Victoria 3 – Guide to Western Frontier Expedition

Victoria 3 – Guide to Western Frontier Expedition 1 -
Victoria 3 – Guide to Western Frontier Expedition 1 -

Victoria 3 – Guide to Western Frontier Expedition – This guide will help you on how to complete the expedition and get Oregon territory into the US. Also, This manual will explain how to complete the tiresome Frontier Expedition and obtain the Oregon Territory from Britain. To complete the 3 expeditions to finish the event chain. The Oregon Trail, however, is the most significant.


I’ve learned from experience that you should WAIT until the expedition is over. The most crucial step is this one. Taking territory from Mexico, notably California, will cause the expedition to falter every single time.

To start the Journal entry, look up Quinine and Pharmaceuticals first. You won’t need nationalism for a while. I know your thoughts: “How about Manifest Destiny, though? Mexico’s interiors?”

Selecting a leader

After researching the tech, you will be prompted for a leader to choose once you have access to the decision. You can get more prestige by choosing commanders who have the explorer trait. It doesn’t affect your success chances so it doesn’t really matter.

Important note: The commander will be “busy”, meaning that if you need them to fight any wars, those troops they command won’t be available to you to attack or do anything. Don’t allow your Admiral to command your 25 flotillas. He won’t be able to do anything if there is a war.

Sometimes I’ve had a bug where an expedition has ended, and the “busy” tag is never removed. Or he dies on the mission but never in the game, but is always busy. It’s better to choose someone who commands the most minor force possible so that it isn’t as annoying if it does happen.

Event decisions

This works by allowing a progress bar to fill slowly over time, and you will be successful. Now and again, you will need to make a decision that will either give you more progress or put you in danger. If you reach your maximum, you cannot continue the expedition.

Most have a “safe” option that will slow down the expedition and a more dangerous option that will speed things up. I will normally choose the most dangerous option initially, but if I reach medium peril or above, I will choose the safer option.

Here are some examples.

I almost always choose to hunt or find settlements, as the natives will often help me. Hunting is dangerous and can lead to peril.

You can either wait until nightfall or keep going. Unless my peril is already high, I will push on.

Always take the baby if you can build a fort or rescue them. The baby will give you options with the native settlement, making it easier for you to move forward and reduce your risk. You will have a similar option on future expeditions with the fort.

It’s not worth the small amount of prestige that comes with collecting plants.

If your peril is not too high, climbing the mountain can make you progress.


It should be around 1845 after you have completed the three expeditions. Depending on how lucky you were, it might even be earlier. I failed three of them, but was still able complete them all. Once the Midwest is fully colonized, Britain will automatically give Oregon Territory to you.

Then, you can take the Manifest destiny decision to fight the Mexican-American War. Enjoy the rest of the game as OP!


Written by Eric

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Victoria 3 – Guide to Western Frontier Expedition, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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