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Terraria – Shimmer Slime NPC Guide 1 - steamlists.com

So, 1.4.4 was released, and with it came Shimmer, a fourth liquid. This thing has more properties than anyone could count after a visit to Chernobyl. I’m trying to document them all. I’m sorry if I missed anything or if I made a mistake. I will correct it.

Basic Properties

Shimmer is a pink liquid made from a transparent water bucket and 10 luminite bar. After being in it for a brief time, you will lose control over your character. Then, you will start moving down until you find a spot in which the player can fit. Once you have found this spot, you will regain control. Shimmer will transform into an aether block if it comes in contact with liquids. Shimmer can also reflect any projectile dropped on it and cannot be fished in. It also prohibits you from using your grappling hook inside.


The liquid’s main purpose is to shimmer: transform objects and NPCs into something completely new.

Shimmering NPCs

Slime > Shimmering slime

Critters > Faelings

Town NPCs will switch between their “Shimmered” and their normal forms. I don’t know if they are all correct, but I do know that some of these are references to other games/media.

The Town Pets do not have any variations.

Cultists do…something. They fade away like they were shimmered but instead of shimmering, they slowly fade back into existence.

Bosses don’t seem to be affected, but I haven’t tested them all.

Shimmering Items

If it is craftable, any items not listed here aren’t affected.

Star cloak > Chromatic Cloak

Rod of Discord > Rod of Harmony

Torch > Aether Torch

Arrow/Hellfire Arrow > Shimmer Arrow.

Any Fruit > Ambrosia

Life Crystal > Vital crystal

Life Fruit > Aegis Fruit

Mana Crystal > Arcane Crystal

Enchanted Sundial > Enchanted Moondial

Spell Tome > Advanced Combat Techniques Volume 2

Terraformer > Clentaminator

Gummy Worm > Gold Worm

Any wood other than normal > Wood

Wood, stone, and mud are all possible options.

Ice block > Snow block

You can choose between Discount Card > Gold Coin or Gold Ring > Discount card

Cycle between Weather Radio > Fisherman’s Pocket Guide> Sextant > Weather Radio

Cycle between Pumpkin > Cactus> Pumpkin

You can choose between Bottomless Water Bucket and Bottomless Shimmer Bucket or Bottomless Water Bucket.

Angel Statue > Aether Monolith*

*Aether Monolith

The Aether Monolith is a unique case. Almost all objects will return to their original pitch with a starry background when activated or equipped. Some blocks will glow even after being removed from a light source if they are placed near one. I’m not sure if this refers to the possibility of shimmering or not.


Written by Firerise9402

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Terraria – Shimmer Slime NPC Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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