Terraria – The best fishing rods to use in game

Terraria – The best fishing rods to use in game 11 - steamlists.com
Terraria – The best fishing rods to use in game 11 - steamlists.com

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In the early stages of Terraria, fishing is an essential that grants you access to strong prizes. Additionally, there is a chance to find some serious equipment, like Reaver Shark or Rockfish, which are excellent Pre-Hardmode items!

Reinforced Fishing Pole

Terraria - The best fishing rods to use in game - Reinforced Fishing Pole - 69B821B

You’re better off angling, despite how inexpensive it is. The Reinforced Fishing Pole is more suitable for early game fishing than the Wood Fishing Pole. This rod can be bought for eight Iron bars and is available as soon as your go underground.

Although you won’t be able to get much loot with a Fishing Power of 15%, this rod can help you start fishing before you tackle the Eye of Cthulu. This rod could even be upgraded by fishing alone, as there are so many great poles to be had.

Fisher Of Souls

Terraria - The best fishing rods to use in game - Fisher Of Souls - EF35242

The Fisher of Souls can be made from Demonite Bars. This is earned from defeating the Eye of Cthulu and Eater of Worlds as well as mining its Ore in the Corruption. This rod can be picked-up early in the development of your world since the Eye of Cthulu makes it easy to farm resources.

This rod has a Fishing Power value of 20 percent. It is ideal for mid- and early game. If you aren’t looking for more difficult-to-get poles, it will be your primary rod until Hardmode.

The Fleshcatcher

Terraria - The best fishing rods to use in game - The Fleshcatcher - E0A3DA4

The Fleshcatcher has a Fishing Power of 22 Percent comparable to its Corruption counterpart. Two percent isn’t worth the risk of jumping worlds to obtain, but if your spawning in Crimson you can rest easy knowing that you have just a little bit more fishing luck.

If the two percent difference is not enough, you should consider getting a better rod. By the time you have crafted both poles, there are at most two other fishing rods that will blow them out the water. If you don’t mind the extra crates, enjoy them.

The Scarab Fishing Rod

Terraria - The best fishing rods to use in game - The Scarab Fishing Rod - 6F8D7D6

This rod is very rare as it can only be found fishing in Oasis mini biome. This rod can be found in both Mirage and Oasis boxes. You’ll find it when you search for it. With the ability to teleport to any ocean at short notice, this rod can be put to the test.

The Scarab Fishing Rod is a Pre-Skeletron rod with a 30 percent fish-power. You may not be able to obtain it through rare crates. However, you might be able to get a starter rod, such as the Wooden Fishing Pole.

Chum Caster

Terraria - The best fishing rods to use in game - Chum Caster - 4DC0E03

The Chum Caster, easy to get if you’re still Pre-Hardmode, can be obtained from the Zombie Merman and Wandering Eye Fish during a Blood Moon. Both of these enemies can be easily defeated and the rod will likely drop upon death.

You should be cautious if you are looking for the Chum Caster under Hardmode. You’re just about as likely to find a Hardmode enemy than you are to catch those creatures, so it might make sense to try to get one of the higher tier rods.

Fiberglass Fishing Pole

Terraria - The best fishing rods to use in game - Fiberglass Fishing Pole - 70EAE81

Fiberglass Fishing Poles are available as early as your first day on the planet. They can be found in Jungle, Bramble Crates and Ivy Chests. If fishing is your passion, you might want to rush the Jungle as soon as you can with your rod.

This fishing rod is the best Pre-Skeletron rod, other than the one you earn by completing the Angler’s quests. Even after unlocking the better options, Fiberglass Fishing pole remains one of your most affordable and easiest-to-obtain rods. You can use it for all your fishing needs, even beyond Skeletron.

Mechanic’s Rod

Terraria - The best fishing rods to use in game - Mechanic's Rod - 7814E72

After defeating Skeletron, unlocking the Dungeon, and the Mechanic’s Rod, the Mechanic’s Rod represents the first major upgrade to a fishing rod. It has a Fishing Power 35 percent, which is only slightly higher than the Pre-Skeletron Rods.

The Mechanic will only sell the rod for 20 coins if the Angler lives in your village, or when the moon has entered a certain phase. This rod is easier than any other rod that proves to be better than it. Therefore, you can see the little difference between it and its predecessors.

Sitting duck’s fishing pole

Terraria - The best fishing rods to use in game - Sitting Duck's Fishing Pole - B8E9D49

The Traveling Merchant drops the Sitting Duck Fishing Pole (a nice pun on Sitting Bull). It is only available after defeating Skeletron. The merchant cannot guarantee that they have this item.

Because it is rare to find one in an inventory, it is worth checking if your Traveling Merchant keeps a Sitting Duck Fishing Pole in his inventory. If you don’t complete Angler quests, it is impossible to find a better fishing rod in Terraria. With a Fishing Power rating of 40 percent, this fishing pole is the third best in the game.

Hotline Fishing Hook

Terraria - The best fishing rods to use in game - Hotline Fishing Hook - A072846

This is the first rod to fish in lava (although you can equip a Lavaproof Fishing Hook to use another pole in Underworld), but it’s only available by completing Angler quests.

It drops from the Angler with a low chance of success after 25 quests. Also, this rod cannot be dropped in Hardmode. You’ll need the Wall of Flesh defeated to obtain it. You can still complete quests to increase your Hardmode total, so you can get the Hotline Fishing Hook once you reach the threshold.

Golden Fishing Rod

Terraria - The best fishing rods to use in game - Golden Fishing Rod - E22B8BC

The Golden Fishing Rod has a Fishing Power 50 percent and is considered the best rod in the game. It is also the most frustrating rod to find. This rod is awarded as an Angler reward when you complete 30 quests. This is time-consuming.

While not all Angler quests can be challenging, they are often time-consuming and require you move around the map. If you don’t catch the fish required within the time limit, it’s back to the drawing boards. Unless you fish exclusively from the moment that you meet the Anglers you are unlikely to get this rod before Hardmode.


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