Sunless Sea – Various port prices for goods including supplies and fuel ALSO includes barters & opportunities

Sunless Sea – Various port prices for goods including supplies and fuel ALSO includes barters & opportunities 1 -
Sunless Sea – Various port prices for goods including supplies and fuel ALSO includes barters & opportunities 1 -

A guide showcasing my record of various port prices for goods (including supplies & fuel). Also includes barters & opportunities where I found them. PLEASE READ THE KEY/ LEGEND!


Hello Delicious Friend!
This guide is a formal version of the record of Port prices I made whilst playing Sunless Sea. It includes prices for the base game ports (WIP) and also the Zubmariner DLC.
Please note:

  • I haven’t quite finished this guide yet – still some trading areas to unlock & barter opportunities to find. Most of the S.A.Y.I.P. Opportunities are not included yet .
  • The Key/ Legend is particularly useful – this list is informal notes and it will help you!
  • It’s easiest to navigate this guide by pressing ‘CTRL + F’ (Windows) and typing in the name of the port or item you want. Abbreviations may cause them not to appear!


Key/ Legend

These were made as informal notes, and thus require some explanation:
The main ones I use are
“B” – “Buy”
“S” – “Sell”
A number (e.g. 20) – measured in echoes. Used in combination with “B” & “S” – E.g. Fuel B 10, S 2
In many ports I use “Harbour Provisioners” or “Harb Provis”. This is a place for fuel and supplies at extortionate prices, and is a set price – Fuel B 20 S 1 Supplies B 30 S 5. I would recommend only bothering if you are desperate for these.
Also “SAYIP” – refers to the quality of ‘Something Awaits You In Port’ (Yellow lamppost in bottom left), needed for opportunities in ports to occur.
General things to note:

  • Where there is only “B” it means that there is no way to sell said item there.
  • Other items are included in this list – mostly for specialised trades or barters.
  • Where I have written “{Nooo!}” – reminder that this is a bad trade, or one that has consequences (in the case of the university in London).
  • The use of items in combination as an equasion (for example 3 ambig eoltih = 1 extr implication) – shows a barter trade
  • Many words are shortened (e.g. Supplies as “Supp”); should be easy to figure out however but bear in mind when using CTRL + F.
  • Fuel and supplies are listed first and separately for each Port.
  • Comments in “{}” are notes made by me, and relate to factors surrounding pricing of these items.
  • “{Menu}” – Need to go through Journal/ Gazetteer to access
  • Things will be listed in this order for each port: Fuel & Supplies – Items to buy – Noteworthy things to get/ Misc. – Barters/ other opportunities

Order in which ports are listed (See Map Below):

  • Fallen London
  • The West Coast
  • The South Coast
  • Near Home Waters (Yellow zone, see coloured map)
  • The South-East (Green zone)
  • The North East (Red zone)
  • The Frozen North (Blue zone)
  • The Pillared Sea (Irem)
  • The Distant East (Orange Zone)

Sunless Sea - Various port prices for goods including supplies and fuel ALSO includes barters & opportunities - Key/ Legend - 5D4AD9D

Fallen London & Surrounds

Fuel B 10, S 2
Supplies B20, S 5
Flare B10 S 0
Foxf Candles B 40 S 20
Torp Comp B 5 S 1
Scintillack S 70
D Dice S 20
Zzoup S 70
Mutersalt S 50
Styg Ivory S 28
Sapphires S 90
Solacefruit S 50
Pris Honey B 25 S 20
RB Feather S 1
Approved Romantic Literature S 22
Mushroom Wine B 21 S 20
Coffee B 50 S 44
Human Souls B 63 S 60
Spider silk B 100 S 50
Parabola linen B 120 S 60

Ship stuff of note:

Boadicea engine B 1000
We are clay S 300
Avid suppressor B 800
Compulsion engine B 5000
Gun 1 WIP
Gun 2 WIP
Corvette B 3000
Cargo Ship B WIP
Frigate B WIP
[Add in University trades – WIP]
{Recent News – gained through Lodgings}
Low Barnet (Zubmariner DLC)
Fuel 2 tales of terror
Supp B 3 memory of dist shores
Mutton island
Fuel B 30 {menu}
Supp B 30 {menu}
{Nothing after New Management or Ghost Town}
Hunter’s Keep
{Note – applies to all lightships throughout the Zee}
Fuel B 20
No Supplies!
Recent News = 1 Zee story & Terror reduced {menu}

The West Coast

Fuel B 20 S 2
Supp B 30 S 8
Wine S 23 {At the beginning this is easy 2 echoe profit}
Candles S 33
Mem of Dist Shores S 12
News S 10
Vis of Surf S15
Monstrous Almanac S 1000
Tomb colonist S 15
{Barters WIP}
Fuel B 1 zee story
Supp B 2 tale of terror S 1 tale of terror
Mutersalt B 5 zee st.
Stygian Ivory S 3 tale of terror
Star-shell S 2 extraordinary. implication. {nooo!} {Why would you a) get this b) sell it??}
Figurehead of the eater of names S 1 extr. implic. {late game}
Anatomical Cabinet S 100
Harb Provis.
1 searing enigma = 1 Doomed Monster Hunter {Menu} {Pointless unless you have the special cannon & very very expensive}
Cumean Canal
Harbour Provisioners
{Other opportunities – WIP}
SAYIP – 1 Moves in the Great Game
Iron Republic
Fuel B 8 S 0 {Always available
House of Pleasures
R Lit S 22
Scintillack S 74
Judgement’s egg B 1 Colossal Fluke Core
Dread Surmise B 9 Searing Enigmas
Parabola Linen B 57
House of Milks
Supp S 25
Zzoup S 77
Coffee B 38 S 0
House of Harvests
S & C Longbox B 1 captivating treasure {nooo!} {A semi-reliable albeit horribly expensive method to gain Longboxes}
Supplies B 15
Wine B 24
Prisoner’s Honey B 26
Grand Geode

The South Coast/Shores of the Elder Continent

Pt. Carnelian
Fuel B 12
Supp B 18
Solacefruit B 250 S 50
Romantic Literature S 22
Wine S 23
Coffee B 38
Sappires B 86
Mountain sherd B 2000 {a very expensive way of finding Mt. Nomad}
Adam’s Way
Fuel B 12 S 2
Supp B 25 S 5
Parab Linen S 63
Wine S 24
Foxfire Candles B 30
Coffee B 38
Shrine to Stone S 1200
Kingeater’s Castle
{WIP – Oh god I have to go back there}

Near Home Waters (Yellow)

The Salt Lions
No fuel or supplies!
200 = 20 Sphinxstone {Deliver to London for 500, meaning 300 profit. Early game only}
SAYIP + having no extraordinary implications + Salt’s attention = 1 extraordinary implication {Only managed to do this once at the beginning of the game} {menu}
{Note: there is an interaction when the camp is abandoned to gain fuel & supplies – SAYIP + a 50/50 dice roll = 1 or 2 fuel and 1 or 2 supplies for free}
Wrack (Zubmariner DLC)
Fuel B 20 S 11
Supp B 40 S22 {Unprofitable to buy but a nice place to sell if you need cash}
Coffee B 3 supplies
Pris Honey B 1 supp
Foxfire candles S 2 Devil Dice
Parab Linen B 12 torp components {don’t take up inventory space}
{Note: more trading opportunities open up when Wrack starts to flourish. WIP}
Gaider’s Mourn
Fuel B 30 S 10 {nooo!}
Supp B 40 S 20 {nooo!}
Pris Honey S 26
Wine S 23
Solacefruit B 250 S 50 {nooo!}
Unstamped Brilliant Souls S 150
Unstamped Human Souls S 40
Sun-filled Mirrorcatch Box S 300
Red honey S 625 {nooo!} {barely profitable but less risky than going to London}
Concealed Compartment B 750 S 250
I&M Co. Funging Station
Fuel B 20 S 1
Supp B 30 S 5
SAYIP = terror reduced
2 strange catch + SAYIP = S&C long box
Station III
No fuel or supplies for sale!
{Place to hand in Longboxes – reward WIP}
Shepherd Isles
Harbour Provisioners
SAYIP = terror reduction and 1 zee story {picnic by stones} {menu}
Abbey Rock
No fuel or supplies for sale!
Supplies S 15 ? {Menu} WIP
SAYIP + 1 strange catch = 1 scintillack
Pigmote Isle
No fuel or supplies for sale!
Scintillack B 115 {decr. w/ civilisation quality} {only if you side with the Cavies, and a long term investment to lower prices} {menu}
{NOTE: you need to finish the story line on Pigmote Isle to unlock these opportunities. Siding with each side will yield different benefits.}

The South-East (Green)

Melting Isles/ Mangrove College
The Uttershroom
No fuel or supplies!
1 Prisoner’s honey = 1 docile blemmigan {how to gain blemmigan propagation for Curator’s quest}
1 strange catch + SAYIP = 1 live specimen {reliable way to obtain}
The Fathomking’s Hold
SAYIP + ? + ? = ship hull repairs {useful, hard to get out of London} WIP
Aigul (Zubmariner DLC)
Supplies B 23 S 10
Fuel B 12 S 3
{decent pricing, useful as a fuel stop on long journeys.}
Coffee S 44 {quick profits if near Pt. Carnelian}
Mutersalt S 2 foxfire candles
Wine S 24
Solacefruit S 4 mem dist shores
Torp comp B 5 S 1
Rosegate (Zubmariner DLC)
Fuel B 20 S 7
no supplies!
Mushroom Sporule S 750 {nooo!} {only do if you somehow have an extra one}
Hunter’s Eye S 100 {only other use for these after 1st Curator’s quest. Worth it? no.}
Heartmetal Ingot S 120
Isle of Cats
Harbour provisioners
SAYIP + 600 = 1 red honey {contraband but profits of +300 if sold in London. Only 1 at a time} {Only available after completing the story line here, long term investment}

The North East (Red)

Harbour Provisioners
Nook (Zubmariner DLC)
Fuel B 11 S 1
Supplies B 20 S 5
{good prices for resupplying}
Sunlight filled mirror box S 7 sappires {ok trade? needs more testing}
Spidersilk S 53
Torpedo Comp B 5
Styg Ivory B 26 {good price}
Interactions WIP
Fuel and supplies WIP
Styg Ivory S 30
Sappires S 95
Judgement’s egg S 600 {not the best option}
We are clay B 300 {essential for more engine power early game}
1 watchful curio = 1 wakeful idol + ~10 fragments {menu}
Fuel and supplies WIP
5 wine = profit {note: not always available. Wine taken in 5s and valued each at 29 echoes.} {menu}
Dahut (Zubmariner DLC)
Fuel B 10 S 1
Supp B 19 S 1
{Good prices!}
Drowning Pearls B 30 {reliable way to gain these}
Captivating Treasure B 11 Sappires {from Pt. Carnelian 54 profit}
Harbour Provisioners
{No reason to go here bar Port Report & Mechanic’s questline}
Scrimshander (Zubmariner DLC)
Fuel B 10
Supp B 23
{good prices for resupply}
Lamentable Relic B 10
Unread Log S 25 {nooo!}
Hunting trophy S 65
Styg Ivory B 27
Mutersalt B 1 carboy of primordial shrieks
Violant ink S 250 {hard to obtain but sell if you have extra}
Coffee = time in the archives
{Note: it costs zee stories etc. to leave Scrimshander}
Port Cecil
Harbour Provisioners
SAYIP = Scintillack {menu} {most profitable before doing Principles of Coral}
Khan’s Glory
5 leopard’s favour B Nephrite Ring {equivalent is 25 coffee. Grants access to trading in Khan’s Heart but requires no suspicion also}
Khan’s Heart
Fuel B 50 {nooo!} {menu}
Supp B 50 {nooo!} {menu}
Other trading requires Nephrite Ring – WIP
Khan’s Shadow
Fuel B 15
Supp B 25 S 15
{Decent-ish prices}
Outlandish Artef. B 150 S 100 {reliable way to obtain these}
Empty Mirrorcatch Box B 250 S 200 {Important! useful for trade routes}
Full mirrorcatch w/ dream snakes S 500 {can be made through the mechanic’s questline, profitable.}
Captiv. Treas. B 1500 S 1000 {don’t buy these unless you have to}
Star shell S 500 {nooo!}
Figure head of the eater of names S 250
DDice S 22
Wine S 23
Styg Ivory B 27
Human Souls B 57

The Frozen North (Blue)

Mount Palmerston
Fuel B 9 S1
Supp B 22 S 11
{Good prices!}
DDice B 19
Ambigous Eolith B 35 {reliable way to gain these}
Zzoup B 70 {Not profitable to trade directly}
Interactions WIP
Anthe (Zubmariner DLC)
Fuel B 12 S 3
Supp B 25 S 5
{Good prices to resupply}
Scintillack B 1 Mutersalt {nooo!} {Mutersalt is hard to find normally & unprofitable to trade}
Sapphires S 95 {more profitable than selling in London from Pt. Carnelian}
Ambigous eolith B 30
Interactions WIP

The Undercrow (Zubmariner DLC)

Nothing really


SAYIP = some fuel, supplies & terror reduced
The Chapel of Lights
Fuel and supplies WIP
SAYIP = Way to reduce hunger {potential for cannibalism}
3 ambig eoltih = 1 extr implication
Avid Horizon
No fuel or supplies
Beginner’s Luck = Eyeless Skull {Used for Curator’s quest}
77 fragments = Hunter’s Eye {Curator’s quest, repeatable}

The Pillared Sea (Irem)

Fuel B 20 {nooo!}
Supp B 30 {nooo!}
Captivating. Treasure S 50 fuel {nooo!} {would recommend only doing this if you have a big ship and are in a dire emergency}
Element of Dawn S 25 supp {nooo!} {same as above but even harder to acquire}
Mountain sherd S 20 parab linen {nooo!} {same as above but even harder to acquire}
Phantasmal Encounter S 2 secret {nooo!} {practically impossible to acquire and pointless to sell}
Judgement’s Egg B 10 secret {reliable way to get one of these}
Dread Surmise S 10 searing enigma {nooo!} {if you have a dread surmise to begin with I wouldn’t sell it}
tale of terror B 2 mem dist shores
mem dist shores B 2 vis surface
Vision of the surface B 2 zee story
Zee st. B 2 tale terror
Searing Enigma B 5 extraordinary implication
Extr Implic B 333 S 222 {expensive but reliable way to get these}
Secret B 999 {expensive but reliable way to get these. Useful late game when fragments are scarce}
Strange catch B 25
Coffee S Parab Linen {Yes! Integral to the 2nd best trade route in the game, the Wine-Coffee-Linen route.}
Lamentable Relic B 1 secret
Amb Eolith B 1 secret
Watchful Curio B 1 secret
S&C long box B 3 secret {expensive but reliable way to obtain these}
Mirrorcatch box B 3 secret {nooo!} {can buy these much cheaper elsewhere}
Parab Linen B 50 fragments {possible but late game unwise due to fragment scarcity}

The Distant East (Orange)

The Chelonate
No fuel, no supplies!
Styg Ivory B 26 S 0
Sapphires S 99
Mt Nomad’s Heart S 1 searing enigma
Whispering trophy case S 150
Carboy of primordial Shrieks S 37
1 hunting trophy = 1 outlandish artefact {menu}
1 captivating treasure = 1 doomed monster hunter {menu}
1 supp, 1 zee st., 1 hunt. trophy. = 1 outland artefact {menu}
The Gant Pole (Zubmariner DLC)
Fuel B 12 S 1
Supplies B 18 S 2
{good prices to resupply}
Carboy Primordial Shrieks B 1 prisoner’s honey
Live specimen S 7 strange catch
Heart of tree of ages S 1 lorn fluke core
Harlot-fry S 10 hunting trophy
Styg Ivory B 3 tale of terror
Barrel of Meat S 300? WIP {menu} {Only gained from The Chelonate once you have been to the Gant Pole at least once. Easy money for a while}
Saviour’s Rocks
WIP – I refuse to go there. I hate it.
Empire of Hands
Supplies B 20 {nooo!}
Fuel B 40 {nooo!}
w/ Court unlocked – 1 wine=1 coffee {integral to wine-coffee-linen trade.}
Treasure hunter:
Supply = candle {cheap way to get a candle if needed}
News = dynamite {useful in a specific situation}
Live specimen = flare
10 tale of terror = 10 zee stories
Hideaway (Zubmariner DLC)
Fuel S 9
Supp S 15
{good prices to resupply}
Sappires S 2 Mutersalt {cheap way to gain mutersalt}
Candles S 35
Strange catch B 25 {reliable way to gain them}

Closing statements

Thank you for reading this guide!
Once again:

  • This is a work in Progress!
  • Constructive feedback in the comments is really appreciated, as is interactions you want me to add!
  • Please read the Key/ Legend before asking questions
  • This is intended as reference material, and CTRL + F (Windows) is how I intend it to be browsed most efficiently.

Please let me know about any other Sunless Sea Guides you want to see!
A fellow Zee-Captain

Written by Heroiccrab

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Sunless Sea – Various port prices for goods including supplies and fuel ALSO includes barters & opportunities; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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