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A collection for Chaos Waste specfic mechanics.



This guide is made with the info/data from the press version of Chaos Waste. There might be some changes once Chaos Waste comes out officially. I will follow up with updates in the future if there is anything changed. 

Holseher’s Map


Holseher’s Map Basic


  • Holseher’s Map is the path decider for your journey in Chaos Waste. You can see some valuable information about your next two steps. 
  • Holseher’s Map is generated randomly. However, no matter which path you choose, the number of Level/Shrine/Arena you can visit is fixed. 
    • Level – Guaranteed 4 per game 
    • Shrine – Guaranteed 2 per game 
    • Arena – Guaranteed 1 per game


An example of a fully reviewed Holseher’s Map

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Chaos Waste Mechanic Handbook 



Level Basic


  • There is a total of 11 different Levels in Chaos Waste. 
  • All Levels have multiple variations that change their layout and how you progress in it. 
  • All Levels can be found in all four Expeditions, except Citadel of Eternity, which can be only found in Expedition to the Citadel of Eternity 
  • All Levels will have 1 Faction Type Combination, 2 Level Mutator and 1 Power Up as a reward after finishing the level. All Levels might also have 1 Chaos Gods Curse as an additional muatator. You can see this information on Holseher’s Map.


All Levels & Variation Amount


Leve Name Variation Amount
Bel’sha’ziier’s Mine 11
Citadel of Eternity(level) 8
Count Mordrek’s Fortress 11
Grimblood’s Stronghold 11
Holseher’s Tower 11
Pinnacle of Nightmares 11
Slaughter Bay 11
The Foetid Gorge 11
The Forbidden Trail 11
The lost City of Marakza 11
The Pit of Reflection 11


Faction Type Combination

There are 3 Faction Type Combination, which decides what kind of Roaming Enemies/Hordes/Elites you get during this Level

  1. Skaven, Chaos 
  2. Skaven, Beastman 
  3. Chaos, Beastman


Level Mutator


Buff Debuff
– Roaming Enemies + Roaming Enemies
– Hordes + Hordes
– Specials + Specials
– Elites + Elites
– Monsters + Monsters
+ Healing Items
+ Pilgrim’s Coins


Power Up

Power Up are all normal adventure game Necklace/Charm/Trinket properties. 

Necklace Property Charm Property Trinket Property
+ 4 Stamina(2 Shields) + 10% Attack Speed + 5% Movement Speed
+ 20% Health + 40% Crit Power + 10% Crit Chance
+ 30% Block Cost Reduction + 20% Cooldown Reduction
+ 60% Push/Block Angle + 30% Stamina Recovery


Chaos Gods Curse


  • In Chaos Waste, levels can be cursed by the four Choas Gods. 
  • Each God has 3 kinds of curses. Only one God and one curse can be applied to the level. 
  • You can see which God cursed the level from Holseher’s Map, but you can’t tell which kind of curse until load into the level. 
  • For details of each curse, see sections down below.




Universal Trait


  • All Shrine provides Miracles – party-wide buff and 3 Boons – single person buff. 
  • Rare Boon (60% chance to appear) costs 200 coins. Exotic Boon (30% chance to appear) costs 250 coins. Unique Boon (10% chance to appear) costs 300 coins. 
  • Different characters will see different Shrine models on the Holseher’s Map, as they worship different gods.


Shrine of Strife – Unique Miracles


Blessing Cost Effect Additional notes
Miracle of Grimnir 200 A mighty monster waits for you in the next level. Slay it to increase max health by 20%. Spawned boss has 50% more HP and does 50% more damage. 
Multiple Miracle of Grimnir buff cannot stack.
Miracle of Morgrim 200 Grants Morgrim’s Bomb(Bomb Item, One Use Only). A powerful explosive with a long delay. Wipes out all normal enemies in an extremely large area. 
Stagger and damage Monster heavily. 
Can be duped with some talents or boons.
Miracle of Ulric 100 Permanently increase your current weapons’ Power by 50. Only affect current weapons. 
Lose the effect after switching/upgrading weapons.


Shrine of Harmony – Unique Miracles


Blessing Cost Effect Additional notes
Miracle of Shallya 200 For the next level, temporary health is converted to permanent health. /
Miracle of Isha 200 When the last member of the party is knocked down, Isha restores their hp to full and strikes down nearby enemy. Last indefinitely until this effect is triggered.
Miracle of Rhya 200 Grants a Jade Censer(Healing Item, One Use Only). When deployed, heals and strengthens your team for 120 sec. Increase players who are in the range max HP by 20%. 
Regen 5 permanent HP per sec.


Shrine of Fortune – Unique Miracles


Blessing Cost Effect Additional notes
Miracle of Smednir 200 Increase Pilgrim’s Coins gained by 50% for the next level at the cost of receiving an extra 20% damage for the next level. /
Miracle of Ran*ld 200 For the next level, Elites and Special have a chance to drop pickups upon death. Can drop Bomb, Incendiary Bomb, Ammo Pouch, all potions except Potion of Poison Aegis. 
Has an extremely small chance to drop Morgrim’s Bomb(0.13%).




  • Arena is at the end of each Expedition. Each Expedition has its corresponding Arena
    • Expedition of Fortitude – Arena of Fortitude 
    • Expedition of Courage – Arena of Courage 
    • Expedition of Determination – Arena of Determination 
    • Expedition to the Citadel of Eternity – Citadel of Eternity
  • The Chaos Gods Curse on each Arena is changed every 7 days. It only decides the curse on the final Arena, does not affect other Levels during the Expedition.


Current Chaos Gods Curse is shown on the Custom Game page

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Chaos Waste Mechanic Handbook 

Weapons & Weapon Altar


Weapons and Weapon Altar Basic


  • In Chaos Waste, you start with your loadout in the keep. But your weapons only have very low Hero Power and 0 property/trait. Your current Hero Power is the average [of your two weapons. 
  • You can check your current weapons’ Hero Power/Property/Trait by pressing Inspect Weapon (default key: Z). 
  • You can exchange or upgrade your weapons in respective Weapon Altar
  • The result weapon rarity depends on the rarity of Weapon Altar. You can tell their rarity from their colour. 
  • Melee Exchange Altar will give you a random melee weapon, or Grail Knight/Slayer 1st slot weapon. 
  • Range Exchange Altar will give you a random range weapon, or Grail Knight/Slayer 2nd slot weapon. 
  • Upgrade Altar will upgrade the weapon you are holding when you are interacting with the Altar. Using Upgrade Altar will keep your weapon’s current Properties/Trait.


Weapon Altar Effect/Cost


Starting Weapons Common(Green) Rare(Blue) Exotic(Orange) Unique(Red)
Result Property/Trait 0 Property 
0 Trait
1 Property 
0 Trait
2 Properties 
0 Trait
2 Properties 
1 Trait
2 Max Rolled Properties 
1 Trait
Exchange Altar Cost / 40 80 120 160
Upgrade Altar Cost / 80 160 240 320
Power Level 
(Recruit – Veteran – Champion/Legend/Cataclysm)


Weapon Alter Modle

Melee Exchange Altar 
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Chaos Waste Mechanic Handbook 
Range Exchange Altar 
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Chaos Waste Mechanic Handbook 
Upgrade Altar 
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Chaos Waste Mechanic Handbook 

Seer’s Altar (Boon Altar)

Seer’s Altar(Boon Alter) grants you a random Boon and always cost 200 Pilgrim’s Coins. 
There is 60% chance to get a Rare Boon, 30% chance to get a Exotic Boon, 10% chance to get a Unique Boon
Seer’s Altar Modle 
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Chaos Waste Mechanic Handbook 

Chest of Trials

You can find Chest of Trails in Levels. Open it will spawn a monster. Defeat the Monster will allow you to choose one Boon from three. 
Chest of Trials is not gauranteeded. 
Rare Boon has 60% chance to appear. Exotic Boon has 30% chance to appear. Unique Boon has 10% chance to appear). 
Chest of Trail – Before Opening 
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Chaos Waste Mechanic Handbook 
Chest of Trail – After Opening 
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Chaos Waste Mechanic Handbook 

Pilgrim’s Coins


Pilgrim’s Coins Basic


  • Pilgrim’s Coins is your currency in Chaos Waste. You can find them as map drop or by defeating Monster or get a Lootrat drop. 
  • Picking up coins benefits the whole party. All members will receive the full amount of coins. 
  • The Level modifier + Pilgrim’s Coins increases the number of coins on the map, does not increase the single coin pickup amount. 
  • If you finished the Expedition, no matter win or lose, 25% of your leftover coins will be saved for the next run. The saved coins cannot be over 200. Leave the game early will not save any coins.


Pilgrim’s Coins Amount


Coin Type Recruit Veteran Champion Legend – Cataclsym
Small Pilgrim’s Coins 
(map drop)
24 – 44 22 – 42 20 – 40 18 – 38
Large Pilgrim’s Coins 
40 – 80 36 – 76 32 – 72 28 – 68


Chaos Waste Potion


Chaos Waste Potion Basic


  • In Chaos Waste, you cannot find normal potions (Concentration/Speed/Strength) from map drops. Ranger Veteran potion talent drops Chaos Waste Potion. Grail Knight Quest can still drop Strength potion. 
  • You cannot get Concoction as Boon in Chaos Waste, only Home Brewer, Proxy and Decanter
  • Unlike the description, Decanter grants some potion extra effect, not just increasing duration.


Chaos Waste Potion Effect


Potion Default Effect Decanter Effect
Potion of Endless Bombs 
(Only have 50% spawn chance as other potions)
Grant unlimited bombs, also decrease move speed by 50%, last 10 sec, cannot share bombs or switch weapons during the effect. Grant unlimited bombs, also decrease move speed by 25%, last 20 sec, cannot share bombs or switch weapons during the effect.
Potion of Life Share Each kill restores all nearby teammates Permanent health by 5, last 10 sec. Each kill restores all nearby teammates Permanent health by 10, last 15 sec.
Potion of Life Steal Each kill restores Permanent health by 5, last 15 sec. Each kill restores Permanent health by 10, last 25 sec.
Potion of Prophetic Strike Increase power level(damage/stagger/cleave) by 100%, last 15 sec. Increase power level(damage/stagger/cleave) by 150%, last 25 sec.
Potion of Wrath Increase weapon damage by 100% for 20 sec, and decrease move speed by 50% for 1.5 sec. Increase weapon damage by 150% for 30 sec, and decrease move speed by 25% for 1.5 sec.
Potion of Agility Grants hangover screen effect for 3 sec. And then double the dodge distance for 30 sec. Grants hangover screen effect for 3 sec. And then triple the dodge distance for 45 sec.
Potion of Stealth Grant invisibility and phase walk for 5 sec. Grant invisibility and phase walk for 15 sec.
Potion of Poison Aegis Grant poison immune for 60 sec. Grant poison immune for 120 sec.


Chaos Gods Curse Effect


Chaos Gods Curse – Nurgle


Curse Effect Additional notes
Infested Foes Hexed enemies deal poison damage and create poison clouds when they die. Enemies have a 30% chance to spawn with the hex. 
Only Slave Rat, Clan Rat and Storm Vermin can spawn with the hex. 
Hexed enemies have a visual practical effect.
Miasma of Pestilence The level is covered in a poisonous miasma that inflicts the Curse effect. Stand close to the Purifying Torch to quell the curse. Gain/lose 1 stack of curse every 1.3 sec if you are outside/inside of the Purifying Torch range. 
Each stack reduces your max HP by 2%. 
Can have upto 35 stacks of curse.
Skulking Sorcerer A malevolent spirit haunts this level. It cannot be slain, only driven off. Has the same health as a Lifeleech. 
Once the sorcerer gets killed, it will respawn after 30 sec.


Chaos Gods Curse – Khorne


Curse Effect Additional notes
Skulls of Wrath On death, enemies drop an exploding skull totem. Slightly increases horde frequency. 
All horde units and Berserker/Monk have a 5% chance to spawn the skull. 
Storm Vermin and Mauler have a 10% chance, Chaos Warrior and Bestigor have a 20% chance, Monsters have a 50% chance.
Blood God’s Fury Beware of hexed enemies. Their fury enhances those who fight at their side. Double the nearby enemies’ HP that near the hexed enemies. 
Only Storm Vermin, Mauler, Chaos Warrior, Bestigor can be the hexed.
Blood Tornados Blood tornados move randomly around the level, inflicting bleeding on those they touch. Dealing heavy damage. Does not lift players/enemies like normal blight storm. 
After the previous tornado disappear, next one will spawn after 5 sec.


Chaos Gods Curse – Tzeentch


Curse Effect Additional notes
Twin Blight Enemies have a chance to be reborn as smaller enemies upon death. Strong enemies have a 25% chance to split into two weaker enemies on death.
Bolt of Change
Tzeentch launches arcane bolts from the skies, dealing damage to players and randomly transforming enemies. Recruit can have 1 unit be changed per lighting, Veteran can have 2 units, Champion/Legend/Cataclysm can have 3 units. 
Monsters are not affected by lighting change, only receive damage and stagger. 
Chaos Warrior and Bestigor have a 30% chance to turn into Chaos Spawn. 
Slave Rat has a 0.5% chance to turn into critter rat.
Crystal Egg Destroy the crystal eggs before they hatch, or face the fury of the beast within! 90 sec after spawned, the egg will be broken and release a random Monster. 
Can only have 1 egg spawned monster on the map. 
Next egg will spawn after 30 sec once the previous egg/monster is killed.


Chaos Gods Curse – Slaanesh


Curse Effect Additional notes
Glory to Greed! Pickups are disabled on this map, but hexed enemies spawn items for the taking! A Pinata will spawn after the hexed enemies got killed. 
The Pinata has double the HP of a Lootrat, Infantry armour, damaging it will drop items. 
Drop total of 3 items. 
Can only spawn on Elites, Specials, Monster and Gor. 
Item list: 
Medical Supplies, Healing Draught, Bomb, Incendiary Bomb, Potion of Life Share, Potion of Stealth, Potion of Wrath, Potion of Endless Bombs, Potion of Life Steal, Ammo Pouch, Small Pilgrim’s Coins, Ignited Lamp Oil, Ignited Explosive Barrel
Baleful Empathy A portion of damage inflicted on a player is also inflicted on other players in close proximity The closer you are, more damage you share. 
Share up to 50% of damage taken. 
Single shared damage instance cannot exceed 50.
Unquenchable Thirst Players suffer damage over time. Drinking potions restores health lost to Unquenchable Thirst. Remove all Medical Supplies and Healing Draught map drops, increase Potion map drops. 
Taking damage as 1% of your max HP every 2 sec. 
Drinking potions restore 100 permanent HP. 
The DoT will stop once you are below 30% HP.


Grail Knight Quest in Chaos Waste


  • Since there are no Grimore/Tome in Chaos Waste, Grail Knight Quests are different here. 
  • Benisons only last one Level. Once entered a new one, you will receive new Benisons and finish them again. 
  • Currently Strength potion does not have any effect in Chaos Waste.


Benison Quest Amount 
(Recruit – Veteran – Champion – Legend – Cataclysm)
Power Level Slay Elites 7-7-10-10-15
Attack Speed Slay Specials 5-5-7-7-10
Cooldown Regen Slay Monsters 1
Damage Reduction Find Pilgrim’s Coins 5
Health Regen Finish Chest of Trials 1
Strength Potion Slay Enemies 50-60-75-85-100


Written by Royale w/ Cheese

This is all about Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Chaos Waste Mechanic Handbook; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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