STALCRAFT – Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips

STALCRAFT – Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips 16 -
STALCRAFT – Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips 16 -

Welcome to TALCRAFT – Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips Guide.

This guide will give you basic tips for farming techniques, other useful information, and how to get into the game.

The landfill must be removed.

Junkyard barter will be the foundation of everything you do in the future. This is where many lines of costumes and weaponry begin. A more complex barter will take more time and effort. It is important to be prepared for this stage. I’ll talk more about armor later. Weapons are a different story.

It is important to choose a quality, playable weapon. It is not possible or advisable to buy all of them. It would be best if you considered: Price, DPS and Effective Distance, Caliber, and the time the weapon is “strong”. However, unlike suits, weapons’ characteristics change frequently, making it impossible to make a single top.

There will not be any more locations. The article will discuss the rest of the map, features, and gameplay.

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Gameplay features

STALCRAFT - Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips - Gameplay features - 5D93049

Distribution mechanics

What is known so far?

Distribution is affected mainly by your equipment, deaths, and deaths worldwide. The equipment makes everything seem clear. For example, if you have the equipment of a veteran, you can reach the server stalker-veteran and veteran-master.

List of servers based on the author’s personal experience

(Lockkey – Beginner);

(Newbie – Stalker);

(Stalker – Veteran);

(Veteran – Half-Master);

(Master), Half-master

(Master – Legend).

It is already more difficult to do this with murders and deaths. It is unclear how many times you must kill to be thrown at the servers above. Deaths require you to die to be thrown at the servers below. It is a fact that your CD in the open world can affect distribution.


STALCRAFT - Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips - Infections - EABD316

You all met radiation while running through the swamps. This is the (infection, the area where the character is affected by various adverse effects). There are only four types of infection in the game.





Each can be divided into three levels (1, 2, 3, or -.

These influences can be blocked by armor, so pay attention to the following points: radioprotection, bioprotection. Thermal protection, PSI protection.

It’s easy to figure it out.

100 – Protection from 1 infection

200 – Protection against 2 infections

300 – Protection from 3 Infections

Remember that the infection is stronger the further north you go. It is possible to reach the red forest without 100 radiation protection, but it won’t be easy.


Here are some brief facts about two industries: Weapons and Costumes. I will also discuss their differences and advantages.

Selecting a suit

Drop in the game can be divided into four classes. Let’s get in order

(The descriptions of armor and weapons are current at the time this article was written. Below are the containers and armor of the Veteran class).

Combat armor


STALCRAFT - Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips - Barter - 55D538B

The Centurion is a powerful suit. This is the best value for money. The development prospects are excellent. The problem is that the damaged version lacks 2 bio-infection or 2 psi protection, so you will need to occupy container slots with specific artifacts.

Can be equipped with standard and compact containers (. The best option among veteran containers) is the) forager.

If you play a lot of PVP and are willing to tolerate the lackluster patency in northern locations, I recommend this highly.

The Huntsman

STALCRAFT - Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips - Barter - 3E40DC2

The Huntsman is a PVE suit. It has a high resistance to bursting and can carry any container except bulky ones. These are his only merits. Development prospects are slim, and the price/quality ratio is horrible.

I would not recommend, too, situational costume. In modern realities, it is very weak.

Research Armor


STALCRAFT - Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips - Barter - 7BC97FD

There are two versions of the costume: stalker and bandit (suit,). We will be focusing on the stalker version as these differences are very minimal. It is very good. It can carry backpacks and standard containers. It is very affordable and high quality, but it has a poor development prospect. It does not have 2 bioinfection or 2 psi protection.

The Jagdash container, which drops from (‘s Cursed Fire box, is required for maximum expansion.

You will need to decide if you want a Centurion that promises a lot or a Centurion that is cheaper but less promising.


STALCRAFT - Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips - Barter - 3FE6670

This suit is bullet resistant, infection protection, and can be used with all types of containers. The best barter suit for development. It is slightly less powerful than the Centurion in PVP but has 3 bioinfections (Scat9b). The full version has excellent passability and a better container (6u).

They say it in the community, “If you can master trade, definitely do it!”

Only one problem: Anomalous Serum is the most difficult element to barter. You will need 45 of these to complete the next stage of leveling. However, this is already end-game material.

Combination armor

Decree AO-5

STALCRAFT - Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips - Barter - B898578

Scroll down, the armor isn’t worth your attention. Terrible price/quality ratio, horrible prospect for the development.

Scientific armor

Saturn and his predecessor Seva (, or Reaper)

STALCRAFT - Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips - Barter - 119F427

Saturn is a suit that can withstand any level 3 infection. However, the full version cannot be used. The costume is no longer relevant and can be found in the person Kim “Atlas”, which can also be obtained for the quest (. It has its own nuances), or Kim “Amethyst”, (predecessor, by barter).

How to choose a weapon

Everyone decides what to do to the boys in the zone. Modern realities show that good weapons can be made or bought at auction. It is difficult to define what a “good” weapon looks like. There are many discussions on the forum, videos, and reviews on YouTube and chat rooms with experts. Because of the constant changes in the characteristics and the situational nature each gun has, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with current information.

These weapons are what I recommend right now.

STALCRAFT - Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips - Barter - 423D6AA

FN F2000 – Medium-range assault rifle that can easily pass through the limansk.

STALCRAFT - Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips - Barter - AEF308E

AS “Val” – A good close-range assault rifle, cheap craft, good caliber

STALCRAFT - Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips - Barter - EFDE40F

PKP – A powerful machine pistol with a good caliber.


A container is a must-have, as it can help you make your life easier.

STALCRAFT - Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips - Containers - B051032

Containers are a must-have for any self-respecting resident of the zone. They permit you to use artifact property.

The process is quite simple. We put artifacts in them and then we get the “assembly”. Each container has three parameters:

Size / Numbers of slots / Internal Protection

You can wear a container with a specific costume depending on its size.

Number of slots – This is, as the name suggests, the number of artifacts you can hold

Internal protection measures how many harmful effects an artifact can absorb.

After you have chosen your main suit’s lines, be sure to check the container capacity.


The armor was collected, the cannon was taken care of, and the container was chosen. Now, it’s time to do it all!

STALCRAFT - Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips - Farm - 593C345

Barter Components

Farm, farm, and farm again! We gathered the necessary resources, prepared for the sortie, and moved on to the open world. We gradually build up resources by carrying them around, bit by bit. There are no rules, only experience. Everybody creates his strategies.

I can only mark settings.

An Anomalous Rift can be used to defend towers. You must “defat” the installation within 5 minutes to get 100% of your resources.

Farm currency

PvE farm

It is easy to obtain currency right now. You can also get barter resources and clearing spots. This money should be sufficient for the same barter but for the assembly and the valyn from the auction.

PvP farm

It takes a while to farm the currency, but what if your enemies take it away? Everything is both simple and complex at the same moment. You must kill the “carrying-out” (who is responsible for the swag to base). But how you do this is up to your discretion. You can take an accomplice from another faction) or even (. Shoot the rascal, and pray that you are successful

Arthunter farm

Are you not a fan of cleaning up after others? You are right here. Learn the art of hunting and find a world of rare artifacts. If the other two methods are stable, arthunting can be a real casino. A few flashes and a solid object can be found, with a price reaching well over a million dollars. Your main assistant is good luck

Additional pumping options

“Good armor is good, but armor enchanted with +15 is even better!”

STALCRAFT - Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips - Additional pumping options - 20BAAD2

These are the mechanics: You put the item and the tool together. If you are not lucky, the tools and maximum durability of the item will be spent.

(Don’t worry,) is easy to recover. You will need spare parts after level 5. If you lose, you will lose LEVEL.


You will be able to linger on this stage for a while. This stage will provide you with an exciting path to development that is not boring if you have a group of friends or colleagues. Every takeaway will be accompanied with a storm of emotions. Each purchase will delight you more. You will become immersed in creating assemblies, bidding, and more. This game is not a difficult one. You don’t have to complete it all. Instead, linger at this stage. Enjoy her.


Written by Betelgeuse 🔰

This is all about STALCRAFT – Basic Gameplay and Farming Tips; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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