Stardew Valley – Kegs and Preserves Jars Values

Stardew Valley – Kegs and Preserves Jars Values 1 -
Stardew Valley – Kegs and Preserves Jars Values 1 -
What to put in your kegs and your preserves jars


Keg Crops

Kegs follow the pricing formula of 3 x Base Value for Fruits and 2.25 x Base Value for Vegetables

For the kegs, you will mostly want to go for fruits with higher base prices. I will only list ones with base values that are 200+ with one exception being coffee. Coffee has the shortest keg time of 2 in-game hours which allows it to compete with the rest of the listed crops.

Crop Type – Keg Time (in-game)
Fruit – 10,000 minutes / 7 days
Vegetable – 6,000 minutes / 4 days
Hops – 2,250 minutes / 1-2 days
Wheat – 1,750 minutes / 1-2 days
Coffee Beans – 120 minutes / 2 hours

Crop – Base Price
Starfruit – 750g
Ancient Fruit – 550g
Pumpkin – 320g
Hops* – 300g
Red Cabbage – 260g
Melon – 250g
Rhubarb – 220g
Wheat* – 200g
Coffee Beans* – 150g

* – does not follow the formula, has a set price

Preserves Jar Crops

Preserves Jars follow the pricing formula of 2 x Base Value + 50 for Everything

For the preserves jars, you will mostly be going for vegetables with lower base values. The +50 in the formula makes their values jump above their Keg counterpart.

Both vegetables and the fruits have the same processing time of 4,000 minutes / 2-3 days (in-game).

Crop – Base Value
Cauliflower – 175g
Artichoke – 160g
Yam – 160g
Amaranth – 150g
Kale – 110g
Beet – 100g
Radish – 90g
Potato – 80g
Bok Choy – 80g
Tomato – 60g
Eggplant – 60g
Garlic – 60g
Apricot – 50g
Corn – 50g
Hot Pepper – 40g
Green Bean – 40g
Parsnip – 35g
Blackberry – 20g
Salmonberry – 5g


Unlisted Crops

I can hear you ask: “Jimothy, what about the crops you haven’t listed here?”

Well that’s an excellent question Dylan, and here’s the answer:

The rest of the crops I haven’t listed are actually on the side of Team Keg. I have omitted them as the ones I have listed are simply leagues better in terms of time vs. money.

You can, however, still choose to put them in kegs if you have a ridiculous amount of kegs or maybe if you don’t have access to the better keg crops. I simply choose to ship them right away for some quick and easy income.

Keg vs. Preserves Jar

I can also hear you ask: “Jimothy, if the kegs give you stupid amounts of money, why should I ever use the preserves jars?”

Which is also a very valid question Oliver, and the answer to that question would be:

You don’t really have to actually.

Preserves Jar is a cheap way to add a little more value to your otherwise almost worthless crops.
You only need Wood, Stone and Coal to make it.

Keg is the thing that takes the already good crop you have and cranks it to 11 but it is the more expensive option with the need for Iron, Copper and Oak Resin. Obviously it is a lot cheaper to make compared to something like an Iridium Sprinkler but you’re a smart kid, you get the idea.

The main point is: You need to be at the later stages of the game to fully utilize the kegs.

Written by Jimothy

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Stardew Valley – Kegs and Preserves Jars Values, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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