MicroWorks – How to level up and gain XP

MicroWorks – How to level up and gain XP 1 - steamlists.com
MicroWorks – How to level up and gain XP 1 - steamlists.com

Welcome to this post We are going to tell you everything there is to know about MicroWorks – How to level up and gain XP in this guide.

A summary of how the leveling system works and how to use it to acquire as much XP as possible in as little time as possible.


Play on Team Pointmatch, take it to slow to win as many microgames as possible, and gather as many players in one server as possible. Winning matches gives you the most XP.

How XP and leveling up works

MicroWorks will award you experience at the end of each match based on your performance during that battle. This XP is added to your global level. As you progress through the levels, you’ll be able to unlock skins and auras for your avatar. If you are playing alone, if you have mutators activated, or if the server is closed beforehand, no XP is earned.

While there are some more nuances and specific rules, XP is generally rewarded for the following feats (this list is in no specific order):

  • Winning microgames*.
  • Winning five microgames in a row.
  • Fragging players.
  • Getting the highest score in boss stages.
  • Winning matches**.

Naturally, winning individual microgames only give you small amounts of XP, while winning the entire match gives you the highest payout. There is no payout for placement. Victory XP is on an all-or-nothing basis.

New players start at level 0 and have no XP. The highest level achievable is 50, which takes 100,000 XP. The quantity of XP necessary for each level-up starts out minimal, but increases as you progress through the levels. This means that you’ll get through the lower stages faster than the upper levels. So, if you’re aiming for Max Level, level 25 isn’t the halfway mark – with 50,000 XP, you’ll be somewhere near level 34. Once you reach level 50, you will no longer receive XP.

* = How fast you win the microgame does not affect how much XP you get from it.

** = Victory XP scales based on player count. You’ll get notably (but not enourmously) more points if you win a match with 12 players than if you were to win one with only 4.

Strategies for farming XP

What you SHOULD do if you want lots of XP


  • Play team game modes. This is by far the biggest tip I can give you. Winning a match gives you the most XP out of all the possible feats. Playing in team game modes drastically improves your chances of winning, since the victory is attributed to everyone in the team, not the #1 player on the scoreboard.
  • Play Pointmatch or Scorematch – but especially Pointmatch. Since the speed at which you win microgames has no bearing on the XP you get from them, allowing yourself a little extra time to win them consistently gives you better chances at getting additional XP from combos. Pointmatch lets you do that without affecting your chances of winning the match.
  • Play in servers with high player counts. This will only make a difference if you win – but winning a match with many players gives you more XP than one with a small player count. Public servers are your best bet for that.


What you SHOULD NOT do if you want lots of XP


  • Play Survival. Matches in Survival don’t end until either everyone is dead or the boss stage is complete, so if you’re eliminated early, you’ll be spending most of your time spectating and missing out on XP.
  • Play Boss Rush. Because you only get XP for placing first in boss stages, it’s much harder to make good progress in Boss Rush, especially with high playercounts. You might be able to get some consistent boss wins if there are less players, but this is very hard to do and doesn’t give you that much more XP than normal.
  • Focus too much on getting extra frags where possible. Certain microgames let you frag other players even if it isn’t the primary goal – such as “Hit A Target Exactly X Times”. While you should go after other players to get some additional XP if the opportunity arises – you shouldn’t ever give it priority over winning the microgame itself. Winning the microgames themselves gives you more XP in the long run. And besides, they might kick you for being so cheeky. 🙂


[Extra] Numbers!

Here’s a table of all the feats you get XP from, and how much XP they give you.

Feat XP
Winning an easy microgame 15
Winning a medium microgame 25
Winning a hard microgame 30
Winning five microgames in a row 45
Fragging a player 25
Correctly answering a trivia question 25
Getting the highest score in a boss stage 125
Winning a match 325 + 25 for every 3 players present

Here’s a table of how much XP is required to reach each level.

Level Total XP Level Total XP Level Total XP
0 0 17 11,800 34 48,300
1 100 18 13,300 35 51,050
2 400 19 14,800 36 53,800
3 700 20 16,300 37 56,550
4 1,000 21 18,400 38 59,300
5 1,300 22 20,500 39 62,050
6 1,800 23 22,600 40 64,800
7 2,300 24 24,700 41 68,320
8 2,800 25 26,800 42 71,840
9 3,300 26 28,900 43 75,360
10 3,800 27 31,000 44 78,880
11 4,800 28 33,100 45 82,400
12 5,800 29 35,200 46 85,920
13 6,800 30 37,300 47 89,440
14 7,800 31 40,050 48 92,960
15 8,800 32 42,800 49 96,480
16 10,300 33 45,550 50 100,000

Keep in mind that updates might change these numbers. I’ll try to keep them accurate as updates come along, but cannot guarantee they’ll always be 100% correct.

Thanks to noam 2000, the project lead of MicroWorks, for providing me with these!

MicroWorks – How to level up and gain XP is described in this guide. If you notice anything that needs to be fixed or updated, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll correct it as quickly as possible. Today, may it be a good day for you. I feel it’s important to give credit where credit is due, so I’d like to point out that this tutorial was inspired by a post that Mauritsio published. Also, don’t forget to Bookmark Us if you enjoy the post, we add new posts daily with more content, so check us often for more posts!

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