Guild Wars 2 – List of All Chat Commands

Guild Wars 2 – List of All Chat Commands 1 -
Guild Wars 2 – List of All Chat Commands 1 -

This is a Β guide ofΒ allΒ chat commands from the Guild Wars 2 wiki along with descriptions of what they do.

Basic Chat

Shortcut Command Channel Seen by




Say All players who are close to your character. (Seems to have a 2000-unit weapon range)
/g /guild Guild Active guild






G1 to G5 Guild 1 to Guild 5.




Party Current party or subgroup if in a squad.
/d /squad /Squad Active squad.
/t /team Team Active team (PvP, WvW, and Daily Activities only.)








Map All players in your current Zone or City.





Private Sends private message.


/reply Private Sends private message to tde last person who whispered you.


Shortcut Action Notes
  • Begins message.
  • Sends pending message.
Defaults to current channel.
[Shift]+[Enter] Begins squad broadcast message.
  • Moves focus to the squad broadcast box.
  • [Enter] is used to send the message.
[Tab] Cycles through chat tabs. When chat panel is active.
[Shift] + [left-click] Creates a link to selected:
  • item
  • skill
  • waypoint
  • point of interest
[Control] + [left-click] Instantly sends a link to selected:
  • item
  • skill
  • waypoint
  • point of interest



Command What the Command does
/friend [name] Add a player to your list of contacts.
/unfriend [name] remove player from your contact list.


prevent a player from contacting you in any way.


remove a player from your block list.
/lfg toggle presence status between “Looking for Group” and “Online”, and opens the Looking for Group panel.
/ginvite Invites playername to current represented guild.



Command What the Command does
/invite [name] invite a player to join your party.
/join [name] request to join a player’s party.
/leave leave your current party.
/kick [name] vote to kick party member (requires a majority vote).





Take your own life. Only available in raids, strikes, fractals, and the Super Adventure Box. Allows squads or parties to concede defeat more quickly.
/squadjoin [commander_name]

/sqjoin [commander_name]

Join the squad of a commander.


quit your team.


invite to squad
/mentor enable or disable a mentor tag.
Commanders only What the Command does
/squadinfo displays the supply carried by each member of your squad.
//supplyinfo displays the supply carried by players near you.



Command What the Command does
/age displays the amount of time you have played Guild Wars 2, in the following format:

  • “You have played this character for <x> hours <y> minutes over the past <z> days.”
  • “Across all characters, you have played for <X> hours <Y> minutes over the past <Z> days.”
/rank drop a banner that will display your current PvP Rank, e.g. if you ranked rabbit it will show a rabbit on the banner and some hopping above.
/rank <1-80> drop a banner of a specific PvP Rank, no higher than your current rank.
/deaths displays the number of times your character has died, “You have died <x> time(s).”
/ip displays the server’s IP address.


activates the support panel
/stuck teleports the player to a nearest walkable point (it gets canceled if the player moves, gets into combat, or does any other action within 30 seconds after using this command, and has a cool-down of 2 minutes. Once moved back to spawn, the /stuck command has a cool-down of 10 minutes). When used on maps, it will instruct players to utilize the closest waypoint and only works inside instances. The developers are also informed of the location. Using /stuck also works in PvP maps; the character will be killed after 30 seconds to allow revival at the starting base.
/time shows the current Tyrian Time.
/emotelist a list of possible Emotes is displayed.
/wiki opens your default web browser to wiki’s home page.
/wiki <keyword> opens your browser to the wiki article named “keyword”; if no article exists, searches the wiki for “keyword” and displays relevant articles.
/wiki [chat link] enables a search of up to 10 conversation links in the browser (any links past 10 will be ignored). Those search results will link to any chat links that have a wiki page related to them.

  • Chat links can be added to the chat textbox by shift+clicking the corresponding object, this allows editing the line before sending it. In contrast, ctrl+click instantly sends the in chat as a message, so that method will not work along the /wiki command.
  • Waypoints, points of interest, items, skills, traits, effects, wardrobe entries, outfits, and recipes learned can all be linked at this point.
/wiki DE: <keyword>

/wiki ES: <keyword>

/wiki FR: <keyword>

This will look for the terms on other language wikis as well. In addition, chat URLs can be used.
/wiki GWW: <keyword> This will look up the relevant terms on the Guild Wars wiki.


Command Chat message Persistent Sitting Target someone
/beckon {character} beckons. ✘ ✘ βœ”
/bow {character} bows. ✘ ✘ βœ”
/cheer {character} cheers. ✘ βœ” βœ”
/cower {character} cowers. ✘ ✘ ✘
/crossarms {character} crosses their arms. βœ” βœ” ✘
/cry {character} is crying. βœ” ✘ ✘
/dance {character} is busting out some moves, some sweet dance moves. βœ” ✘ ✘


{character} is upset. βœ” ✘ ✘
/geargrind {character} does the Gear Grind. βœ” ✘ ✘
/kneel {character} kneels. βœ” ✘ ✘
/laugh {character} laughs. ✘ βœ” βœ”
/no {character} disagrees. ✘ ✘ βœ”



{character} shows paper.

{character} shows rock.

{character} shows scissors.

✘ ✘ ✘
/playdead {character} is probably dead. βœ” ✘ ✘
/point {character} points. ✘ ✘ βœ”
/ponder {character} ponders. ✘ ✘ ✘
/rockout {character} is rocking out! βœ” ✘ ✘
/sad {character} is sad. βœ” ✘ ✘
/salute {character} salutes. ✘ ✘ βœ”
/shiver {character} is shivering. βœ” ✘ ✘
/shiverplus {character} is shivering. βœ” ✘ ✘
/shrug {character} shrugs. ✘ βœ” βœ”
/shuffle {character} does the Inventory Shuffle. βœ” ✘ ✘
/sit {character} sits. βœ” ✘ ✘
/sleep {character} goes to sleep. βœ” ✘ ✘
/step {character} does the Dodge Step. βœ” ✘ ✘
/stretch {character} is stretching. ✘ ✘ ✘
/surprised {character} is surprised. ✘ ✘ βœ”
/talk {character} is talking. βœ” ✘ βœ”




{character} is grateful. ✘ βœ” βœ”
/threaten {character} is threatening. ✘ ✘ βœ”
/wave {character} waves. ✘ βœ” βœ”
/yes {character} agrees. ✘ ✘ βœ”


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