Honkai: Star Rail – How to Unlock HSR Topaz Banner 4-Star Characters and Light Cone in Version 1.4

Honkai: Star Rail – How to Unlock HSR Topaz Banner 4-Star Characters and Light Cone in Version 1.4 1 - steamlists.com
Honkai: Star Rail – How to Unlock HSR Topaz Banner 4-Star Characters and Light Cone in Version 1.4 1 - steamlists.com

Honkai: Star Rail – How to Unlock HSR Topaz Banner 4-Star Characters and Light Cone in Version 1.4

Get ready for some exciting news from Honkai Star Rail 1.4! Next week, there’s a big livestream, and guess what? There have been some spicy leaks about the characters we’re about to meet. There’s chatter about two fresh 5-star characters. One big surprise? Jingliu is coming back, even though many thought she was gone for good.

Jingliu won’t be alone. She’ll team up with Topaz and Guinaifen. Everyone’s looking forward to the new Topaz banner. So, let’s dive into everything about the HSR Topaz banner, like its 4-star characters, when it’s coming out, and their special abilities.

Will We See an HSR Topaz Banner?

Chances are high we’ll get a special banner featuring the amazing 5-star character, Topaz. Thanks to the Honkai Star Rail Twitter account, we got a peek at Topaz’s character card on August 15. That pretty much hints at the HSR Topaz banner showing up in the game soon.

Who’s on the HSR Topaz Banner?

Besides Topaz, Jingliu is also rumored to be part of the Topaz banner. And get this: there’s talk about the 4-star characters who’ll join Jingliu and Topaz. Want a sneak peek?

HSR Topaz Banner 4 Stars:
– Sushang
– Luka
– Guinaifen

HSR Jingliu Banner 4 Stars:
– Qingque
– Tingyun
– Sampo

When’s the HSR Topaz Banner Launching?

Word on the street is the HSR Topaz banner will pop up in the second half of Honkai Star Rail version 1.4, probably around November 2nd, 2023. Dimbreath, a well-known Honkai: Star Rail source, also hinted that Seele might make a comeback in version 1.4. Considering both Jingliu and Topaz had their character cards out in August, everyone’s on the edge of their seats waiting for the Topaz banner.

How Cool is HSR Topaz?

Want some inside info on Topaz’s abilities? Remember, these aren’t official yet, but here’s what’s been leaked:

Basic Attack – Deficit: She can deal Fire damage to a single enemy.
Skill: Topaz calls her special pet, Warp Trotter, to set an enemy on fire.
Warp Trotter Skill: Picks an enemy for a special move.
Ultimate – Turn a Profit: Powers up Warp Trotter for better attacks.
Talent – Pig Market: Topaz starts a battle with her pet, which targets and damages enemies.
Technique – Explicit Subsidy: Topaz and her companion, Numby, find treasures and get energy boosts.

What about HSR Topaz’s Traces?

Topaz’s Traces have some neat tricks up their sleeve:

Bank Overdraft: Both Topaz and Zhang Zhang do more damage to Fire Weak enemies.
Financial Turmoil: Zhang Zhang gets a boost when certain targets are attacked.

With these abilities and traces, Topaz is going to be a game-changer in Honkai Star Rail.

Want More Power with Topaz?

Zhang Zhang can give Topaz extra energy by attacking in the Astonishing Increase state. And guess what? Topaz has her very own Eidolons with different abilities that make her even stronger in battle.

HSR Topaz’s Special Eidolons

E1: Incentive Mechanism: Zhang Zhang gets an extra attack after Topaz uses her Ultimate.
E2: Steady Growth: Amplifies Attack Mark potency for more Critical Damage.
E3: Catch Big, Release Small: Boosts Skill and Basic Attack levels.
E4: Agile Processing: Speeds up Topaz’s moves when it’s Zhang Zhang’s turn.
E5: Need for Inflation: Increases Ultimate and Talent levels.

Meet Topaz and Her Gameplay

Guess what? We’ve got some fresh leaks about Topaz’s gameplay. Now, what’s super cool about Topaz is she’s this amazing 5-star character and she hangs out with her sidekick, Numby. The big deal? They work together as one in the game – you don’t see that often in gacha games!

Lots of fans are buzzing with theories. They think Topaz will be the main backup for another 5-star fire expert, Clara. If you follow The Hunt path, you’ll know Topaz’s skills make her a top pick for tough fights. And here’s a fun twist: She’s different from Hunt heroes like Dan Heng, Seele, and Sushang. Why? Topaz has this cool move where she can call on Trotters to help out in battles. It’s a first in Honkai Star Rail!

The Deal with Topaz’s Light Cone

Here’s something neat. Topaz got a spotlight in the Trend of the Universal Market light cone. Now, this is a fancy 4-star tool, and its skill is called A New Round of Shuffling:. So when Topaz wears it, she gets stronger in defense – think 16~32% stronger. And when she gets hit? Boom! The enemy might catch fire. Plus, every turn, she can deal back some of the damage, lasting a couple of turns.

But, there’s a small catch. While we know Topaz is a Hunt star, this light cone? It’s from the Preservation Path. Who knows? Maybe when she officially steps into the game, she’ll get an exclusive five-star light cone.

Just a heads-up though: this scoop is from leaks. The game creators haven’t stamped their approval yet. So things might shake up a bit before Topaz officially drops in.

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