Valorant – New Patch Note and Map Update 7.05

Valorant – New Patch Note and Map Update 7.05 1 -
Valorant – New Patch Note and Map Update 7.05 1 -

Valorant – New Patch Note and Map Update 7.05

Guess what? Riot Games gave us a sneak peek of the upcoming Valorant 7.05 patch from the Public Beta Environment (PBE). The big news? They’re making the competitive scene way cooler! We’re talking about new rules against rank boosting, making Astra stronger, and a brand-new map named Sunset. All to make sure everyone has a fair and fun time playing.

What’s New with Competitive Play?

Ever faced a super-skilled opponent paired with a low-ranked teammate? Riot’s fixing that! Now, if you’re at the Ascendant rank or above, you can only invite players with Platinum rank or higher to your team. No more dealing with bots or unfairly strong teams. And if someone’s caught cheating? Riot’s watching and will step in.

How’s Astra Doing?

Astra’s been a bit off her game lately. Well, Riot’s giving her a boost. With this patch, she can hear everything around her when she’s in her Astral Form (X). No more weird silence! This should make her way more useful and a favorite pick for many players.

Ever Heard of Sunset?

There’s a fresh map coming! Named Sunset, this map got vibes from Riot’s hometown, Los Angeles. Expect some fast-paced action as barriers drop close by. It’s a fresh twist to spice up our competitive Valorant matches.

Got Bugs? They’re Fixing ‘Em!

Riot’s squashed a bunch of bugs in this patch. Like that annoying one where your sound goes super loud when you alt-tab? Fixed! Plus, they’ve sorted out issues with moves from Astra, Deadlock, Omen, and Cypher.

Mark your calendar for September 6th when the Valorant 7.05 patch drops. I can’t wait to see the official notes then!

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