Terraria – Guide for Supreme Helper Minion Achievement

Terraria – Guide for Supreme Helper Minion Achievement 1 - steamlists.com
Terraria – Guide for Supreme Helper Minion Achievement 1 - steamlists.com
Trying to 100% Terraria’s steam achievements, but those pesky fishing quests are getting in your way? Well, this guide covers a simple, efficient way to get those quests done in a semi-quick fashion! This can be done 100% vanilla, with no need for mods or outside maps.


Before we begin…

Before we properly begin, let me prephase this guide by saying that in order to pull off this method, we will be cheesing the games mechanics through Journey Mode. If you hoped to complete these quests in a normal or expert mode world, or are a player who doesn’t support Journey Mode item duplication, this is not the guide for you, and I apologize. 

Step 1: World Creation

The first step of this method is to make a Journey Mode world, as well as a Journey Mode character. For maximum efficiency, I recommend creating a small world, as it will allow you to travel to different biomes quicker than you could on a large or medium world. 

Step 2: House building

The second step of this process is to make houses. These allow for NPCs to move in, which will be helpful for later. No need to be fancy, box houses will work. These houses should be close to spawn, so that you can enter them as soon as you teleport back. At least 3 houses should be constructed, one for the guide, one for the angler, and one for the merchant, who is optional but useful. 

Step 3/4: Getting the Angler/Resource Collection

The next step is to head to the ocean to find your Angler, as you cannot complete fishing quests without the person who gives them out. Its as simple as running to the left or right of your wold. Alternatively, you can explore the underground desert for a magic conch, which will teleport the player to either ocean. I recommend that god mode is enabled through the Power Menu, enabling the player to run right through enemies without them slowing you down. On your way to the ocean, be sure to loot any wooden surface chests you come across. These chests have the potential to hold both Silver Coins, Recall Potions and Cans of Worms. Cans of Worms can be used as your main source of bait, and 2 should obtained. Once you find 2, open the research bar from the Power Menu. Once you research 2, you are able to fabricate infinite worms. Coins can be duplicated as well, although the process is tedious. Coins are only used to get the merchant NPC, who sells the bug net which allows you to catch worms, which is inferior to just duplicating the cans. Recall Potions are incredibly useful, and 20 will be needed for duplication. These allow instantaneous teleportation back to the world spawn, so they are rather helpful. Once you reach the ocean, the Angler NPC should either be floating in the water or lying in the sand. Wake him up, and he will move into one of the established houses that you made back at spawn. 

Step 5: Final Preparation

After you get your angler, use a recall potion to go back to spawn. Once there, move a bit off to the side and dig a hellevator. To do this, just dig straight down. Though tedious, this will be helpful for the quests where you have to catch a fish located in the cavers or underground layer. You don’t have to dig all the way to hell, however, so once you find a reasonably large pool of water that’s deep enough, you can stop digging. While digging, be sure to grab as much lead or iron ore as you can find. Doing so will allow you to make buckets, which can be duplicated in order to make artificial lakes for convenient fishing. It will also allow you to make the reinforced fishing pole, the best fishing pole you can make at the current time without going out of your way. 

Step 6: Questing

Once you complete the final preparations and have a decent supply of bait, you can begin the questing proper. Upon talking to the angler, hit the quest button and he will assign a fish for you to catch for him. These quests will be reset at dawn (4:30) of the next in-game day. Upon receiving a quest, use the power menu to pause time. It is also recommended that the time is set to x24 speed. Now, just go fishing for the fish. If your assigned quest has you fishing in an area without an adequate pool of water, create one with the duplicated water buckets from earlier. Once you get the quest fish, which is set apart from the rest of the in game items with their unique orange rarity, do NOT IMMEDIATELY TURN IT IT. rather, pull up the Power Menus research function and put the quest fish in. Once you do this, catch another of these quest fish and do the same. Be warned, if you have a quest fish in your inventory, the game will not allow you to fish up a duplicate, so research the special fish as soon as possible. Once you have researched 2 of the special fish, you have infinite access to that fish, allowing you to get infinite copies of that fish without actually fishing for them. You can now turn in that quest fish. Upon doing so, unpause time, and set the in game time to midnight. Wait a few seconds, and once night turns to day, the angler will have another quest for you. Go find the new fish, and repeat the process. If he asks you for a fish you have already researched, go into the item duplication screen and pull the fish out, easy as pie! The only difficulty from here should be for the quests that require you to go to sky lakes. Sky lakes are decently hard to get to unless you have the materials needed, so if you get one of these quests, skip over the part where you get the fish and just set the time to midnight. Come morning, the angler will have a new quest ready for you. Rinse and repeat until every one of the anglers possible quest fish have been researched, and from there you can sit and mess with time until you turn in all 200 quests needed for the achievement. 

Step 7: Upgrades

As you complete quests, you will be rewarded by the angler. Things he can give you are the angler armor and angler earring, which increase your fishing power, allowing you to fish faster, the high test fishing line, which gets rid of pesky line snaps, and the tackle box, which reduces chance of consuming bait. The Earring, fishing line, and tackle box can be combined together if you are willing to put in the effort into obtaining a goblin tinkerer NPC. Alongside these equipable items, you can also get upgrades to your fishing pole, such as the golden fishing pole, which has the best fishing power in the game, as well as fishing and sonar potions, which can be used to speed up the fishing process until you have all the quest fish. None of these are necessary, but they speed up the time spent while fishing, which is easily the most tedious part of this entire process. 

Final Thoughts

This process is by no means fast. In fact, its rather tedious. However, given the alternative option of sitting in a normal world, waiting 24 real life minutes for the angler to give you a quest, this method is definitely way faster. If there are any extra methods or steps that can be used to improve this guide, let me know! Hopefully this helped, as this achievement is the last one I needed, and I know that probably goes for quite a few people out there.Thanks for checking this guide out, and happy fishing! 

Written by Bryson

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Terraria – A Simple – Vanilla Guide to the “Supreme Helper Minion” Achievement.; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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