Super Credits Farm in HELLDIVERS™ 2

Super Credits Farm in HELLDIVERS™ 2 1 -
Super Credits Farm in HELLDIVERS™ 2 1 -

Super Credits Farm in HELLDIVERS™ 2

Getting Started with the Right Gear

Hey there! So, when you’re going solo in HELLDIVERS™ 2, make sure to gear up with light armor and a stamina upgrade. Oh, and don’t forget the Slugger shotgun – it’s a game-changer for busting open those container doors fast.

Exploring for Valuable Resources

Here’s the deal: Start off anywhere but your base and take a stroll around, keeping an eye out for those question marks on your compass. These spots? They’re gold mines for valuable resources like SC (that’s the in-game currency), medals, and requisitions. And the best part? Once you grab them, they’re yours – no need to head back or finish up the mission.

Efficient Farming Tips

These maps, especially on the first difficulty level, are pretty compact, so you can do a full lap in just 2 to 5 minutes. Done exploring? Just hit ESC, and teleport back to your ship.

Maximizing Your Loot Haul

Now, here’s a cool trick I found: Farming can also get you tons of Warband medals. In an hour, I snagged 320 SC and 96 Warbands – and I wasn’t even trying that hard.

Leveraging Disconnections

And get this – if your WiFi cuts out while you’re farming, everything stays the same when you reconnect. Same mission, same loot, same everything.

So, here’s a sneaky strategy: Find a container with the loot you want, grab it, then purposely disconnect your internet. When you get back to your ship, reconnect, and head back to that spot. It’s like hitting a reset button for more loot.

Real-World Results

I gave this a shot and, focusing on spots with 2 SC, ended up with 360 SC in an hour. If it had been medals? We’re talking a potential 72 Warbands.

The only downside is the wait – losing and getting back your connection takes about 5 minutes each time. But, if you’re hitting up missions with lots of good loot spots, this method is golden.

Final Thoughts

Though it needs a bit more testing, the payoff has been pretty sweet so far. Give it a try and see how it works out for you!

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