System Shock – Guide for Speedrun Remake Strategies

System Shock – Guide for Speedrun Remake Strategies 1 -
System Shock – Guide for Speedrun Remake Strategies 1 -

Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you everything about System Shock – Guide for Speedrun Remake Strategies Follow this guide each steps.

This guide will provide tips on how to complete System Shock quickly by covering topics such as weapons, technology, and game requirements.

System Shock Remake Speedrun Strategy Guide

By: Azushark (Maco25/hypherex) Last Updated on: June 2, 2023

This is a short guide for anyone looking to speedrun System Shock Remake and a brief walkthrough.

Most info shown here is for the default 2-2-2-2 difficulty.

Areas and events that were skipped in the original version are no longer available for skippable making the game more difficult to get good times in.

There are no known motion quirks in the new engine.

Security Level Requirements for Each Deck

Reactor: Does not require a security reduction for doors?

Medical: Security has to be lowered below 80% to open Armory (Keypad code 705 – below 75% required to access Computer Node room. 0% is required for early Magnum and 3x EMP

Research: No doors that require sec reduction?

Maintenance: Must lower to below 80 percent to gain access to Medical room, and below 45 percent for access to Computer Node Room.

Storage: 20% for Enviro Pack V1, 0% for Turbo V2

Flight: No doors that require sec reduction?

Executive: Doesn’t require a reduction in secs for doors?

Alpha Grove: Must be below 20% in order to switch door to disable safety interlock.

Delta Grove: does not require a reduction in secs for doors?

Beta Grove: Quick Way does not require security enhancement.

Engineering: has to be lower than x% to allow shortcut to Gamma Satellite and Elevator to Security.

Security: Must be below x% to open Armory. Zero is required to access the (useless) LG-XX Plasma Rifle.

No reduction in security is required, except to open the Armory.

Cyberspace Requirements

Reactor Cyberspace – Not required, but does unlock Armory.

Medical Cyberspace 1 (Magpulse Doors). – Skippable, but means Magpulse is not available until later in the game.

Medical Cyberspace 2 (Force Door to Nodes) – Must be used to advance. Disables force door nearby.

Research Cyberspace 1: Laser Override Code – Required except for Mission 1, where the override code is 199.

Research Cyberspace 2 (Gamma Radiation Trench) – Skippable. Radiation in the room leading to IsotopeX-22 is eliminated.

Maintenance Cyberspace (Computer Node Door). This could be avoided with a strategically placed grenade. We’ll need to test.

Executive Cyberspace (Beta Transit Door). – Skippable. Then, it opens Beta Transit. This is also possible by using the switch in Diego’s Office. (Just like the original!)

Engineering Cyberspace (Satellite Doors) – Required. Unlocks satellite doors.

Security Cyberspace (Might be required) Double check.

Bridge Cyberspace is a must of course. You fight SHODAN here.


Laser: Required. Radiation shields are activated using X-22. Enter Laser Override Code and flick switch. Then, fire lasers by pressing the button Research.

Skippable as the original. This leads to what’s meant to be the first encounter with the Cortex Reaver on realspace.

Groves: Required. Enable safety interlocks in every grove, Defeat Diego to switch master jettison enable. After jettison enable fails, replace the broken interface demodulator at Relay 428 on the Delta Wing. Return to enable it, then jettison Beta Grove. To enable the elevator to Engineering, you must do this.

Satellites: Required. Take 4x Plastique from Storage Navigate to Engineering Cyberspace to unlock all satellite doors, then destroy all four satellites on Engineering.

Reactor: Required. You’ve likely been noting down the numbers of each floor’s Computer Node rooms! This is the reactor destruct codes. Enter the reactor area, flip the switch in the upper part to remove the force doors that protect the grav shaft from the keypad. Then you must flip the switch behind yourself to begin the countdown. Note: It is possible to skip Satellites when the code is entered prior to TriOp approves it. You must test it.

Escape Pods & Diego Fight 2 : Just like the original the original, you can skip any section of the video.

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