Company of Heroes 2 – Some tips for new Players

Company of Heroes 2 – Some tips for new Players 1 -
Company of Heroes 2 – Some tips for new Players 1 -
First of all, welcome to Company of Heroes 2


1. Campagin

The first thing to do is play the campagin to learn some basics. 
You dont need to play the full campagin, just a few missions to have a sight into the game. 
I remember my first time in this game, i feel what you feel 😀 

2. TOW and AI Battles

Next we have the Theather of war. This is a Gamemode with some missions (Little Harder than the Campagin) 
This is a good place to learn a little bit of some units and how to use it best. 
you can play the missions on easy to go safe or go to medium for better expirience. 
dont play on hard, some of the missions are very unbalanced in this mode. 
AI Battles: 
A good place to learn the maps and the Game for the Multiplayer. 
This is the place with the most practice. 
Play Some 1vs1 matches with Standard AI OR play x VS x, all is good to learn 🙂 

3. Multiplayer/ Ranked

If you go into multiplayer battles you shoud be level 30-50. 
Do what you have learned and dont listen to bad voices from other Playes, all of them have the same start 🙂 

4. Some words to the end 🙂

You dont have to follow this guide, play how YOU like it! 
Its just a few to start 🙂 
Sorry for my bad englisch, i am from germany 😀 
Thanks for reading and good luck 🙂 

Written by Nekorva

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Company of Heroes 2 – Some tips for new Players, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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