The Lord of the Rings Online™ – Condensed LOTRO Point Farm Guide

The Lord of the Rings Online™ – Condensed LOTRO Point Farm Guide 1 -
The Lord of the Rings Online™ – Condensed LOTRO Point Farm Guide 1 -

A over simplified LOTRO Point grinding guide. Earn 130/135 LOTRO Points in 3 hours.


For several years now I have been looking for a good guide for LOTRO Point farming. However, too many of them have unnecessary amounts of words, switching between good information and too much information. Many videos on youtube and else ware are falsely flagged to be good guides. So here is my attempt to write a guide that describes in simplicity how to do what is the hands-down best way to grind LOTRO Points in LOTRO.
Based on multiple other guides and videos on steam and youtube.

Race and Class

To put it simply, the best Race and Class for time is the Human and Champion.
The Champion has not only close range (with AoE) but long-range (with the ability to use a bow). And as a Human, you will have the shortest Intro area time-wise.
This part should take 30 second to a minute to do. Since this character is a burner character (means to delete it after you’re done)


This grind does not require you to have any boosters of any kind, nor does it matter if your character dies or not. I see many guides that state that Ered Luin + The Shire will take one hour and a half to two hours; some claim using an X2 deed booster for one hour and a half, others claim no boosters, some claim just the thirty-minute X2 deed booster. And after testing these claims (multiple people claim this) many times, their claims are wrong. And here is why:
1) The starter gift pack (free) no longer exists, it hasn’t been available since 2010/2011. It’s not even in the store.
2) The starter pack that’s the same as the above (different title though) doesn’t exist anymore either.
3) A single X2 booster for one and a half hours costs 150 LOTRO Points. Why would someone want to spend 150 LOTRO Points to make 80 LOTRO points (130 + 100 for both areas)?
4) Most of the guides will fail to mention that they have a high-level friend with them that they are in a fellowship with in order to make such a time and that they all have horses from the start because they also have a subscription to the platform. If it’s really going to be a guide to making the most without spending anything then there can’t be any money related in doing so. Most players do not have a high-level friend that’s going to dedicate their time to help their friend rinse and repeat to earn LOTRO points for hours and hours a day or week.
5) The time that is claimed in each of these runs is absolutely wrong. The best someone could get for doing all of Erid Luin is two hours, that’s if they have one or more friends with them to help kill enemies, have a steed, and they are using an x2 deed booster. Because enemies take time to respawn, and the player has to run everywhere with a horse that’s at +30% run speed. (at least last time i read it and it said what its speed as it was at +30%, now it doesn’t say it’s speed). However, if you do not have any of that and you go with the base F2P it will take 3 hours to do this run-through Ered Luin alone.

Part 1 – Archet

Here you won’t have a Horse and all of it need to be “run”. You’re looking at literally 23-26 minutes.
Only do the main quests, none of the additional quests. They are not required to get out of Archet and give you no LOTRO Point deeds. Main quests in this area is only the people you’re sent to speak to and do what they say. Nothing else. If you see a ring over an NPC head that you aren’t send to speak to, then ignore them.

Part 2 – Ered Luin Part 1

The Lord of the Rings Online™ - Condensed LOTRO Point Farm Guide - Part 2 - Ered Luin Part 1 - BD08786
1) After the Intro you will be in the same city called Archet, but now the entire map of Bree-Land is open to you.
2) First thing you do is go to the mailbox and open the mail you receive after you turn in the quest as soon as the instance for archet is finished. In this mail box is a blue box. Open it until you can’t open it again. You should have a red box and a 1 hour write of passage among the goodies. open the red box and use the 1 hour write of passage. After the red box is opened you should have a flute in your inventory. This is your horse for 24 real life hours. slot this where ever you want on your skill quick bar on the bottom or side of the screen (however you have it set up doesn’t matter).
3) Ride your horse to Combe right outside of Archet. The man you’re looking for is named Jack Cloverdal. Take the swift travel horse to Celondim.
4) Now in Celondim Here is where the simplicity starts. Take no more quests then what is listed.
A) Part 1

  • Find Eilian and take “At the behest of Cardavor”

B) Part 2

  • Turn in to Cardavor and pick up “Unlike Avorthal”
  • Find Laenin the Glade watcher and pick up “In defense of the forest”

C) Part 3

  • Ride to Nen Hilith (labeled 1 on the map above) and turn in to Athal and pick up “Avorthal’s Favourite Haunts”.
  • On your way to Nen Hilith you should have completed “In defense of the forest” so turn it into Ovorlas and pick up “Trouble at Nen Hilith”.
  • Speak to Glavrolnen and pick up “Wood for Wine”.
  • Speak to Helhathel and pick up “Wolves of Nen Hilith”.
  • While doing the quests in this area slay wolves until Wolf-Slayer and Wolf-Slayer (Advanced) are complete.
  • One of the Wolves will drop a green item, pick this up and right click it to get the quest “Collared”
  • After you complete the quests here go back to the small camp and turn everything in. You should have when you’re done from Athal “Avorthal’s Favourite Haunts”, from Glavrolnen “Cooper and Cask” and from Ovorlas “A Word of Warning”.
  • At this point you should have earned 15 LOTRO Points.

D) Part 4

  • Return to Celondim and turn in the quests you have and accept these:
  • “Need of a cask” from Bregedur
  • “The wrath of the elves” from Cardavor
  • “Hallowed ground” from Thinglaer
  • Now Go to Tham Gelair ruins (labeled 2 on the map above) and do the single quest there, then head to Limael’s Vineyard (labled 3 on the map above) to speak to Brethilwen. She will give you “Gleaning the field” and “A rare vintage”
  • During questing here do the Goblin-slayer deed tier 1 and then 30 of Goblin-slayer (Advanced).
  • After finishing the quests head back to Brethilwen and turn the quests in, then take “Return the Cask” and return to Celondim.

E) Part 5

  • Pick up these quests.
  • “Gift for a friend” from Bregedur
  • “The master of the refuge” from Cardavor
  • “Leaving Middle Earth” from Toronn
  • “Calengil’s vigil” from Thinglaer
  • At this point you should have another 15 LOTRO Points earned. (10 more than 5 because of the deed Ally of Ered Luin).
  • Go to the stable master Roherdir and head to Duillond

F) Part 6

  • Drop the quests off in Duillond and pick these quests up.
  • “What was lost” and “Evil at Dol Ringwest” from Bregar
  • “The emissary” from Dorongur Whitethorn
  • AFTER doing “Cleansing draught” and returning to Calengil take from him “Cleansing the ruins” and “A cause for concern”
  • Now head to Dol Ringwest (labeled 4 on the Map above) to do the all of the quests you have. Here you can do the remaining 30 of Goblin-slayer (Advanced)
  • After finishing the deed and the quests head back to Duillond turn the quests in, then take “Glamir’s vigil” from Calengil. Head over to the stable master named Colchyl and take a horse to Celondim. After arriving talk to the stable master (right in front of you) and swift travel to Thorin’s Gate (labeled 5 and 6 on the map above).
  • At this point you should have another 20 LOTRO Points.

G) Part 7

  • The Lord of the Rings Online™ - Condensed LOTRO Point Farm Guide - Part 2 - Ered Luin Part 1 - 4F48E29
    I would recommend jumping off the horse in the plaza in front of the statue. You’re starting the Achievement Places of the Dwarves. Do not pick up any quests in this area. Please refer to this map for the locations of Frerin’s Court, Thorin’s Gates and Silver Deep Mine.
  • After you have discovered these places head to the stable master named Wíli and take a horse to Noglond (labeled as 7 on the map at the top of this guide).

H) Part 8

  • Upon arriving at Noglong find Grimkell and accept the quest “Cutting cords”. Do that quest then accept from the same guy “Hunting goblins”. kill goblins until you have the fetish, then return to the same man and accept “Villains in the vale”, do this one as well and return to accept “Goblins in the south”. Ignore all other quests at this location.
  • Now speak to the stable master and take a horse to Gondamon (labeled as 8 on the map at the top of this guide).

I) Part 9

  • Upon arriving you will complete Places of the Dwarves. Take the quests.
  • “Suspicious encampment” and “The elf stone” from Gailthin
  • “The sundered shield” from Askell
  • “Protecting the hunt” from Orlygr
  • Now, ride to Ringdale (labeled as 9 on the map at the top of this guide) and you will obtain the deed Scouting the Dourhands. Do the quests you have.
  • When you kill a Dourhand you will get Brigand-slayer finish it and you will get Brigand-slayer (Advanced). Finish this one as well.
  • Before you head off back to Gondamon make sure to head all the way into the encampment of The Grimwater (labeled as 10 on the map at the top of this guide) to make sure you check it off the deed for scouting the dourhands.
  • Afterward return to Gondamon and turn in the quests, then take “Reluctant allies” from Gailthlin and turn it into Mathi then take from him“Mutual dislike”.
  • Now head to the stable master named Gabil’akkâ and take a horse to Thrasi’s Lodge.


Part 2 – Ered Luin Part 2 – The END

The Lord of the Rings Online™ - Condensed LOTRO Point Farm Guide - Part 2 - Ered Luin Part 2 - The END - BD08786
J) Part 10

  • Thrasi’s Lodge is smack in the middle of the map between points of interest labeled 8,10, 12, 4. Basically the horse head on the map in the middle of those points.
  • Turn in the quests you have and then accept “The cat’s meow” from Thrasi
  • Also accept “A remarkable bow” from Celairant.
  • Now head to do Thrasi‘s quest. But before you leave make sure to kill 60 Hendrovals for the deeds Hendroval-slayer and Hendroval-slayer (Advanced).
  • Now head to Wardspire (labeled as 11 on the map) This will finish the deed Elf-ruins Exploration.
  • From here head to a location in-between location 11 and 12 on the map. There are spiders here for the deeds Spider-slayer and Spider-slayer (Advanced).
  • After you finish the spider deeds head to Kheledul (labeled as 12 on the map) and finish the quest “A remarkable bow” that you picked up earlier.
  • Before leaving this area travel inside of the dwarf ruin and find the location docks and Spire of Kheledul. This will finish the deed Scouting the Dourhands.
  • And finally leave the ruins and head back to Thrasi’s Lodge and turn in the quests.
  • You should have earned 130/135 LOTRO Points at this point, and you are now done with Ered Luin.


Final Notes

Some of you may have noticed that I said 130/135 LOTRO Points. The reason for this is because if you use some of your skills enough it will also complete a deed for any one of those skills that you earn alone the way of this farming guide. In so doing it gives you 5 LOTRO Points for completing that deed for any of the skills. You’re not likely to finish more than one of the skills deeds that you have during the run of this map. So sometimes it will turn out that you do 130 and sometimes 135. Rarely will you get 140 or more during this run. However just doing the Ered Luin stuff will net you 130 LOTRO Points.
There is a guide here on steam ( – []  that I referred to for the quest names and peoples names, I did not only use this to help make this guide, but also – [] . And I used Google Image search to find one of the images.
However I want to point out that the guy in the steam guide I linked above stated that the entire process took him one hour thirty minutes at the beginning, then at the end said it took him one hour fifty-two minutes. That it took him that long to do both Ered Luin and The Shire. This is literally impossible even with a horse. This person would have had to of been moving the entire time, not stopping for even a moment, and getting all the kills he needed without waiting for respawn to achieve such a thing, and even then doing the Shire as well in that time line???? It’s virtually literally impossible to do this. Because he would have to also be running at mount speeds, and you can’t attack on your mounts anywhere outside of Rohan. I have reached out to the writer of that guide and point out his misinformation and he said “oh well” and “doesn’t matter it’s outdated anyway” and “so what if the time is wrong, the rest of the guide is right.” He was very rude with other comments as well. So don’t go trying to help him correct his times, he doesn’t care and won’t listen. This is not a one off issue however, there are others who do the same thing. If their time is correct then they are using other people in a fellowship to help them and they are way higher then a level 1 -17. Most of the time 30+ in their level. And they have massive boosts on to achieve said super fast deeds and LOTRO Points (meaning they spent more then they earned in the run).
This run legitimately takes three hours give or take ten minutes. If you can do it legitimately faster then that I would like to a video of you doing it without using any buffs, and no horse besides the whistle 24 hour horse, no slayer x2 booster, or any booster in fact, without help on a level 1 toon. Show me the video and I will correct times here no problem. Just add me here on steam for any questions or to show me some proof of times.
I hope this guide helps people earn LOTRO Points, especially since Standing Stone Games new Producer is looking to change the monetization model of the game (means likely they’re aiming at free LOTRO Points being removed from the game)

Written by Seljdon

Hope you enjoy the Guide about The Lord of the Rings Online™ – Condensed LOTRO Point Farm Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!


  1. Just read my pdf and I noticed I made a mistake. Just after the spiders I go finish the hendrovals then head to Keledhul. When I finish I just suicide to return fast near Thrasi’s Lodge.

  2. Great guide.
    I did it with a free account (so i had to go through tutorial – 7min) and a hunter dwarf in 2h15, earned 150LP, did Rath Teraig too, and two lvl 13 race deeds for 10LP (Goblins and brigands).
    I activated the slayer deed accelerator for spiders, finishing hendrovals, and brigands.
    I will adjust the number of goblins and brigands killed so i finish the normal deeds and race deeds at the same time.
    I think it’s doable in 2hours for a premium account.

  3. And 1 more thing. If you turn in 1 task for 300 reputation in Gondamon, you will get 5 extra lotro points in the end for achieving acquaintance reputation with Thorin`s Hall. I turned in 10 broken daggers which you get from goblins.

  4. Great guide, thanks! Few notes, tho. I have tried both champion and hunter. Hunter just seems faster for this exact task (passage of nature is also a somewhat nice thing for hendroval slayer deed). Second, goblin slayer deed. You recommend finishing it in the first 2 goblin zones, although there is a 3rd one in the west of Noglond. I was only killing enough for a quest in first 2 zones and had my slayer deed done in the third zone. And last thing, 30 min slayer deed acceleration you get for a level 10 gift. I was using it for brigands, so it lasted just enough for 3 last slayer deeds of brigands, henvdroval and spiders.

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