Hotel Magnate – How to save last game separately

Hotel Magnate – How to save last game separately 1 -
Hotel Magnate – How to save last game separately 1 -

Here is what you must do if you want to back up your last savegame outside the game:

1) First create a folder somewhere separately (on an external hard disk, on an USB-stick or on your computer in the files folder. This new folder, you can call like “Steam – All savegames” or something like that. Double-click to open it and create another folder called Hotel Magnate.

2) Then go to C:/User/your name/AppData/LocalLow/Arcade Oven/Hotel Magnate. Inside this last folder, there is everything from your game, including the last savegame. Copy just this Hotel Magnate-folder into your just newly created separate folder (into the one just called Hotel Magnate). Now you have your latest savegame saved separately.

3) From now on, every time you finish playing the game, go to this Hotel Magnate-folder on harddrive C as described under 2). Copy the Hotel Magnate-folder and paste it into your newly created separate folder (first delete the Hotel Magnate-folder there and then paste the newest one into the folder Hotel Magnate, the one you created under 1) ).

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