The Last Secret – Good Endings Full Walkthrough

The Last Secret – Good Endings Full Walkthrough 11 -
The Last Secret – Good Endings Full Walkthrough 11 -

Hi, welcome to this post, We hope you find the following page, in which we detail The Last Secret – Good Endings Full Walkthrough Guide, informative.

This guide contains a lot of secrets! Please only examine it after playing the game at least once on your own; otherwise, you may find it less enjoyable.

Join the Adventure!

You and your friends suddenly discover strange mental abilities. A girl with pink hair seems to be behind it. Join your friends on an epic quest to reveal the “last secret”, discover the truth about the world and save your life and the whole earth…

Epic and light-hearted story with lots of puzzles (that mostly can be skipped if you’re not into it), the chance for romance (also optional) and 8 good endings. (The romance part works for male and female players, a “rainbow mode” for homosexual players can also be activated.)

Main Characters

Time to introduce the cast of The Last Secret in a bit more details… Here we go!

Let’s start with your childhood friend, Meilin…

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The second of the main cast: kind and smart Honghong…

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Here comes Karina: the sweet and nerdy math girl with a love for strange hoodies…

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Not one of your high school friends, but instead an international music star: Ben Benjamin… Where will you manage to meet him?

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And finally, the mysterious girl with pink hair… Is she behind all these strange events happening? And *what* is she?

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Game Play

The Last Secret is a visual novel with a complex story and lots of mini games and puzzles. You can play as female or male protagonist. Activating the “rainbow mode” allows you to get close to same-gender characters. (If you’re only into story and romance, you can always let one of your smart friends give hints or solve the puzzles for you. If you’re only into story and puzzles, you can skip the romantic part and enjoy the game nevertheless.)

Here’s one of the puzzles the heroes have to solve on their way: connect lights of the same color along the lines, but no lights of different colors!

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Fun in the sun (you wouldn’t guess where this is):

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A pic from one of the romantic parts of the game:

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Meilin Under Cherry Blossoms

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  • Interesting and rich story line with many hours of game play
  • 8 good endings, numerous bad ones
  • Playable as male and female, you can chose to date different gender or same gender characters (or nobody at all).
  • Tons of nice background graphics, simple but cute character design (300+ images)
  • Full original soundtrack, including several songs with vocals (in English or Chinese with subtitles) plus a few songs from Lemmino
  • Many puzzles to be solved on the way, each of them unique
  • Multiple language versions available: English, German, Chinese, Spanish and more.


Try out the game – since if you don’t, Meilin will be pretty angry with you:

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(And she can be scary, you know! πŸ˜‰

Walkthorughs to some specific good endings

Good ending: Friends forever

This is possible if you avoid the romance of your friends. You can always say no to any romantic moment and it is unlikely that you will ever get very romantic If you don’t actively seek out any person.

Romantic endings:

To have a romantic conclusion it is necessary to be able to arrange an evening date in Chapter 5 with your lover. It’s not always required however it can make things simpler. In order to do so you have to make them feel like you (and obviously, you should also offer a date with him/her during the conversations in Chapter 4 – .

Additionally, during the date and the following chapters, you will need to do the right things to make them like you even more. In the following , we will outline all the things you can do in order to make them like you more However, not all of these things at once are necessary, so you can take out a few of them and still succeed.

Good ending: Meilin

Chapter 1:

Take sides with Meilin against Karina

Chapter 2:

Follow Meilin’s suggestion

Say that the escape room was creepy

Run after Meilin

You could also think about joining in on the fun

Chapter 3:

You’re grateful she’s not an alien

(Write down Mr Li’s number, you will require it in the future!)

Chapter 4

Invite Meilin

Chapter 5:

Ice cafe

A date with you would be nice.

Say that you really are serious about it (this only works if she already likes you, or else it backfires)

Chapter 7:

Math Hoodies can be worn any way you like

Anna’s ears are secure!

Chapter 8:

Remember Mr Li’s phone number (which I’m sure you had previously written down, I hope)

Chapter 9:

Don’t walk circles in the forest!

Romantic scene with Meilin: be gentle with her and kiss her…

Chapter 10:

That’s very sweet of you

If you’re looking for a an enjoyable time and have a good time, don’t return to the beach to check on the girls.

Meilin I am so thrilled for you

Chapter 12

It is better to let Honghong obtain the weapons.

Take the robot to the camera

Chapter 13

Be aware of the road

You may be eligible for a bonus if you can have a good conversation with her in the tent, but you need to figure out how to achieve that…

Chapter 15

When Karina asks you if you enjoy Meilin Nod your head

Good ending: Ben

Ben will only be seen in Chapter 4.

Chapter 4

Select the correct line from the song: “I follow you …”

Accept the invitation to go out on a date with Ben.

You’ll need his phone number later so make sure you have it!

Chapter 5:

Imagine that you could alter nothing if you had superpowers.

Tell him that you would like to meet him again.

Chapter 8:

Ben can be reached via the telephone number that you have written down.

Chapter 9:

Take Ben in your arms when it’s time to say goodbye. Ben will stay close and eventually end in the spaceship with you. If he doesn’t reach the spaceship then you’ve failed his route.

Chapter 10:

Feed Ben.

If he compliments you on the beach, ask him whether he thinks it suits you.

If you have the chance, take him into your arms and kiss him.

You could say Ben is more important than traveling to other worlds.

Chapter 12

If you let Ben take the weapons for you it’s fine. It’s even better to get the weapons yourself however, it’s very difficult.

Chapter 13

Accept his hat

Keep an eye out for an unmarked road in one of these images.

You should now be so close to Ben that you’re able to join him in the desert, if not you’ve failed to follow his path.

Select the wine (that could also end up with a funny scene as bonus)

Say that your okay with his age

The rest is simple, even the conversation with your mom goes quite well (for both rainbow and non-rainbow choices), there are some unexpected surprises…

Good end: Honghong

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Good ending: Karina

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Good ending: Anna

To be added

The final two good endings

After you have achieved either one of the three good endings, Anna, Meilin and Karina or the two excellent endings with Honghong and with Ben, and then play the game again using the same gender combination Some strange things may happen… and after that, more bizarre things… however so long as you keep playing, you will reach the next satisfying conclusion absolutely.

If you write at least 25 lines in your own story, your good ending will be reached. What is this? You’ll find… πŸ™‚

This The Last Secret – Good Endings Full Walkthrough guide has come to an end. Please contact us and let us know if you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions about how we can improve this topic. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness, and I hope you have a lovely day! This write-up was inspired by a piece written by the creator and author thelastsecret Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we update regularly with fresh stuff.

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