Star Valor – Basic Strategy & Spoiler Guide

Star Valor – Basic Strategy & Spoiler Guide 1 -
Star Valor – Basic Strategy & Spoiler Guide 1 -

Permadeath hardcore guide


This guide is for me, but it may be useful to others. It will contain spoilers as it is a guide, but it will still have some useful information!


Start perks, ship and traits, and co-pilot
Anything is possible, but I find +1 acceleration guy very useful. However, scanning bonuses can be quite helpful in the beginning.
Based on the roleplay you will play, pick anything you like
You can choose anything, but +2tech is vital for survival.
You can build any ship you like based on roleplay. Weapons and gear are the real power.

/// STRATEGY level 1 to level 15 ///

The main goal is survival.
If you got corvette or frigate i recommend getting extra gyroscopes.
One extra booster.
Extra shields for tankiness unless you chose venghi ship. In that case, pick hull parts. Even +20 can add up.
The main goal is to acquire railguns. They have low DPS, but great range and can be used to quickly destroy enemy ships. It is better to be fast and tanky when you are facing a group of enemies.
Ship graveyards are the best, but they are extremely difficult.
If you have traits that allow you to invade more than ussual, then having a warp device is mandatory.
Farming money is the best strategy. You can kill ships to buy parts that you later sell for xp. This is the safest option.
You will not be able to reach the ship graveyard if you play pirate. A group of marauders will invade your ship in 20 seconds.

/// STRATEGY level 15-level 25 ///

You should now have railguns and enough money to buy a corvette.
Don't worry about being slow. All you need to be focused on is the gyroscopes, so you can turn fast to boost away or turn quickly and kill ships.
Keep farming gold and buying as many railguns or other weapons as possible. While you won't be able kill silver star or gold star level 25 enemies, you should be able farm other areas.
The main goal is to be friendly to all factions. This is because farming is a conflict zone.
You don't want to damage your friendly faction and cause a negative reputation. That is why friendly faction ships should always be green.
Conflicts are the best.. it's difficult area, especially if your pirate and hate Venghi – it will overwhelm you because conflicts are likely to be at a higher level than yours. Railguns can help you get kills. Remember to feel fragile as paper.
You can also see (friendly faction stations if there is conflict), so you can find great gear.
regen items or shield regen items are priority.
Lasers are a better choice than projectiles once you have mastered frigate. These are permanent damage that doesn't miss as often as projectiles. You will be attacked by enemies if you have more than one laser gun.

/// STRATEGY Level 25 – Endgame ///

You can focus on becoming tanky by warping in higher sector in the hope of finding an ally station where better gear can be found or farming any level sectors until you can purchase a cruiser () 370k ship.
At this point, you should feel drained and cautious.
Endgame tips: Even if you use energy for warp, have energy cells. You can run out of energy in certain situations and even die. Cloaking, for example, can drain your energy.

/// Summary ///

I created venghi dreadnaught using HC permadeath. This guide should be somewhat valid. My current goal is to become a pirate and choose the CoT faction, as I have heard that venghi has deathrays. I want to see how they can be tanked. Pirates are your enemy, except civilians.
p.s. This is my first guide, so I am sorry if it is not very detailed.

This guide was created because I wanted to.

This is my first guide.. First, because I don't care about writing guides. Second, because this game is so good!
I hope this helps others!
Although it isn't as comprehensive as you might like, it does have a general strategy and should be sufficient.


Written by HellSlayer

This is all about Star Valor – Basic Strategy & Spoiler Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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