Chernobylite – Heist – Final Mission – Game Endings

Chernobylite – Heist – Final Mission – Game Endings 1 -
Chernobylite – Heist – Final Mission – Game Endings 1 -

This guide shows some ways through the Heist mission.


The Heist is the final mission in the game. In the mission, you cannot teleport back to your base. You also cannot build tools and craft any items. Resources in your inventory waste slot that are better used for ammunition, plates for armor, medkits, and so on.
You can start the Heist at any point in the game. Even on the first day, if you want. You will certainly die soon…
You must prepare for the Heist. You should have all companions in the team and you should have collected all tools (Heist components). You must have finished the investigation boards in Igor’s room to convince your companions to go with you to the Heist.
You can give a strategic role to each companion. You can have:

  • One or two Infiltrators (requires the uniforms)
  • One technician (you can choose Tarakan or Olga here. I lost Olga several times, this never happend with Tarakan)
  • One Sniper
  • One Spy

The following tools can be found during normal story missions before:

  • Password (from quest Kidnapping Kozlov)
  • 2 Uniforms (from quests Checkpoint assault and A few things from an old hideout)
  • Charges (from quest Hardware for real man)
  • Power plant plans (from quest Chain reaction)

The game has 3 endings. You can reach every ending, no matter what you did during normal missions. There is no hidden karma counter or so like in Metro. All you have to do is to finish the Heist mission. Your companions might die during the Heist, but you can finish the mission anyway. However, there is a way that all companions will survive!

Special events

Semonov: If you did not kill Semonov before, he will release shadows during the Heist. One of your Infiltrators dies and Igor gets involved in a fight against Shadows.
Kozlov: If you freed Kozlov’s nephew and did not help Kostya to poison Olga’s village and told Kozlov where to find Glyeb, then Glyeb is thankful and so Kozlov helps you by pulling off the guard before the lab.
Olivier: If Olivier’s relationship status to Igor is goodor great, then nothing happing. If the relationship status is neutralor badand Olivier is in your team, then Olivier will kill Igor during the Heist. This happens if Olivier is part of the Heist team or if you left him behind at the refuge. If the relationship status is terrible– that’s curiously ok!
If you kick Olivier out of you team before the Heist, then he will not kill Igor. (You only need one infiltrator so that might be ok. But Olivier will not get mentioned in the post game dialog, where the future of all persons is told. If you want to know what happens with all companions, then make sure that Olivier has at least a good relation.)
Companions that left you because of a terrible relationship status:

  • Olga will kill an Infiltrator at the first security door.
  • Mikhail will kill an Infiltrator at the Golden corridor.
  • Sashko: I did not encounter any bad events.
  • Olivier: Nothing bad happens. I think this is a bug 🙂
  • Tarakan: I have no information yet, have to replay the game to make him left the team.


Decisions during the Mission

I show all decisions together with the available options and the outcome in some diagrams.
The spot where Igor has to choose is on the left side. Arrows indicate the options. (Some options might be missing. They have some requirements (Roles of your companions and/or tools). For instance: you only have one sniper – if your Sniper dies or his position is revealed, he is not available in the future anymore. You also have only one Charges to blast a door look – which you (obviously) can use only once.)
If the color of the result is red, then something bad happens.
If the color is orange, then the immediate result is ok, but you might run into problems later.
If the color is green: perfect!
If an Infiltrator is going to die and if there is no Infiltrator left at Igors side then Igor dies instead of an Infiltrator.
Chernobylite - Heist - Final Mission - Game Endings - Decisions during the Mission - A11D109

Written by TimTolle

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Chernobylite – Heist – Final Mission – Game Endings; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! if you want to check the original post click here! See you soon!

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