HELLDIVERS 2 Gameplay Tips and Tricks

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HELLDIVERS 2 Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Controls Overview

The weapon menu lets you change settings like range, flashlight mode, and fire mode. Access it by holding the reload key. The navigation controls may involve scrolling, right-clicking, or left-clicking. Manage ammo, recoil, and accuracy by switching fire modes. The range setting impacts the zoom level when aiming down sights. Be careful not to overcharge the railgun. The autocannon has versatile fire modes. Hold X to drop equipment, weapons, etc. Aim down sights by enabling the dynamic aiming option or pressing middle-click.

Communicating with Your Squad

Mark locations and enemies by tapping Q. Voice chat with your squad by holding Q to engage your character’s mic. This allows coordinated attacks.

Player Movement

You can swim about 10 meters. Combine with ledge climbing to cross wider gaps. Hit markers show shot effectiveness – red X for unarmored targets, white X for light armor hits. Angled shots may glance off armor. The armor deflection mark means your gun can’t penetrate. Prime grenades with G, but don’t hold too long. Use enemy grenades strategically. Stimpacks replenish stamina when damaged, healing over time. Landing on enemies as a reinforcement can eliminate them.

Weapons Tips

Pistols allow running and firing. Jump packs access high ground and evade explosives. The grenade launcher damages groups and light armor. Resupplying gives ammo, grenades, stimpacks, and special ammo. Taking ammo packs grants a free ammo box. For the Recoilless Rifle, allies can reload rockets faster than solo reloading. Seal holes and destroy spewers with the autocannon and impact grenades from range. Some stratagems can attach to allies and enemies. Most can’t damage the drop ship. Armor sets provide varying protection and mobility, some with bonuses like 30% less detection.


Completing side objectives can unlock stratagems or reveal the map. Fixing the radar dish reveals the whole map. Artillery side missions unlock artillery stratagems with various payloads depending on loadout. Demolishing certain structures may provide tools like the devastating hellbomb. Eliminate factories with precision strikes, bombing runs, airstrikes, or by tossing grenades into ammo dumps. Watch for icons indicating destructible containers with valuable weapon samples inside. Collect loot marked with diamond map icons, which transform into rippling radar waves when picked up.

How to Master Gameplay in HELLDIVERSTM 2: Essential Tips and Tricks

Welcome, fellow gamers! Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of HELLDIVERSTM 2. In this guide, we’ll be discussing enemies, stealth mechanics, and aggro management. So grab your gear, tighten your boots, and let’s get started!

Enemies: Know Your Foes

In HELLDIVERSTM 2, you’ll encounter a variety of enemies, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Understanding how to effectively deal with them is crucial for survival. Here are some tips and tricks to help you conquer your adversaries:

  • Hunters: Engage these fast-moving mobs in melee combat or combine diving and melee attacks for a devastating combo.
  • Chargers: Aim for the joints of their front arms, attack them from behind, s*rip armor off their legs and focus fire on the legs.
  • Shield Bugs: Look for cracks in their armor and aim for those weak spots. You can still damage them when they hunker down.
  • Titans and Chargers: Bait them to attack each other by provoking their spit or charging attacks.
  • Armor Dynamics: Explosives crack enemy armor and shell, creating holes to shoot through with smaller weapons.
  • Robot Dropships: Aim for the engines with explosives to disable them.

Stealth and Aggro: The Art of Staying Hidden

Stealth can be a game-changer in HELLDIVERSTM 2. Knowing how to avoid unnecessary conflicts and stay hidden saves resources and prevents reinforcements. Here are essential tips:

  • Use mountains or smoke from a bridge stratagem to break line of sight.
  • Focus on completing objectives over pointless fighting to avoid reinforcements.
  • Throwing stratagems can aggro enemies, so use caution.
  • To lose aggro, distance and break line of sight. Go prone, stop moving, and hope enemies don’t come too close.

Enemies have patterns and investigate sounds. Fast mobs like hunters are hard to lose aggro from, so be cautious. Manage alert levels by going prone, stopping movement, and avoiding line of sight.

Experiment, adapt your strategy, and have fun! We hope these tips enhance your HELLDIVERSTM 2 experience. Happy gaming!

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