STALCRAFT – Game Mechanics & Information

STALCRAFT – Game Mechanics & Information 11 -
STALCRAFT – Game Mechanics & Information 11 -

Welcome to STALCRAFT – Game Mechanics & Information Guide.

The fundamentals and gameplay mechanics of the game will be briefly covered in this article.


After completing the training, you will be asked to choose a faction. It is a good idea to learn about their nuances before you go.

The most basic: Bandits and Stalkers

You cannot change the name or main faction. Example: A stalker can’t be made a bandit if he isn’t a member of your main faction.

There are also official groups within the game, in addition to bandits and stalkers.

Depending on your main faction, you can join:

Stalkers — Duty, or Freedom

Bandits — Mercenaries or Covenant

You can choose to leave the official grouping or join another one. You can only play with the members of your chosen grouping.

Looking ahead, I will tell ya another advantage of official groups — in the north zone, members of the same grouping are neutral to each other unlike stalkers or bandits. This allows them to develop new content and significantly facilitate the farm.

STALCRAFT - Game Mechanics & Information - Fractions - 7D27342

STALCRAFT - Game Mechanics & Information - Fractions - 87C835A


Stalcraft – MMOFPS Game

(Massive multiplayer first-person shooter)

This means most of the time will be spent between the players.

You will likely want to raise money, get swag, and purchase better equipment to explore the zone.

– First: All equipment is linked here. It gives you a tangible advantage in PVP so leveling equipment is the basis of the game.

– Secondly, playing alone in the later stages is not a good idea. Call your friends first and work together to improve your game. You don’t have to be alone in the quest for true friends during the game.

– Thirdly, this game will test your strength and allow you to play with your emotions. This game will probably turn off many people, but it’s a great way to make unforgettable memories with your friends and learn how to manage yourself.

That’s right, in STALCRAFT!

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The mechanics of personal items

This is the most basic mechanic! You will die in the game and often die, but your weapons, armor, and other items will always be and with you. They are personal (and marked with a gray lock,). These items cannot be sold, transferred, or thrown away. They are yours for life. They cannot be upgraded, dismantled, or traded with NPCs.

Personalization rules

You can exchange, sell or throw away a non-personal item.


You took it in your hands.

You can do it yourself.

– Put on a personal kit (sight and butt, etc.)

– After bartering, the item instantly becomes personal

Personal items cannot be stored in a personal warehouse or storage. If there is a continuation to the line, they can be exchanged through barter.

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Safe Zones

After selecting a faction, you can go to the Swamp location. It is easily accessible and offers more PVE than PVP. I recommend you complete all the quests available at the base to get into the gameplay. Let’s discuss how the bases are laid out.

The bases serve as a spawn point, a safe zone, and you can only die of starvation or ejection (if your face is open to the sun, or near windows.) and suicide. Bases can be found at Swamps and Cordon, Rostock or Way of Fools. Except the swamps they all have the following NPCs

– Equipment Merchant – Sells and trades weapons (bartere17Y

Buyer – Buys artifacts, the remains of mutants, and other trash.

– Supply Merchant – Sells ammo, medical kits, etc.

Mechanic – Repairs and upgrades equipment

Auctioneer – Gives you access to the auction.

– Courier – This works like a post office and allows you to send or receive packages.

Researcher – Searches for artifacts and makes them better.

Contract Provider (board) – You can take daily quests

– Contract Provider – Daily Quests by Type : Deliver the Package

– Storage – a box that can be used to store personal items.

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Exit to the open world

Your journey to find resources begins after you leave the base. Keep cool and alert! Every player is a potential foe and rival. But, remember humanity. I recommend that you stock up on first aid kits and cartridges. You can’t live without them.

You will find (spots and) events everywhere in the open world. During farming, we get consumables and tradable goods and components for barter. These events are marked on the map by a hexagon. By pointing at them, we get information about what is available at that spot and what we can do to get it. Anomalies will be waiting for you in the world, so be careful! If you find any strange formations, don’t hesitate to throw bolts at them.

It’s not always easy! Clearing spots will give you barter resources and various trash you can sell to a fence to make money. You should be aware that other players may want to profit from this trash. If you get killed, all your barter resources will be put into a special backpack you can only open. It will not be possible to kill other players to earn barter resources, but you can sell the bag to the owner via an auction.

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Base levels

You probably noticed a level s*rip at your base when you returned from your first trip. It tells you about the leveling status of your base. Each base must be pumped to open new NPCs, continue bartering, and get bonuses. For example, in the swamps, we will unlock all 4 storage slots and have access to all the “swamp” barter options. You can save money and develop your skills by leveling up.

Clearing spots, completing quests, and signing contracts is what base level farming entails. Base-level farming allows us to upgrade equipment, join official factions, or discover new ways of earning money.

We recommend that you get involved in advancing authority on the bases as soon as possible, as more opportunities will become available for you to make this game easier.

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This is the main way to upgrade and get equipment! The game uses the barter system as follows:

You purchase the first element of barter, and then you follow its branches, pumping equipment using barter components.

They are Swamp Stone or Green Mold in the swamps.

Clear red hexagons on your map to get them. You can hover your mouse over a component to see information about its mining location.

STALCRAFT - Game Mechanics & Information - Barter - 1A5EA0A

STALCRAFT - Game Mechanics & Information - Barter - FDF921E

Prikoy is also worth mentioning. This is a game activity where you farm differently to human and mutant spots. This requires a metal detector and knowledge of spawn zones. They are not shown on the map. However, we have a map showing the distribution of mines at all locations. Aluminum wire can be found in the agricultural sector and in the dark valley. Copper can also be found in landfill.

STALCRAFT - Game Mechanics & Information - Barter - 6B1CC76


At first, don’t stress about the equipment you choose. You should pick a line for research and scientific suits, in my opinion. Make all body kits, as well (sights.). Don’t wait to enter the cordon once you have finished all the tasks in the swamp and the quests have directed you there. A stunning area will suddenly appear in front of you. Additionally, it will have more content, including new activities and frequent PVP. The bar, the landfill, and other locations in the north will be covered in more detail after that. For those who are unfamiliar with the game, this served as the introduction. The second section will be related to the game, making it more intricate and challenging.


Written by Betelgeuse 🔰

This is all about STALCRAFT – Game Mechanics & Information; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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