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Teardown – All Events Chronology 1 - steamlists.com
Teardown – All Events Chronology 1 - steamlists.com

This is chronology of every event in Teardown with a year attached to it.

Every date is correct as of 0.9.6.

1920s – 1970s

The majority of this focuses on Lawrence Lee Senior and Early Lee Chemicals, and William Woo’s racing success.

  • 1922 – Lee Chemicals founded
  • June 1922 – Lee Tower constructed
  • 1939-1945 – WWII happens in the Muratoris – Bunkers are explicitly said to be from WWII in the 1.0 trailer
  • 1951 – William Woo, Gordon Woo’s father wins the Löckelle Grand Prix
  • 17 May 1953 – William Woo wins a race
  • 1955 – William Woo wins the Gauss-Seidel Cup
  • 1979 – Grand Hotel in Frustrum opens


1980s & 1990s

Minor events in this period are overshadowed by the events of Teardown proper, taking place in June & December 1997.

  • 1984 – Löckelle Business Innovation Prize awarded
  • 1989 – Castanet 500L GT wins a Löckelle Classic Cars race
  • 1991 – Gordon Woo gets the prize for best racing outfit at the Löckelle Grand Prix
  • 1994 – Gordon Woo wins 2nd place at the Woo Open
  • June 1997 – Lee Tower demolished(Part 1) – “The tower” takes place on the tower’s 75th anniversary, Part 1 takes place 6 months before Part 2
  • December 1997 – Gordon Woo goes bankrupt(Part 2) – “Malice in Woonderland” has lots of Christmas related objects, Christmas is said to be in close proximity


Post Part 2 – 2000s-2020s

Warning: None of this is canon.


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