Unturned – How to Make Foliage Asset Files Guide

Unturned – How to Make Foliage Asset Files Guide 6 - steamlists.com
Unturned – How to Make Foliage Asset Files Guide 6 - steamlists.com

Welcome to Unturned – How to Make Foliage Asset Files Guide.

This guide will show you how to create an a.a*set file to place foliage in the Unturned editor. Some old foliage does not have the required a*set files.

What is a leaf a*set file?

Since the editor update ( –, To place or bake foliage, you will need to have a*set files On a map

The a*set file is a type of tool/preset that can be used to place or bake specific leaves or a group thereof.

The long story is short.

– There are two types of foliage a*set files: Single foliage files and Collections.

– Single leaf a*set files are Not the same for details and resources .

It is easier to upload your a*set files along your main bundles To avoid any problem.

“Technical” stuff in detail

About resources Trees/bushes/metal nosdes):

Asset files are available in addition to main foliage files (Unturned/Bundles/Trees). The a*set file is only required to place or bake the resource. Players will see the a*set file once it is placed on a map. As long as they have the main resource bundles, the a*set file will not be needed to place or bake the resource. (.dat and Unity prefab files stored in a unity3d, or masterbundle) .

About details (gra*s/pebbles):

To load the details, you need to have a*set files. A player who doesn’t have these files will be unable to load them.

This is what you should be doing. It is better to upload all a*set files together with your other bundles .

Single leaf files and collections

There are two types of foliage a*set files:

– The single a*set file is linked to one a*set

– The collection a*set file is a grouping of single a*set files

Vanilla a*set file names end with “_Foliage” and “_Collection”, depending on the type.

This can also be seen in the editor’s foliage section. The paint and exact tools let you place a*sets or collect them.

Single leaf a*sets – Resources

Single leaf a*sets are files for resources These are used to place a specific resource

(bush, tree, or metal node) Use the Brush or exact .

How do I create an a*set file to place resources?

– Copy a vanilla a*set file and paste it into your bundles.

You can create a Bundles folder if you don’t have one.

Vanilla a*set files can be found here for resources. “Unturned\Bundles\Assets\Landscapes\Foliage\Resources” . I will copy Bush_8_Foliage.a*set for this section.

After you have copied the file into your Bundles, you will need a custom name. This name will be displayed in the editor’s foliage tab.

Unturned - How to Make Foliage Asset Files Guide - Single foliage assets - Resources - 36CEACF

– Once the name has been renamed, you will need to You can open it with any text editor software (I recommend Notepad++).

Unturned - How to Make Foliage Asset Files Guide - Single foliage assets - Resources - 48471E3

The GUIDE in red is your a*set file’s ID. And must be unique . You will need to generate a new one (. The game won’t generate any) by itself; you can use.
This website can generate a GUID: [guidgenerator.com]

(You’ll need to uncheck the “Hyphens”.) .

You can adjust many settings in the section in Green These do not appear to change much in the editor (I would be delighted to provide more information) .

The GUID in blue is your resource GUID You won’t have to create one since The a*set file for the resource you’re referring to should already have one .

You can find a resource GUID in its.dat files For example, the Green Maple Tree’s GUID is 63cb368c94b14000aabc5325b048cfa3

(Unturned\Bundles\Trees\Maple_0 – .

Unturned - How to Make Foliage Asset Files Guide - Single foliage assets - Resources - D6FBFA4

Radius obstruction (in Yellow)) Is the Minimum radius Resources will only be used to paint an object from its center . My resource is in my example. You should not paint any object closer than 4 meters from it.

Single Foliage Asset – Details

Single a*set files are used for details Load, Place, and Bake Details.

These files are more difficult to create than resource a*set files because they refer to the detail via masterbundle paths instead of GUID.

How do I make an a*set file for loading or placing details?

– You will need to duplicate an existing detail foliage file And Paste it into your own Bundles .

You can find vanilla a*set files in:



Unturned\Bundles\Assets\Landscapes\Foliage\Gra*s (only the ones ending with “_Foliage”)

In this section, I will use the Peaks_Brambles_00_Foliage.a*set As an example.

Once you have pasted the file, you will need to Give your a*set file a unique name

(is the same as the Resources a*set. This name will be displayed in the editor’s foliage tab.).

– Then you will have to To make a few changes, you can open it with any text editor software :

Unturned - How to Make Foliage Asset Files Guide - Single Foliage Asset - Details - 4605849

The GUID in red is the GUID of your a*set file and must be custom generated. The game will not generate one (is the same as) for the resource a*set file .

The Green section offers many settings for detail.

(rotation and size mostly) .

The blue section indicates the mesh of detail; the mesh Depends on the details, it may not be the same.

(Gra*s/Tall Gra*s/Pebble/Custom mesh detail) ;

If you are using vanilla mesh, I recommend that you duplicate a foliage a*set file close to what you want to create at the end.

The yellow section indicates the material that should be applied to the selected mesh. .

The Purple section offers even more options for your detail I don’t recommend changing them though.


Collection is a group of leaf elements These are extremely useful. You can paint multiple details or resources at once Or Baking a leaf group from a particular material .

How to make a Foliage Collection

– First, create an a*set file for each leaf in your collection. Collections refer to other a*set files, not resources directly.

As always It is much easier to duplicate an existing collection. You can find collections in Unturned\Bundles\Assets\Landscapes\Foliage\Gra*s ; their names always end in “_Collection”.

I will duplicate this section. Washington_Gra*s_00_Collection.a*set.

– Once Paste the following into your custom Bundles folder And Rename with a custom-made name You will need to Edit it with any text editor software :

Unturned - How to Make Foliage Asset Files Guide - Collections - 93380B4

The red GUID is your Collection’s GUID. It must be generated

(The game will not generate one) .

The collection contains A list of a*sets identified using their GUIDs (Asset files GUIDs)

The image is shown above One of the a*sets is highlighted with a blue rectangle :

  • Comments that begin with // are not intended to affect the collection.
  • An a*set can be made lighter to increase its chances of spawning. (also takes into consideration the a*set’s density.)
  • {You can add or remove a*sets from the list, but you will need to duplicate or delete everything inside the blue rectangle (starting with “”, ending with “”)|You can add or delete a*sets from the list. However, you will need duplicate or delete everything within the blue rectangle (beginning with “”, and ending with “”.
  • You need not to comas (“,”) between each property


How to use a collection

You can Use the exact tool or paint tool to paint the collection (randomly between each leaf) or you may To bake your collection automatically, link it to a material .

Useful Tip : A custom material can be used to replace vanilla materials (is basically to duplicate the a*set file, rename and give it a custom GUID. Click on the link and a*sign your collection to it.

This will save you time and effort if you don’t like the vanilla baked foliage you are using.


Written by Tiway

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Unturned – How to Make Foliage Asset Files Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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