Town of Salem 2 – Strategy Guide for the Seer Role

Town of Salem 2 – Strategy Guide for the Seer Role 1 -
Town of Salem 2 – Strategy Guide for the Seer Role 1 -

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This guide offers detailed strategies and tips for playing the Seer in City of Salem 2. This guide will explain the role of the Seer, its capabilities and limits, and how best to use Seers unique ability to recognize opposing forces. This guide also provides instructions on effectively communicating, keeping a strategic log and disguising yourself as a seer to play other roles. Whether you’re new to the game or a veteran looking to refine your strategies, this guide provides essential tips to improve your experience.

Strategy Guide for Playing as a Seer

  • 1. Understanding the Seer’s RoleThe Seer is an interesting Town Investigative role. You can select two players at night to determine if they are on opposing factions. This allows you to focus on determining loyalty and affiliations instead of specific roles. It provides you with a new perspective on the game dynamics.
  • 2. Abilities and LimitationsAs Seer, as a Seer you are subject to certain restrictions. You are not able to choose yourself nor a revealed Mayor. Moreover, roles like an Illusionist or Enchanter can affect your results, leading you to receive inaccurate or inaccurate information.
  • 3. Strategic Utilization of AbilitiesYour power could influence the threat to your community. You can find out about each player’s role by selecting two players and determining that they are from opposing groups. If you know that a player has a valid Town membership and is opposing an opponent, then you can make an educated guess about their position.
  • 4. CommunicationCommunication is vital in any investigative role. It is essential to communicate your findings to the community in a concise, clear and efficient manner. Be careful with the way you phrase your accusations. The fact that one is a member of a different group does not mean they are inherently evil. Remember, neutrals are also opposed to the town.
  • 5. Counteracting ManipulationSince an Enchanter or Illusionist could manipulate your results, be aware of the possibility of being deceived. You might be manipulated if your results lead to innocent players getting lynched.
  • 6. Playing DefensiveAs Seer, as a Seer you are not equipped with natural defenses and could be a target for evil characters who wish to frighten the community. Only reveal your role if you have crucial information to share.


Seer’s Game Log Template

Use this template to record your actions and observations every night as Seer




Chosen Players:





Chosen Players:


Repeat this pattern every day and night. Keep a detailed record to help you remember your previous actions, identify connections, and plan strategies.

Strategies for Masquerading As a Seer

If you are playing a different role, particularly an evil one and you need to disguise yourself as a Seer, here are some suggestions:

  • Understand the Role: Understand how power works and when they are appropriate to use.
  • Select your Targets: Make sure you are careful when choosing the players you will ‘investigate” every night.
  • Frame your Results: If you’re a criminal, remember to frame your actions in a way that sows discord among the Town’s members.
  • Be Aware of Counterclaims: If there is a real Seer in the game, they might claim to counterclaim your results and discredit yours. It would be best if you had a plan to counter this.
  • Use Illusionists and Enchanters to Your Advantage: Use illusionists and enchanters to your advantage if they are playing. They could provide a plausible explanation for any contradictions you might encounter in your assertions.

Remember, the secret to successfully masquerading as a Seer is to blend in, share plausible but not too much information, and handle doubts effectively. Always be ready to alter your approach if suspicions are placed on you.

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