The Coin Game – How to Get Unlimited Money and Tickets Cheats

The Coin Game – How to Get Unlimited Money and Tickets Cheats 1 -
The Coin Game – How to Get Unlimited Money and Tickets Cheats 1 -

Hello and welcome, In this guide, we will tell you all about The Coin Game – How to Get Unlimited Money and Tickets Cheats Following this guide each steps.

This guide will look at how to get unlimited money and tickets. Both of them have been reported, so you can expect that they will be patched. Both exploits work in survival mode and can easily be replicated.

Memory editing via Squalr, Cheat-O-Matic, Cheat Engine etc. This guide does not cover the subject.

Tickets indefinite

Visit the Islandville Mall. Grab any random item you find in the trash while on your way. I used an old cola can. But anything you can pick up, drop-off, and move around will work.

Drop the can at the leftmost UFO catcher, then use the left-clicked mouse to drag it into the machine. Keep dragging up the shelf to the machine and knock the box down.

After a few seconds, another ticket box will appear. Do this until it becomes boring. Or, you can drag the cola container over a wall separating the two machines. This will put two boxes of tickets into the machine to the right.

I was told the same thing works with cow machines. I’ve been unable to reproduce that. When I try to dislodge cows, trash goes through them.

This trick is not going to work on all machines. Some machines can despawn objects that you place into them. Other machines have a collision system built in and won’t react when you insert an object. The UFO Catcher has no such system.

Infinite Money

Barry’s Pawn will have a board around town showing what items are in high demand. Get one of each (use the infinite-tickets glitch above to get more). Take it over to Barry’s Pawn. Place it on the conveyor. Note that the item is priced twice as much as it usually would, but do not press the “sell” button. You can leave the item at the conveyor belt, and then walk out. When you come back, the price of the item will have doubled. Once you’ve left, come back in and the price will double again.

The maximum amount you can earn per item using this method is about $70k. If it’s more than 20k, you can press the sell key and Barry will pay out in $100 bills. Collect all the money that comes out.

You can repeat it if your items are in high demand.

What To Do With Your Cash

Go to your local supermarket and purchase a 6-pack or cola and six boxes of bandages.

When you start to feel tired, drink some cola.

Drink a box if you run out of health. (Look closely at the animation to see if it’s not the player character drinking them.

You can then go wherever you like, restocking on tickets and funds whenever you wish.

Remember to make it home before darkness falls, or your survival trip will end in a snare.

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