Toroom – Ranking Characters Based + Weapon Guide

Toroom – Ranking Characters Based + Weapon Guide 1 -
Toroom – Ranking Characters Based + Weapon Guide 1 -

Short Guide on the weapons i personally use to fight Canta, and who they are best used with. Any character can use any weapon, but some are worse with said weapons, and have better chances using other weapons.
The Regular Staff is my personal weapon of choice when fighting Canta with either Quicky, or Bood. Both of them have high mana pools that allow you to use the weapon nearly nonstop during the battle on easy mode, as Canta will die quickly, however, on Normal, Hard, and Hardcore, this wont be as viable, as you will run out of mana. However this can be partially circumvented with getting good magic items, such as the Blue Mushroom, Mana Ring, Mana Tonic, and the Zumbi Scarf, which can be dropped by the Zumbi enemy, causing you to have the potential to collect many of this item, decreasing mana cost to nearly nothing. Overall, The Regular Staff is the best option if playing hardcore, as it has the most consistency, and least mana usage out of all the weapons in the game. Runner up Magic weapon goes to the Snowman Head, it has lower damage, and burns through mana quickly, but has incredible DPS, which means it can be a solid weapon for either Moty, or Ducky, as they have high enough mana for magic, but not enough to use it as their primary. It can be used when Canta is in his present dropping phase, for a large chunk of damage, before swapping to other weapons. Cotoka shouldn’t use any magic, as his mana is so low, however, if you get enough magic items, you can use magic, just not as well as the others.
Swords in the first part of the game have to be the worst weapon type, they have short range, and decent attack speed, so they can be useful during Canta’s present dropping phase but other than that, are pretty bad in the first area. During the Canta Boss fight, the only swords available to you are the Regular Sword, the Short Sword, the Swone, the Long Sword, and the Ice Sword. When fighting Canta, don’t use the Regular Sword, or the Short Sword, as they have the shortest ranges, and don’t deal enough damage to be worth the risk of damage. That leaves you with the Swone, Ice Sword, and Long Sword. As they have the exact same use, just with different stats, you can use any of them, however, i have the preference of the Long Sword, as I like slow moving Melee weapons, however, any of the good swords can still be used to nearly the same effect. Only use swords with Moty, or Cotoka, as they don’t have starter access to what i deem to be the better weapon types from the start, and with bad luck, are forced to use swords. Overall, swords are pretty bad in the first part of the game, so i wouldn’t use them over Spears.
Spears are the most Reliable type of weapon in the early game, it is good for mid range combat, allowing them to effectively be used by any character, There are 3 spears in the game, but one of them isn’t nearly as good as the others, that being the Common Spear. So the actual good spears are the Knight Spear, and the Slime Spear. Both of which are as good as each other, but specialise in different things. The Knight Spear has high knock back, and damage, at the cost of speed, and the Slime spear has high speed, at the cost of damage. The Knights Spear does 30 damage, and the Slime Spear does 18, so they are both really good weapons for the early game, use either of them as you like, but i have a preference for the Knight Spear, as it has higher damage, and i prefer the speed in which it attacks. Spears are useful for the Canta Bossfight, as well as regular enemies, so i see them as the best weapon type in the game.
Boomerangs are the worst weapon type for bosses, they have lower damage than the others, and take a while to come back. To add to them being bad, there isn’t much variety in the weapons themselves. There are only 2 Boomerangs, the Basic Boomerang, and the Bonerang. The Bonerang is a direct upgrade of the Basic Boomerang in every way, so you use that as your weapon. The only phase where it is good against Canta, is during the Clone phase, where you can predict where Canta will be, and get an attack you normally wouldn’t be able to with Swords or Spears. That being said, Boomerangs are good for crowd control when you have a large group of enemies, as you can hit them all with one strike, and stun them, so they aren’t fully useless. They are best used with Cotoka, who cant run around enemies as effectively as anyone else, but i also use them with Ducky or Moty if I don’t want to use magic.
You don’t have to follow this guide, as you can beat Canta with any Weapon, but these are my personal choices when fighting Canta, I might write another guide later, as there aren’t many guides for this game.

Ranking Characters Based On Fresh Canta Fight

Ill quickly rank the characters based on how well they can defeat Canta on easy mode without picking up any items or weapons.
1: Quicky
Quicky is a fast, high mana, low hp character, Quicky is probably most recognisable by their mana stat, which is the highest in the game, and their health stat, which is the lowest in the game. However, no character is as good as Quicky for beating Canta on Easy and Normal without picking up items.
2: Bood
Imagine Quicky, but with less mana, more health, faster, and starts with 500 Coins. Bood is probably the best character in the game in runs where you use items, but in a vacuum without any addition items, the money is worthless, thus making Bood a worse version of Quicky.
3: Ducky
Ducky is the first character unlocked in the game, they are similar to Bood when it comes to stats, but Ducky has worse mana. However, Ducky is still useful, because they start with a spear, which I regard as the best weapon type in the game.
4: Moty
Moty has to be the worst character in standard gameplay. Swords aren’t a good weapon type, especially in the early game. His stats are high hp, and low mana, but does that worse than Cotoka. The most special part about Moty over Cotoka is the fact that a sword is better than a boomerang when fighting Canta
5: Cotoka
On paper, Cotoka is one of the best Characters in the game, with his curse immunity, and high health. However, Cotoka has the slowest movement speed in the game, which can make dodging attacks harder than anyone else, plus, he starts with a boomerang, which is the worst weapon for fighting Canta
6: Canta
I havent unlocked Canta so i cant properly rate him yet

Written by SmellyFish07

This is all about Toroom – Ranking Characters Based + Weapon Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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