Darza’s Dominion – Game objectives + Class Beginners Guide

Darza’s Dominion – Game objectives + Class Beginners Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Darza’s Dominion – Game objectives + Class Beginners Guide 1 - steamlists.com

New player guide I made like more than a year ago, and so the info might be outdated.
Note: this is not an in depth guide, this guide is meant to introduce you with different aspects of the game, for a more in depth understanding of the game (what drops where etc.) I highly recommend checking the game’s wiki.

Game objectives

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that there are no ‘’real’’ objectives in the game, it’s all up to the player to create them. Although the game provides some guidance as to what to achieve, the player is not obligated to follow it.
One of the main objectives that the game provides is ‘’closing’’ the Dominion and killing Darza. This can be done by slaying Darza’s minions, also known as Events, to ‘’close’’ the Dominion and get swept to Domain, where lies Darza himself with his strongest minions.
Another general objective of the game is to complete all of the challenges, about which we will talk later. But since this is an MMORPG game you can probably guess that one of the main objectives is to get as strong as possible. This can be mainly done through leveling up, collecting better gear or increasing your stats through gems. But we will talk about that a little bit later.


Firstly, Dominion has a lot of different biomes and enemies. When you first start your journey on a new character you will be put in the middle of the Dominion, in a small village. There are quite a few villages throughout Dominion and they act as a starting point of different level characters. Villages in the most outer part of Dominion have statues that you can teleport to, making traveling a lot easier. Also they are safe areas, so while you are in the village you don’t have to worry about any danger.
Generally speaking, the further you go away from the center, the more dangerous enemies you will encounter. Starting from the middle these are the biomes: Fungal Forest (levels 1-5), Jungle (levels 4-10), Plains (levels 9-15), Void Thicket (levels 14-19) and Mountains (level 20 and beyond). Also, the Mountains are divided into four different sections, better known as mini biomes. Those 4 mini biomes are placed in 4 cardinal directions ( North, East, South, West). Those biomes are: Frozen North, Old East, Molten South, Wild West.
Another big part of Dominion, apart from biomes, are events. Let’s talk about who they are and how they influence the game. There are two kinds of events, mainly major and minor events. Major events are different aspects of Legion, Corruption, Conquest and Void. If you think about Dominion as a circle, or rather a clock, aspects spawn in the North, East, South, West, or at the 12th, 3rd, 6th and 9th clock positions.
On the other hand, the minor events spawn in the four intercardinal directions (northeast, southeast, southwest, northwest). Those minor events are Corrupted Skull, Crimson Lord, Ravana and Great Eagle.
The events spawn clockwise, starting with a random minor event, in the northeast. It’s worth mentioning that there is no order to which minor events spawn in intercardinal directions, but there is a fixed order for major events. In the east spawns Aspect of Legion, in south Aspect of Conquest, in west Aspect of Corruption and in north Aspect of Void. After killing Aspect of Void (be aware, he teleports to all major spawn areas) you and others will be teleported to Domain, where Darza awaits you.


Besides staying on the surface of Dominion, you can explore dungeons. Dungeons are one of the crucial parts of the game that help you improve your character and so you will encounter them frequently throughout your journey. You can think of a dungeon as a separate area in which awaits specific and unique enemies. Each dungeon has its own unique boss which is required to be killed to complete the dungeon and receive loot. We can categorize dungeons into a few different groups: low level dungeons (drops from enemies in lower biomes than mountains), mountain dungeons (drops from mountain biome enemies) and ‘’end game’’ dungeons (drops from various events). Note that void, or Darza in general is considered to be an end game dungeon. It’s worth mentioning that every dungeon from mountains and onwards has a unique white bag drop and almost every dungeon in that range has essences (except for Infested cellar and Ancient Ruins). Also some of these dungeons have a unique relic piece drop and in said dungeons there is a chance for Reaper to spawn.
Completing a dungeon
The completion of any dungeon is divided into two main parts: getting to the boss and killing the boss. About each dungeon’s bosses we will talk later, since every single one is unique. There are two different methods to get to the boss. One of them is slowly killing enemies and slowly getting to the boss (called clearing). Another method is to completely ignore the dungeon’s enemies and just run through them until you get to the boss (called rushing). Generally speaking, clearing is slower due to the fact that you take time to kill enemies but is a lot safer, because you are less likely to get trapped by the enemies. On the other hand, rushing is considered risky, especially for an inexperienced player, although it doesn’t have any real strategy except for dodging enemies and their projectiles. While rushing is a much more dangerous method it’s also the fastest. It’s worth mentioning that rushing in every dungeon differs due to the uniqueness of said dungeons, especially with the harder dungeons, but clearing is relatively the same, except for the different enemies.

Choosing a class

When you first started playing the game you were put in a tutorial and the first thing you had to do is to choose your character’s class. It’s a difficult choice, even with the help of “difficulty meter” near the class name. In general, you can choose whichever feels best for you, but taking into consideration class description and ‘’difficulty meter’’ is a good idea. Let’s briefly discuss every class to help You decide what you want to play. Keep in mind that there are also locked classes, for which you have to get 200 glory in different classes to unlock new ones. Mainly mage unlocks bishop, paladin unlocks juggernaut, archer unlocks apothecary and assassin unlocks wyrm rider. (we will talk about glory later). (Different descriptions of the classes below).
Note: class descriptions were written by a player who formed various views on the classes throughout his own experience, so don’t take everything as granted – explore classes, figure their strong sides and form your own opinion.
Mage – long range class with a powerful ability. Mage is able to maintain a good dps (damage per second) for a far away, although one should be aware of his low armored robes, which makes mage lacking in defense department. Overall a decent pick if you can maintain your distance from the enemy.
Paladin – lowest range class with a supportive ability. Paladin is desired in every big fight for his healing ability, making him more of a team player. But we shouldn’t underestimate him when he’s alone – his heavy armor makes him sustain a lot of damage and the ability helps him get back to the fight a lot faster. Overall one of the better picks for solo players who are comfortable to come close to enemies.
Archer – well rounded class with both supportive and damaging ability. Archer has one of the biggest ranges which lets him comfortably sit in the back line and deal decent dps. His ability slows enemies making them easier to hit for the whole group. Overall a decent class, great with other players.
Assassin – really good rushing class with good dps. Assassin heavily relies on his ability, but if used correctly he can shine in a group. Even without the ability, an assassin can put out a decent dps and his speed makes him very agile. Overall very powerful class in the right hands, both in helping the group via rushing and in dealing massive damage.
Locked classes (Don’t forget, you will need to get 200 glory to unlock desired class)
Bishop – unreleased.
Juggernaut – low range high defense class. Arguable the best class to solo dungeons with. His ability is what makes him so strong and desirable in groups, but if used immaturely it can be devastating. Overall a really good class, although the ability can be a double edged sword and should be used by an experienced player.
Apothecary – high range, supportive class. Ability is able to heal people in large amounts, making him a must-have class in end game dungeons. Timing and mana conservation is everything. On his own he struggles to deal a good amount of damage. Overall a really good supportive class, but must be used with caution, not to waste mana.
Wyrm rider – one of the highest dps in the game, but one of the squishier classes. Heavily depends on ability to keep himself in the fight. High speed makes him agile enough to approach the enemies up close, but the lack of good armor makes him easy to kill. Overall high dps, high risk. Really good class in experienced player’s hands.

Getting stronger

In Darza’s Dominion there are multiple ways of making your character stronger. First of all, Darza’s Dominion has a leveling system. Killing enemies grants you experience (xp), killing enough enemies/gaining enough xp levels you up. Every level up provides some stats that make you stronger, but about them a little bit later. Max level is 20, that is to prevent too many ‘’free’’ stats. But after getting level 20, you start acquiring glory, which showcases how far your character has traveled and improved. Also, enemies drop various tiers of gear, which your character can equip and become stronger. The stronger the enemy – the better tiered gear he will drop. Even though you can get so many stats increase from leveling up and so many gear upgrades , the journey of getting stronger doesn’t end here.
The main way to make your character stronger is through consuming gems. Gems are consumables, which increase specific stat by 1 (for mana and life +5). There are 8 different stats in the game and so 8 different kinds of gems. Those are life, mana, speed, armor, vitality, dexterity, attack and wisdom. Generally speaking, life increases you hit points (hp), mana increases your mana (you can use your ability more often), speed makes you faster, armor makes you take less damage upon getting hit, vitality increases your hp regeneration, dexterity makes you shoot faster, attack makes you deal more damage and wisdom increases your mana regeneration.Gems can be acquired by killing enemies in the Mountains, slaying events or completing dungeons. It’s important to mention that you can’t consume gems forever. Your character has a stat limit, which limits the consumption of gems. Every stat has a different limit, and every class limits differ from one another.
But even after getting top tiered gear, and maxing every stat with gems there is still room for improvement. This mainly comes from untiered gear and relics. Let’s start with untiered gear (ut gear). UTs are rare drops from various bosses (from Mountain level dungeons and harder), which often changes your class gamestyle and makes your character overall stronger. But even if you are unlucky, you can still collect essences that can be traded to Astake, the Witcher, for uts. Essences are common drop from various bosses and events. When you kill an enemy, which has an essence as a drop , you have a chance to get one. But before you start collecting specific essence, you have to discover it. You can do so by killing the enemy, which holds the desired essence, a few times until you discover it. When you discover it, you can talk to Astake, to start collecting it, collect enough essences required and he will exchange your essences for ut (depending on the kind of the essence). To find out which uts drop where, press here (link). Relics are even rarer items, which don’t just drop from one enemy. You have to craft them. It can take 2 or even more different pieces to craft one relic and each piece drops from difficult dungeons. Even getting one piece of the relic is considered lucky, so don’t get your hopes high to craft a relic any time soon.
Character death
Unfortunately, throughout your journey you will experience death. Sooner or later your character will die – that’s inevitable. Since, this is a permadeath game, when your character dies you won’t be able to use him anymore. But don’t get sad, you can always create a new character and get further than before with your new knowledge of the game.
Also it’s worth mentioning, that when you die your character’s glory gets transferred to ‘’death glory’’ which you can use in the shop.

Tavern, NPCs and crafting

Besides Dominion, you will be spending a lot of time in the tavern. Tavern is a different dimension, without evil, where you can do a lot of things. One of the most important things
in the tavern is the vault. There you can store your items, and keep them safe. Another really important part of the tavern is the shop. Shop uses 2 currencies: gold and glory. Gold is required to buy skins or other items in shop, expand vault or get more character slots. Gold is acquired through achievements or real world currency. Glory, on the other hand, is acquired only by dying with characters. It can be used to buy some items in the shop. In the shop you can buy pets, keys, skins, dyes and much more. Pets are one of the more important things in the shop. Pets can be purchased only with gold (for now). Pets give a slight boost to your stats, giving you the edge against other players.
Also, in the tavern you can find a public graveyard, where the best characters lie. There you can inspect the graves, to find out from what they have died and what they had equipped. It’s like a leaderboard of already dead characters (based on glory). Besides all this you can change your character, account or just enjoy the scenery and appreciate the developer team in the north eastern part of the tavern.
NPCs are an important part of the game because they help you with crafting. Most NPCs are located in Mountain Villages, so you won’t find many of them in the tavern. There are few notable NPCs:
Lee, the Crafter – as the name implies he helps to craft you stuff. If you trade him items needed he will craft them for you. Mainly, item crates (from scraps), gem dust (from gems) and relics (from relic pieces).
Item crates are created using 20 stacked scraps that you are able to get from various monsters and events. Item crates can provide either random t9 weapon or t9(should be t9 since Poc changed stuff, but needs double check) armor. If you collect 20 impressive scraps they can provide you with either t10 weapon or t10 armor. Keep in mind that gear from item crates are soul-bound. Also, If you have spare gems you can convert them to gem dust. For 2 gems you get a 1 gem dust, which temporarily increases your stat (depending on used gems). You can also buy gem dust in the shop.
Oyun, the Mystical – his main purpose is to split gems. If you have 2 stacked gems, trade them to him and he will split them. It’s mainly for convenience.
Astake, the Witcher – he’s able to convert collected essences to uts.

Written by Ltuxasx

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Darza’s Dominion – Game objectives + Class Beginners Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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