Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Why you should stop playing Zealot

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Why you should stop playing Zealot 1 - steamlists.com
This is a guide for people who seek to better themselves.


A disclaimer

This is a guide for players who seek to better themselves. If you are just playing for fun and don’t care at all, do whatever you want. I’m not your mom. 

Zealot is actually pretty bad

I’m going to give you the reason you play Zealot. 
30. damage increase 
20. attack speed increase 
25. attack speed increase for 5 seconds. 
Mathematically, this all translates to a 88.5% damage increase during ult. It’s about 56% damage increase when off of ult. 
Finally, 180 hp and invuln. 
This is why you play Zealot. He contributes nothing else. (Unless you’re speedrunning, in which case continue your business) 

Here’s the thing


88.5. damage boost isn’t that amazing. There is better out there, I promise you. I’ll even show you. 
That invuln and health? Eventually you need to jump out of the kid’s pool. If you play characters with lower hp, you will learn to take less damage, making you ultimately better as a player. 
I hate playing Zealot, because of how little he contributes. He just feels like a damage sponge, with low damage output. I’m a sponge, but so are my enemies, because my damage sucks. I’m also limited in ammo, unless I sacrifice the 20% attack speed for the 1:5 crit talent. 

Let’s talk about Witch Hunter now

Here’s why you play Witch Hunter: 
20. bonus damage to all teammates. 
5. crit chance bonus to all teammates. 
25. crit chance bonus to all teammates on ult. 
100. crit chance bonus to yourself on ult. 
Instant kill on crit head shot. 
Flense = 80-100% damage bonus 
AoE stun on ult 
30. more ammo and scrounger benefits 
100. block cost reduction in front 

What does this mean to your teammates?


1. 20% bonus damage x 4. That’s almost like having a whole extra 5th player during a boss fight. 
2. Against a patrol, that 5% crit bonus might give your teammates a little bit of extra stagger, meaning a little extra safety. It could also proc their Swift Slaying a bit more reliably. 
3. Your ult is amazing from a teamwork standpoint. First, it’s an area stun, which might save a life or two. Second, it’s an awesome +25% crit chance to your teammates, which is basically beast mode for each of them. 

What does this mean to you?


1. Big topic here. Flense. 
So, Flense is 9 damage (affected by power gains) to whoever you hit (including cleaved targets). This means you do an insane amount of damage to hordes, since everything you touch takes 9 extra damage. It stacks 3 times, I think. 
Vanilla swing against 3 enemies: 12 + 8 + 6 = 26 damage 
Flense swing against 3 enemies: 21 + 17 + 15 = 53 damage 
Flense is giving you about 100% more dps against hordes. Obviously you want something that cleaves decently, so don’t use axe. 
Even against a boss, Flense is giving you a significant damage increase. Note it only works on melee. 
2. Your ult is extremely powerful, allowing you to instant kill groups of enemies. All it takes is practice enough to headshot. 
3. Even if you are terrible with headshots, you still get a 100% crit chance. Depending on your weapon, this is 50-100% extra damage. It also will stagger better. 
4. Free kills sometimes from instant kill headshots, at any time. 
5. Finally, Witch Hunter has scrounger benefits. Your ranged weapons gain 25% crit chance buff from your ult (as opposed to melee which gets 100%). This is good enough to generally increase your ammo while shooting. Used wisely, this means you won’t run out of ammo. 

I promised I’d show you better than 88.5% damage boost.


Assuming we do 12 damage… 
Flense = 9 damage (constant 75% damage increase) 
Tag = 20% (and teammates) 
Ult = ~100% damage increase with Billhook (Flense does not increase with crit) 
2. (crit) + 5 (tag) + 10 (flense + tag) = 39 damage per swing with ult. 

225% damage boost.


That’s not even mentioning team benefits. 

So what do you gain by ditching Zealot?

1. You’ll learn to survive better due to not having the hp crutch. 
2. You’ll increase the power of your teammates substantially. 
3. Your own power levels will increase. 
4. You’ll gain infinite ammo potential. 
5. You’ll be better rewarded for headshotting, which might make you better at it. 

Become a Witch Hunter today.



Written by Ghoul Hunter

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Why you should stop playing Zealot, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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