Age of Wonders 4 – Official Cheat List Console

Age of Wonders 4 – Official Cheat List Console 3 -
Age of Wonders 4 – Official Cheat List Console 3 -

Hello and welcome, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Age of Wonders 4 – Official Cheat List Console Follow this guide each steps.

This guide is an Official Cheat List.


You can open the console by pressing CTRL+ALT+C.

Age of Wonders 4 - Official Cheat List Console - Cheats - 6E0D4BC

Cheats aren’t allowed in multiplayer.

Pantheon features are permanently disabled when using cheats.

Reloading a savegame from the past won’t fix it, as the session will remember that you were cheating. Age of Wonders 4 - Official Cheat List Console - Cheats - 7984472

Cheat Effect
allheroes All heroes from Off-Map will be added to the Recruitment Pool
barentz Explores the entire map and toggles vision over it
Coehoorn breaks through the walls of the city that was chosen to be besieged.
cruijff toggles infinite move points
Demonen adds 20 alignment
dokterwie increases the turn counter by 1
eendracht Increase the Build the Beacons of Unity Counter for Expansion Victory
eenheid fulfills the Occupy Provinces goal of Expansion Victory
engelen Adds +20 Alignment
Freepop Adds +1 population to selected cities
genhero It generates a random offmap hero
gencrypthero generates a random hero in crypt
genprisonhero creates a random hero in prison
hauer All characters and units of the selected army can be leveled up
hein triggers victory
huygens Unlocks the empire development If it hasn’t been unlocked previously and gains one level for each affinity
iamgod toggles auto-win in auto-combat
Ikbedoelalles toggles knowing all spells
Improved correlation Select a free city to advance to the next level of allegiance.
instantskills toggles instant research
leeuwenhoek Finish the current research
Makely Forms an alliance with the city’s empire
Makeangry adds -100 relations for 20 turns with the selected city’s empire
Makecoop Sets relation with the selected city to Pact of Cooperation
makehappy gives +100 relations for 20 turns with the selected city’s empire
makeintegrated The selected free city is integrated
makeloyal Establishes a relationship with the chosen free city for Pact of Loyalty
makeneutral Endes war with the empire of the city chosen
makevassal the selected city’s empire becomes a vassal
Makewar Starts a war against the empire of the chosen city (war justification effects are in effect).
martin toggles 999 hero cap
mastery skills Researches everything
oldenbarnevelt Gives 100000 imperium
optimalprime Instant casting of spells is toggled
Philips toggles instant production
Questmaster toggles quests
Rallythelieges The next Rally of the Lieges is about to start
rembrandt Mana and 100000 Gold.
ruijter Add one Hero item to each
spaargaren unlocks empire development if not already unlocked
Tasman explores the entire map
Unexplored Uncovers the entire map
verdoemenis Magic Victory’s Build the Affinity Province improvements counter is increased.
voorhees toggles infinite skill points
Warlord declares war on all factions
willem triggers defeat
Demo It activates masterskills, philips and rembrandt at the same simultaneously
Flyingdutchman activates barentz, cruijfff, and rembrandt at the same time
defeat1 triggers defeat
defeat2 triggers defeat
defeat3 triggers defeat
defeat4 triggers defeat
defeat5 triggers defeat
victory1 triggers victory
victory2 triggers victory
victory3 triggers victory
victory4 triggers victory
medical He heals the army of the chosen
switch_tm Switches between classic and simultaneous turns

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