Unturned – Arid NPC + Barters List

Unturned – Arid NPC + Barters List 1 - steamlists.com
Unturned – Arid NPC + Barters List 1 - steamlists.com

A full list of every barter from the Arid NPCs.

Red’s Barters

Barter – Weapon Mod Kit: 1x Empty Ammo Pouch, 2x Box of Bolts
Barter – Pistol Suppressor: 2x Broken Clock, 1x Phone
Barter – TKB400: 2x Technical Manual, 1x Weapons Manual
Barter – Frag Grenade: 1x Box of Nails
Barter – Target Drum: 1x Blue Floppy Disk, 1x Red Floppy Disk, 1x Green Floppy Disk
Barter – Tac Razved: 2x CW Keyer, 3x Encrypted Transmitter
Barter – Illegal Gun Parts: 10x Low Tier Gun Parts, 2x Blue Floppy Disk
Barter – Tikhiy: 1x Zolash (Wireframe Stock), 2x Pistol Suppressor, 2x Battery Acid
Barter – AR20: 1x AR-16, 3x IR Spotlight, 2x Jammed Staple Gun
Barter – OSP-M Scope: 3x OSP Scope, 3x Box of Bolts
Barter – Kalakov: 1x Puzzle Trophy, 1x Jammed Staple Gun,1x Weapons Manual
Barter – DF-357: 1x Rhodium Coin, 3x Technical Manual
Barter – 8x Scope: 3x Field Knife (Black Handle) 3x Field Knife (Green Handle)
Barter – Honey Bee PROTO + 1x Magbox (Honey Bee): 2x Encrypted CD, 2x Secured Folder, 3x Video Reciever
Barter – Zolash Mod. 1: 1x Zolash-R, 1x Illegal Gun Parts, 2x Box of Electronics
Barter – GP460K + 1x Magbox (AR): 1x Physical Dogecoin, 4x Secured Folder
Barter – WKM 12.7 + 3x WKM 12.7 Mag: 1x Herbal Syrup, 1x Puzzle Trophy, 2x Weapon Manual
Barter – DMR280 + 2x DMR280 Mag: 1x Solid State Drive, 2x Encrypted CD, 3x USB Stick
Barter – Railgun: 1x Rubber Ducky, 2x Illegal Gun Parts, 3x Hard Drive

Architect’s Barters

Barter – White Fuse: 3x Technical Manual, 2x Red Floppy Disk
Barter – Motor Oil: 1x Bundle of Lubricant, 1x Green Floppy Disk
Barter – Metal Door: 2x Box of Nails
Barter – 3x Metal Plates: 2x Gunpowder
Barter – 3x Iridium Traces: 1x Copper Coil (Large)
Barter – 16x Raw Adamantite: 2x Explosive Compound
Barter – Military Computer: 3x IR Spotlight, 6x Radio Handset
Barter – 2x Metal Safe: 1x Black Floppy Disk
Barter – Oxygenerator: 6x Pipe Wrench
Barter – Radio: 1x Broken Radio, 2x Box of Electronics, 8x Stack of Money

Huey’s Barters

Barter – Police Vest MK.II: 1x Police Vest MK.I, 5x Blue Red Pen, 2x Lighter
Barter – Rucksack: 10x Matchbox, 2x IR Spotlight
Barter – Rucksack: 1x White Fuse, 2x USB Stick, 6x Blue Red Pen
Barter – Recon Vest MK.II: 2x White Fuse, 2x Hard Drive
Barter – Recon Vest MK.II: 3x Armored Vest MK.I (PRESS)
Barter – Gear Sets (3x Recon Vest MK.II, 3x Heavy Military Helmet): 1x Graphics Card
Barter – Nightvision Goggles: 1x Bundle of Kerosene, 1x Encrypted CD
Barter – Heavy Military Helmet: 3x Military Helmet (PRESS)

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