System Shock – Key Items and Combat Notes

System Shock – Key Items and Combat Notes 1 -
System Shock – Key Items and Combat Notes 1 -

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Hey there, welcome to this post, This System Shock – Key Items and Combat Notes Guide was written to be of use to you, and it is our honest hope that you will find that to be the case.

A helpful guide for quickly defeating System Shock, providing information on weapons and technology as well as all requirements necessary to complete it quickly.

Key Items

Isotope X-22: Required to activate radiation shields. Interface Demodulator: required to repair relay. It can be picked up as soon as maintenance is available. (Takes 4 inventory slots in square pattern).

The satellites must be destroyed in fours. Stackable but only takes up one slot.

Isolinear Chipset: Required to open the door to SHODAN’s Chamber. Found on Cortex Reaver in the Bridge instead of the jail cells, so the fight is required.

Enviro Pack V1: Can be skipped by using the Fast Beta Grove route, but it is riskier.

Enviro Pack V2: Skippable. But found along the required route. Just bring detox for Reactor Destruct. Radiation in the bridge core can be purified.

Abe Ghiran’s Head: Required to pass the retina scanner to access Maintenance Cyberspace & the Enviro Pack V2.

Skippable, but it helps to save space. There are two (one in Storage, the other in?

Energy/Projectile Shield v1: Skippable early on, but essential. You can find one in Research, near the Cyborg Conversion button.

Combat Notes

  • The Lead Pipe is your weapon of choice until you find a Sparqbeam that works or a Minipistol. There is a hidden Wrench located in a corridor of Medical that deals slightly more damage, but has a shorter range.
  • Magnum 2100 is available early on the Medical deck if security has been lowered to 0%. If you want to find it sooner, you can look on the Storage Deck where the Enviro Pack V1 resides.
  • The First Aid Kit’s animation is slow; you will die if it doesn’t finish before you take further damage. Use while in cover or outside of combat. Medipatches heal faster but may not be enough in combat.
  • The Laser Rapier, which can be found in a corridor in Maintenance, guarded by Security-1 Bots, is the best melee in the game. Its only drawbacks are its short range and its slow attack speed. With each successful hit, it will drain your health. Use the shield and Berserk patches together to kill Diego 1 or Cortex Reaver quickly.
  • The Grenade Launcher on the Storage Deck is extremely useful because it makes grenades explode on impact. However, it occupies 8 inventory slots (2×4 like most rifles).
  • The Shotgun, available as early as Research, is incredibly helpful. The Flechette round is effective against all targets. Dragon’s Breath can be used to deal extra damage to mutants.
  • Once found (Storage 5 in the Storage deck, just past the grave sleeve puzzle), the Scorpion Machine Gun replaces the Minipistol. While it is fully automatic, single rounds can be shot with a quick touch.
  • The Mark III assault rifle (found behind a secret entrance on Flight or in Diego’s Office on Executive), is invaluable. Magnesium Tip rounds cause additional incendiary damages, making them effective against mutants and cyborgs. Penetrator rounds are best used for Security-2 bots, larger enemies with high armor (and Diego of course).
  • The Railgun on Executive, can penetrate and kill enemies with a single shot. Its ammunition only stacks to 10 and recharge takes a long while, so use it wisely.
  • The LG-XX Plasma Rifle found on Security is mainly useless, despite its potential excellent damage output. Plasma Core shots will bounce off walls and enemies and kill you if they hit you.
  • Modkits can be skipped. Some mod kits are handy but not essential. If you still have credits, spend them at the patch vending machines located throughout the station.
  • Frag grenades work against all targets. Gas grenades do the most damage to mutants. They do less damage to cyborgs, and robots are not affected. EMP grenades are not effective against mutants, the Hacker or robots.
  • EMP, Magnetic, or Explosive damage can bypass your shields. Striker-bots have rockets and Striker-bots can throw explosive canisters.

System Shock – Key Items and Combat Notes is the subject of this guide. Please let us know in the comments if anything is broken or outdated; we will address it as soon as possible. I hope that today treats you well. certified sendaen kisser, the author and originator of this post, is to thank for the inspiration. If you liked this post, be sure to bookmark us so you can easily find more of our great material in the future.

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