Sunless Sea – How to get Dreadnought fast with Sunlight Trade? No Dying Required Guide!

Sunless Sea – How to get Dreadnought fast with Sunlight Trade? No Dying Required Guide! 1 -
Sunless Sea – How to get Dreadnought fast with Sunlight Trade? No Dying Required Guide! 1 -

How I rushed The Eschatologue-class Dreadnought before really starting the game without violating my own mortality.
This is my first guide and idc about effort.

Step one do your starting routine :

Do not buy an elegant townhouse. Make money to get you started around 3000 or more. (For beginners: The game can get complex. An example to help you start without dying is to go to the lodgings in London and go to hunters to keep for free supplies. Port reports will get you fuel and some useful starting money. Follow other suggestions and in-game instructions.

Sunlight route :

How Making Money from Sunlight works: You purchase mirror catch boxes from the Khanate. You got to the Cumaean Canal with the mirror catch Boxes and go to the surface to harvest sunlight which can be a dangerous process and has to be handled right. Once the smuggler has the mirror catch boxes they bring them to Isle of Cats to sell for a profit of at least 250 echos each. You sometimes get mirror catch boxes back so keeping the trade going for multiple runs is extra profitable by 400 echos depending on event success. Mirrorcatch boxes are totally illegal in London’s jurisdictions to be careful with their authorities. Be sure to manage your Yearning Burning and recover it most of the way each run, more on this in the next section.

Setting up the route: Find the Isle of Cats, Khans Shadow, The Cumaean Canal, and supply points. There are various points used to resupply for all routes and expeditions.
Points include
– Hunters keep (early only supplies)
– Avestal (later game 8-10 supplies option with waiting for port, might cost one crew)
– Demaxues Island (A little bit worth the stop)
– Melting Isles (Decent for fear or 2-6 supplies along with a port report with 1 supply)
– Mount Palmerston, The Gant Pole, Khans Shadow, Dahut, and Port Carnelian all are separate locations that offer supplies from 18-25 echos.
– The Empire of hands offers supplies too for 20 echos with an audience with the Flea Ridden mayor, just be careful not to click “sell your soul” which is next to the “acquire fresh supplies”.
– Iron Republic (8 echos per fuel)
– Mount Palmerston (9 echos per fuel)
– Dahut, The Gant Pole, Port Carnelian, and Khans Shadow are all separate locations that offer fuel from 10-15 echos.

Stating Ship -> Merchant Ship -> Dreadnought and managing Yearning Burning :

So You are doing the sunlight trade-in your starting ship. You are on your way to it already. After your first run, you will want to go back to the Khanate to refill on mirror catch boxes then go back to London to use the “Rest in a Room Above the Blind Helmsman” in “Your lodgings”. Compared to the Elegant townhouse it only costs you 10 echos and gets rid of the same amount of yearning burning which is 2-3. You gain Yearning burning fast so you want to clear it often if not every time. The Fear won’t matter as you will need it to access the “Room Above the Blind Helmsman” and might have harvested more fear to lower your Yearning Burning enough. Do not do it all the way or it will lower your mirrors by 2.
After you gain about 11000 echos you can move to the merchant ship which will allow you to move up to 26 boxes before the Yearning Burning starts to kill you.
*~DRUM ROLL~* After about 4 runs you now have a ton of funds to buy the trophy ship without dying once! Immortality is important to you and only you.

(Dreadnought Argument)

I like the Dreadnought because I see it like a heavily armed cargo ship and prefer the extra armor and cargo space over the mobility.
However other players will prefer the frigate as it offers more speed, fuel efficiency, enough cargo space (I am greedy) and the iron bonus is pointless as your stats can get into the 100’s later game.
A small boat like the corvette is useful in it’s own ways as well as the Cargo liner and the quest ships.

This is all about Sunless Sea – How to get Dreadnought fast with Sunlight Trade? No Dying Required Guide!; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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