Starfield – How to Get Unlimited Money Glitch on Xbox Guide

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Starfield – How to Get Unlimited Money Glitch on Xbox Guide

Okay, so there’s this cool trick in Starfield that could make you rich. But before diving in, grab some Med Packs and a Boost Pack with the Power Boost Pack mod. It’s a bit tricky, so it might take around five minutes or so. And don’t forget: always save your game now and then, especially when you’re trying this out.

Now, as you’re trying this, you might hit a few bumps. Sometimes, you might even feel stuck or feel like you’re drowning. But hey, keep at it, and the rewards will be so worth it!

How to Start: Visit New Atlantis

First up, head to New Atlantis on Jemison. Look for the busy Commercial District. Once you’re there, find signs pointing towards GalBank, SSNN Field Office, and UC Distribution. Got ’em? Cool! Turn right and find a ledge that gives you a view of a huge dam.

Where to Go Next: The Big Jump

Alright, here’s where things get interesting:

  1. Take a leap over the barrier and go down the dam.
  2. Use your Boost Pack and fly across the dam.
  3. After landing, take a right to a rocky ledge.
  4. Now, jump over some white beams on your left and slide down the rocky side on your right.
  5. Keep going down, and you’ll pass an invisible barrier.
  6. Start climbing up the hill opposite till you feel like you’re floating. Yep, you read that right!

How to Tackle the Water Puzzle?

As you start floating, you’ll be underwater. Weirdly, the game doesn’t notice you right away. But when it does, it’s gonna try to damage you. This is where those Med Packs come in. You’ll probably need about four of them.

How to Climb Like a Pro?

Are we done with the water part? Awesome! Now, the fun part – climbing!

  1. Follow the rocky path, going up and over the hill.
  2. Keep floating and swimming with the dam’s leg on your left.
  3. Stay close to the dam, moving carefully so you don’t fall.
  4. Spot the rocks on the other side? Find a gap to slide through on your left.
  5. After going down, use your Boost Pack to climb up the rocks.
  6. Soon, you’ll see the Commercial District buildings. If an invisible wall blocks you, shift a bit to the right.
  7. Reach the top, look to your left, and voila! A secret passage under the Commercial District.

Where to Find the Good Loot?

Almost there! Under some vendors near TerraBrew, you’ll spot chests full of credits and other cool stuff. But be careful: one of them is filled with stolen items. So, think before you grab it. Whatever you decide, the rewards are seriously tempting.

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