The Last Secret – How to avoid bad endings?

The Last Secret – How to avoid bad endings? 1 -
The Last Secret – How to avoid bad endings? 1 -

Welcome to this post In this guide, we will tell you all about The Last Secret – How to avoid bad endings? Following this guide, each steps.

These are the steps you can take to keep from having a bad ending

How can you keep from getting into a difficult situation?

Chapter 1: (Chapter number in the game is given in binary numbers, e.g. 00100 is 4 –

Honghong’s advice is the most effective for managing your unique abilities. There is nothing bad that can happen when you follow his advice. To accomplish this any other choices and puzzles are not relevant.

Chapter 2:

Don’t enter an incorrect code on the iPad. It could result in an unsatisfactory ending. You can always return in the game to fix this.

Do not leave your group at the restaurant.

Chapter 3:

There is a high chance that you’ll find an unsatisfactory conclusion to your search for aliens on the internet. This is an interesting ending that allows you to listen to another song. ).

Chapter 4

It is easy to be killed in this chapter. To avoid this you should choose the following options for answers when presented:

“I follow you”

“I have heard two songs …”

“Maybe the accident didn’t occur during the concert?”

“Why not?”

There are no other options that could be utilized to avoid negative endings.

Chapter 7:

Accept Mr Smith’s invitation, but leave with your friends. Select the train on platform 2 instead of 1!

Chapter 9:

There is a chance of a negative end if you are out of time (after doing circles) or when your feet are dragged in the wrong direction. There is also an extremely bad end if you’re with Meilin and you are involved in an argument.

To avoid all this, follow these steps at intersections:

Straight – Follow the road straight – Make a sharp right and continue straight until the bridge – Turn left after crossing the bridge.

Sometimes, your friend may request that you turn around or take a different route. If you follow the above guidelines, it will be fine. Your friend might not be able to discern the direction clearly.

Chapter 11

You must win the game against the superhumans. How do you accomplish this? Copy Karina’s moves onto your board. Karina copies your opponent’s moves and this allows you to win and save everyone.

(By the way If you fail to win the game, you will be sent to outer space to die. Anna will do her best to teach you how to make use of the Omega device to save your life. Maybe you’ve seen the film in which the Omega device saved the day …?. If not, Anna is implying that you should simply roll back into the game since you’re the only one with this power!

Chapter 12

It is extremely risky to purchase laser guns for your friends. This mini-game is among the most difficult one in The Last Secret. This is easily avoided if you let Honghong manage the task. If you’re planning to do this on your own You can follow Karina’s instructions and plan your moves, and timing them very well. You’ll eventually be successful. Remember that the game is played in real-time, which means every second counts!

There is no other way to conclude this story other than to survive it.

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