Company of Heroes 2 – Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only)

Company of Heroes 2 – Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only) 1 -
Company of Heroes 2 – Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only) 1 -

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Quality over quantity approach to control the battlefield with minimal losses. Best for mid-late gameplay.

What makes this guide so special?

The mindset is a quality over quantity approach that excludes infantry en masse (blob). The strategy is best for mid-late game and uses exclusive units that are good from start to finish. This play style is meant for team games only, preferably with a reliable ally.
Why are you writing this guide?
I enjoy helping others and wanted to also preserve the key findings before they are forgotten. Also, other guides do not seem to have the same high standards as mine and are missing key details in having successful runs.
Who is the intended audience?
The guide is for everyone, but much more friendlier to new players. The writing will be easy to follow and supported by plenty of screenshots for those who are too lazy to read everything! Everyone will be playing on the same level with the most experienced!
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I have written plenty of detailed guides. Here are some of them:
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Opening Hand

At the first second, train the HMG team at HQ and instruct the Pioneers to build Infanterie Kompanie. Send the HMG to the front line and preferably a building that can be garrisoned in. Select the Jaeger Armor Doctrine for Spotting Scope and Elefant (more explained later).
Company of Heroes 2 - Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only) - Opening Hand - E2B57DA
The next step is to establish a good capturing path for the pioneers with the third sector being fuel or a VP at the frontline. They should also be able to react to enemy infantry if they are trying to flank HMG. Skilled opponents are ungrateful for MG rounds and need to be hugged by Pioneers when they attempt this maneuver.
Company of Heroes 2 - Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only) - Opening Hand - 41BEB4C
When there is 340 Manpower, begin training the first sniper then the second one. Then upgrade HQ to level 1 when there is 40 fuel.



The starting Pioneers are enough for the entire game to capture early sectors, plant mines, and repair tanks. They need the pioneer support package for faster repair and even throwing satchels at mortar emplacements.
The anti-personnel mines (S-mines) should be placed on front-line sectors to injure and deter infantry. Skilled opponents like to capture rear sectors that will cut off fuel sectors and a full 4 tile minefield can be planted there. The frontline sector would need about 2-3 and replanting frequency depends on how fast they react with getting minesweepers.
Company of Heroes 2 - Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only) - Pioneers - 6476766
The anti-tank mines (Teller) are great for the obvious but they have a chance to destroy own tanks when retreating and getting shot at. These mines are not frequently used because of low munitions due to grenades and panzershrecks.


Dual Snipers

Wehrmacht snipers have the fastest firing rate and are permanent thorns in the enemy’s side. The idea of using dual snipers is to have a mobile support team that replace mortars and can be easily relocated/healed without too much delay. Their purpose is to use their long range to soften and root out infantry that are sitting on key sectors.

Company of Heroes 2 - Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only) - Dual Snipers - 87A8DA3
Note: Snipers work very well against UK forces that have a smaller squad size and have bonus perks of using green cover. Some are too lazy to notice they are dying.
During the mid-late stage of the war, the enemy usually spams AT crews across the battlefield like candy. The dual snipers will have earned veterancy to swiftly address this nuisance with the help of the tank’s spotting scope.
Company of Heroes 2 - Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only) - Dual Snipers - FAC2EB4
Anti-Counter Sniper
The enemy can decide to get snipers for the purpose of either anti-infantry or countering the sniper. If the latter, they will hold fire and lie in wait but will need to be out of position towards the very front to be within shooting range.
The solution is to advance forward with Panzergrenadiers and supporting Snipers with holding their fire or staying in the very rear. In general, snipers need a nearby object to conceal or they will be exposed . The enemy could try to be aggressive with counter-snipering but will be thwarted with the buffer provided by Panzergrenadiers.


Core Panzergrenadier

After HQ is level 1, train 3 Panzergrenadiers to serve as the core infantry. They were selected over the standard Grenadiers because of their ability to survive until the end of the game. Their passive of evasion almost guarantees a safe retreat even with a pursuing tank.
Sniper Combined Arms
The Panzergrenadiers will take a defensive role if snipers are nearby by providing vision and protection. The small buffer zone will deter enemy infantry from getting too close to the sniper.
If they do decide to charge, they can be rewarded with a gift basket (see below)!
Depending on the success of snipers, the second or third squad needs to be converted into a mobile AT crew that will only attack armor. A skilled opponent will usually send a suicidal scout car or light tank to break the snipers’ grip on their infantry. The AT crew will position in the rear and serve as bodyguards for the snipers. Since their weapons can be dropped, they need to retreat when there is only 2-3 left in the squad.
The Gift Basket
Panzergrenadiers are issued a much stronger grenade that works very well against blobs. Unlike standard grenades, the bundle grenade will cause lethal damage to almost everyone in the blast radius.
Company of Heroes 2 - Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only) - Core Panzergrenadier - 43DB6EB
The grenade is less noticeable when thrown in close combat and/or if weakened (suppressed).
Company of Heroes 2 - Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only) - Core Panzergrenadier - 2E9AABE
They can wipe out or almost wipe out entire healthy squads in one blast!
 – [] 
Countering Elite Troops
Most special troops are short-range like Shock or Rangers that can be stopped with a well-placed grenade. Medium-Long range like Guards need to be handled together with snipers while taking cover. If alone, Panzergrenadiers could safely get closer to the enemy by using trees/shrubs to conceal advancement then throw a concealed grenade or even a blind one.
Snipers can also be used to weaken them if sides and flanks are secure.
 – [] 


Fuel Caches

The Pioneers will construct fuel caches at safe rear sectors once there is surplus Manpower after having enough Panzergrenadiers. They should build around 2-3 fuel caches that can be protected. Mines can be used but do not build them too close to avoid destroying the cache.


Panther & Elefant

When there is plenty of fuel, upgrade HQ to level 3 and build Heavy Panzer Korps building. The first tank will be the Panther because of its thick armor and high health to live for another day. The next tank will be the Elefant and fuel needs to be saved. The third tank will be another Panther if the population cap was not reached..
Once the Panther joins the battle, it needs two upgrades of MG and Scope. The panther’s scope alone will provide great vision for the snipers and even locate AT crews that is outside of their range.
 – [] 
Panzergrenaders can focus more on capturing VPs and use smoke grenades as cover if they are in danger.
Anti-Infantry Driving
At level 1 veterancy, Blitzkrieg Tactics ability is unlocked for faster speed to run over enemy infantry. Before using this maneuver, inspect that the area does not have strong AT presence to avoid losing the tank. The tank needs to accelerate towards the enemy infantry and make sharp turns going forward and in reverse to maximize the chances.
Elefant & Its Bodyguard
The Elefant will take over as the main AT to provide massive damage at very long range.
Company of Heroes 2 - Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only) - Panther & Elefant - 04E799C
Enemy tank destroyers can be easily dealt that out-ranged the Panthers. Their Achilles’ heel is slow speed and rotation. The Panther will fulfill a new role as their bodyguard in protecting the Elefant’s rear and sides from enemy tank charges.
 – [] 


Advanced Warfare

Certain enemy tanks have smoke screen ability that will allow them to escape by disabling auto targeting. This can be countered by ordering units to attack the ground but the aim needs to compensate the distance for a moving target.
The same can be done with targets outside of the normal vision area that includes both structures and enemy tanks. The Elefant is best used to attack safely since the enemy will most likely have more vision. The trick is to memorize the locations of enemy tanks, especially Tank Destroyers that are less mobile and left sitting in one spot. A skilled opponent will automatically react after being hit and retreat, unlike their average counterparts.
Scouting planes can also provide more vision on top of the tank scopes. However, the opponent will be alerted and will just retreat forces. The planes are bested used to initially scout for B4 artillery that is a major Achilles’ heel and can be targeted later with counter artillery or infantry attack.
The surviving MG can use Incendiary Armor Piercing rounds to destroy light tanks and melt suppressed infantry. The latter bypassing all armor protection given to suppressed infantry denoted with a yellow exclamation and can wipe out the whole squad in seconds even if they are in cover or entrenched.
The sniper can use Fire Incendiary Explosive Round, which is a long-range mini grenade to slow and weaken enemy infantry. The special bullet can be used in combination with the Panzergrenadier’s bundle grenade to completely destroy the entire squad. The mechanics work by stunning the enemy for a few seconds that prevents any retreat or reaction to dodge the bundle grenade.


Coordinated Teamplay

Each map will require some time to study the terrain. Certain maps have easier sectors to defend while others are open field. The areas with natural choke points will be easier to defend and require less attention. The starting position will determine how much more effort needs to be made to maintain control.
The response to help allies will depend on the competency and aggression of the opponents. Panzergrenadiers will be more than sufficient enough to help the ally, especially if the enemy is either sending blobs or a light tank/vehicle. Snipers should only be sent to assist against entrenched units or against specialized units (e.g. Shock Troops or Rangers) to soften them.
Company of Heroes 2 - Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only) - Coordinated Teamplay - 6CE84E0
The low-casualty doctrine does not mean that allies should get infantry en masse (blob). The purpose is to provide reliable solutions against all threats. During the late game, most allies will struggle against enemy AT and Tank Destroyers. The doctrine excels in late game and eliminates the obstacles that will keep VPs in friendly control.



During late game, the game will all be about VPs only and the enemy will send suicidal squads to capture them. Victory will depend on sheer endurance to control the battlefield and rebuilding what was lost.
Company of Heroes 2 - Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only) - Epilogue - C511717
A more defensive strategy is needed and can be done with snipers.
 – [] 
The major threats will be late game abilities like planes, rockets, and artillery that can destroy irreplaceable units. Always be on guard for enemy ground flares and react right away! Snipers need to just retreat if seeing flares or hearing rockets because they are most likely being targeted.
The average score for snipers should be scoring be at least 80-90 kills.
Company of Heroes 2 - Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only) - Epilogue - 755FDB7
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Hope you enjoy the Guide about Company of Heroes 2 – Low Casualty Wehrmacht Doctrine (Team Only), if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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