Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – CSGO Best Matchmaking Guide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – CSGO Best Matchmaking Guide 1 -
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – CSGO Best Matchmaking Guide 1 -

How to get better experience of Matchmaking games

Prologue (English)

Hi there,my name is Max and I’m experienced CS player,I’ve started from the beginning of CS:GO (switched from CS 1.6) and I really liked Matchmaking concept. But by playing more and more games I’ve realized that teammates starts being toxic sometimes, in many cases it starts from a little mistake of one teammate and people just driving mad for the rest of a game, saying GG, griefing etc.
In this guide I collected a bunch of my own tricks how to keep my team friendly and communicative. Ofc it works not in all cases because some people just entering the game to spread hate and toxicity ๐Ÿ™
1. Nationality | Language issues
Since CS:GO is multi-culture game, you could be playing with Europeans,russians/Ukranians/Belarus etc.(russian speaking),Turkish guys and many other.
Obviously not all of them could speak the same language, so this language barrier creates many difficulties.
Luckly, I’m Ukranian so I know russian and I can easily speak English. When I meet, let’s say, EU players and 2 russians,who don’t know english at all,I try to translate their words to each other,it really helps. But since you probably can speak only one of these languages,you should use as simple as possible pool of words. Like default calls: ‘pit, stairs, window’ etc.
2. If something went wrong
Sometimes, when teammate asked for a drop and nobody dropped him,he started being angry.
Another case, if someone have cut another teammate and they start killing each other.
Also sometimes someone accidentaly blocks another or give a bad flash so teammate dies.
All of these and other situations could lead to increasing of toxicity level,when atleast 1-2 persons don’t wanna win anymore and just spoil the game.
Personally,when I see that it’s happening again… , I’m trying to use all of my diplomacy skills, trying to calm down my teammates by dropping them weapons,saying that all of it was an accident and we don’t have to be enemies since we already have 5.
I do everything to explain them that this pitty moment shouldn’t evolve in bad vibes and sad match.
3. Things are going noice
If you were lucky and all teammates are communicative & skilled, you should experience a good match,so it’s also VERY IMPORTANT to honour your teammates,it boosts moral level to the moon!
If someone gave a good flash and you got a kill,praise them,tell your teammate that it was pretty good flash.
If a guy called a tactic and you did good, tell him that it was a good tactic Even if it wasn’t but it’s worked
But if it didn’t work out,you still should say “Nice try, we’ll get there” or some other encouraging words,because everyone wants be honoured and feel important.
BONUS: How I deal with cheaters and how to encourage teammates in this case
I’ve been playing many many games with obvious cheaters in enemies team. First 20-30 matches I was driving mad because I couldn’t do anything so I was only typing in chat and hating those cheaters.
But after that I’ve realized that they LIKE IT. Cheater,as a ‘dark’ person in CS:GO community, wants to be praised with hate by ‘white’ players. They really enjoy all those cryes, but for you it only brings bad vibes.
So what I do,when I meet obvious cheater and this match is clearly lost: I’m cheering to my teammates,saying that it was a pleasure to play with them,even it was 1 round ahahha.After this I’m staying AFK and going to make a cup of tea or preparing some snacks. If I’m not hungry I’m just doing some workout or watching YT.I advice that to my teammates as well,because any of those tasks is obviously more helpful than just sitting on spawn and getting owned by cheater and blaming him.
I have tried to describe my own experience,I’ve gone through all madness stages and now I’m always calm,even if I’m not,I don’t show this negativity to teammates since I wanna fix that and have a good match.
Hope this article would help someone to get a better experience of CS:GO Matchmaking!!!

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – CSGO Best Matchmaking Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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