building are numerous air conditioners, with a few bodies near the back wall.
  • 927: NORTHWEST – Fenced area by the water, with a body in a crate.
  • 928: NORTHWEST – Directly above the water is a storage area right underneath a large building. You can go around near the water to find an opening or you can get in if you have the proper Body requirement.
  • 929: NORTHWEST – Look for a building with scaffolding around it, to the left of which is a ZEIG DICH ad. Make your way to the top of the building and there will be a body.
  • 930: WEST – There’s a body in the tunnel.
  • 931: WEST – In the water there’s a truck, you can actually see a part of it sticking out. There’s a body inside.
  • 932: NORTHWEST – There’s a balcony with conveniently stacked boxes leading up to the side of it. Up top is a container.
  • 939: NORTHEAST – There’s a body submerged in the water here. This one is kind of difficult to find. It’s at the very bottom, and there’s a ladder that’s almost facing it. Facing the water from the ladder, the body will be on the right side.
  • 940: SOUTHEAST – There’s a building with railing saying “Warning all activities are recorded.” Up on the ledge here is a metal door, you can either unlock it with Technical, or double jump over it to reach the body behind it.
  • 941: Under one of the walkways is a body.
  • 942: You need to find Hidden Gem 922 (in the greenhouse) to unlock this. On the side of the road is a burning car, loot the body inside.
  • 943: SOUTH – On the wooden walkway lies a dead body amidst a few burning items.
  • 944: NORTHEAST – Look for an area with a lot of shipping containers. There is a blue one on the ground that can be looted.
  • 945: EAST – Look for a fenced area in an underpass, attached to a building with tan ridges on that same side. There’s a body in this fenced area.
  • 946: NORTHEAST – There are a few air conditioners lined up on the ground, and atop one is a dead body.


Written by Briggs

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Cyberpunk 2077 – Hidden Gem Locations; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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  1. For 810 in Badlands it should be noted that while there’s a bloodspot on the ground there, the actual location is SE of 824. Go to the “Old Turbines” Fast Travel Point in the Badlands, there’s a road to the East of it that has a little bend in it, head North from that bend to a rock formation. Easier to do in a car with your scanner on

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