Rogue Port – Red Nightmare – Walkthrough

Rogue Port – Red Nightmare – Walkthrough 1 -
Rogue Port – Red Nightmare – Walkthrough 1 -
This guide will help you to finish the game.



I saw there are no guides for this game yet so I decided to make one. Note that the game is non linear, meaning that you can explore the game in any order that you want. I’ll just list what I did during my playthrough. You’re not forced to follow it completely.

Note that this walkthrough will cover all but one achievement, Secret Friend!. If you know how to get it, please let me know. I figured it has something to do with Rogue Port – Blue Nightmare, but since I don’t have the game, I can’t check it.


If you are having difficulty in reading the font like me, go to the game file (right click the game on Steam > properties > local files > browse), and head to the Fonts folder. Replace Rogue Port.ttf with the font that you want to use. Make sure to back up this font somewhere else though in case you need it. In my case, I used VL-Gothic-Regular, the other font in that folder, in the game.

  • Save often, in different slots whenever possible. The game has a lot of bugs.
  • Interact with the pond near your house to get Fresh Spring Waters. You can do this infinitely. It helps to recover your HP whenever you are far from your house.
  • Explore the portal each day whenever possible. I missed some portals in the guide, but you can check the Dailies section if you want.
  • Don’t switch out your first dog. There is a dungeon at the end of the game where you can only use your dogs to proceed. You don’t have to level up your dogs this way.



The game will ask you some questions for your initial stats at the start. All of them are obvious, except the first one:
Fight the Bully! +5 ATK
Write note to the Teacher. +5 EATK
Don’t get involved. +5 LUK

As for the last one, the “Climb a steep mountain” increases +25 MHP and +5 AGI.

1. Dog and Rogue Port


Your Home

Interact with the trash can to get an item. You can interact with any trash can like this to get an item btw. I won’t tell you to do this in the guide since they are quite easy to spot. Exit your room and go to the room next to you. Defeat the computer and talk to your sister. Head downstairs.

Pick up the phone call and interact with the refrigerator on the southeast corner to restore your HP. You can use this infinitely. Save your mother.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Talk to your mom to get Chest Key. Head upstairs and talk to your sister to get Badge. Equip it and return to your room. Use the key to the chest near the door. Go to your sister’s room and talk to her to get some cookies. She’ll give you cookies if you talk to her from time to time. Head downstairs.

Talk to your mom to get some quests. Interact with the shiny thing on the table to get some item. Exit the house.


Interact with the pool to the east to get some water. Pick up the blue flower to the south to get Magic Flower. Head west and interact with the dog to finish a quest.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough
Got Your Dog!
Your Dog Joined the Team!

Ignore the hole for now. You are not strong enough for it. Head south and interact with the mail. Give it to your mom in your home to finish the quest.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Exit the house. See the person with the frog to the southwest? Battle the frog from the west corner (you can reach it by walking behind the tree). Talk to the guy, Charlie, afterward to get a map. Buy some gears to the guy to the southwest. Once you are done, explore the cave to the east.

The path is quite straightforward. Follow the path until you reach a cave to the north. You can’t do anything unless if it’s the weekend, but you can pick up Magic Flower and open a chest to the north. Return to the previous area and follow the path to the south. You’ll find another chest. Exit the cave.

Remember the hole next to where you found your dog? Head there.

Dog’s Den

Kill all enemies. If you have a trouble in defeating it, my dog is at level 4 and I equipped 2 badges on it (Badges of Might and Badges of Faith). A chest will show up near the lake after you do it. If it still doesn’t show up after you defeat all three enemies, defeat the last egg enemy that shows up. Exit the area.


Return to your home. Talk to your mom to get a quest. Exit the house and go to the west exit.


Talk to the person to the north, near the portal. Enter the portal.

Portal 1

Make sure to save before attempting to push the boxes. There isn’t any way to reset the puzzle if you messed up. If you need to heal, use Fresh Spring Water. You can always get it from the pond in front of your house. You’ll eventually reach a chest containing Glowing Gold Coin. Make sure to defeat the plant enemy too (use Fire I to beat it if necessary). A chest will appear in the southeast side after you defeat it. Exit the portal and return to your home.

Your Home

Enter the room behind your mom. Explore the area to find your Great Grandfather’s Diary. Give it to your mom. Exit the building.


Buy Tomato and Corn Seeds from the salesman and plant it to the empty lot behind your house. Return to C3 and head northwest until you reach Silent Blues, a huge building to the north.

Silent Blues

Talk to the man upstairs to get a quest. Exit the building.


Head west from the north of the building to reach a chest. Return to this area afteward.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Enter the cave to the east.

Bat’s Nest

The cave is very short and straightforward. Open the chest to the east and head to the exit. Pick up Rusty Chain at the other side of the cave and return to the quest giver in Silent Blues.

Silent Blues

Talk to the man again to get another quest. If you have been defeating all enemies you meet until now, you should be able to finish the first quest right away. The second quest is trickier though. You need to defeat the scorpion in Portal 1 to get Mutated Singer, and as for the rest, we’ll get them later. For now, exit the building.


A chest should be available to the east after you went down the stairs. Head to Rogue Port B2 by heading to the west exit.

Rogue Port B2

Enter Chris’s House. Make an appointment with the mayor through the phone. You’ll be able to visit mayor on spring day 10. Talk to the guy behind the phone to get a quest. Head to the west exit and interact with the hole.

Snake Hole

Defeat all enemies and a chest will spawn to the northeast, near the lake. Exit the hole and report to the quest giver.

Rogue Port B2

Buy Carrot Seeds from the department store and gear up. Head north to the Arcade.

Rogue Port Arcade

Buy Arcade Coin. Save and use it on the machine to the left (Star Shot). Dodge all enemies while collecting all items. There are 5 levels. Here are the maximum score that you can get in each level: 3 – 8 – 13 – 19 – 25. Try to upgrade your ship in level 3. Here’s a video in case you need it:

Talk to the person in the middle of the arcade machine to get 2x Badge of Creation.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough
High Score!
You got a Perfect Score on Star Shot!

If it’s morning already, exit the building.

Rogue Port B2

Talk to Davey who is running on the south side to finish a quest. Pay him the money to get the extra sprint.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Enter the school area to the northwest.

School District

Open all lockers and explore the whole building. There is a chef with trash bin and a chest on the west room and a teacher that will give you a quest reward (despite you not taking any quest) and a chest on the east room. There is also another chest upstairs, a room that can only be entered once you gathered full party members, and another enterable room. Enter the room. Make sure you are in full health. The enemies are quite strong atm. Once you finished exploring everything (there is also a chest on the table after you defeat the enemy), exit the building and return to D3.

2. First Friend



Plant your carrot behind your house. Make sure to water your crop everyday. Head to the east exit.


Defeat all enemies to get a chest spawned in the center. Lizardoid drops Lizard Tail, an item that is used for one of your quests. Do the same for the next area (E4). I found a portal here (portal 3), but it was hard to navigate). The next portal is in this map. There’s only a chest here, so go ahead and open it. Now, head to C3.


If you’re on day 5, there should be an alert of strong enemies. Defeat the spider on the northwest corner. Go to the west exit, to B3.


Defeat all enemies as usual to spawn a chest. Talk to the man on the southeast area to get a quest. You need to push the box on the north area to this spot. Head to the south exit, to B4.


Defeat all enemies to unlock a chest and enter the cave.

Cave of Shadows

Follow the path to D3. You’ll see a chest that contains the area map. Explore the west area first. You’ll find a gravestone in B4. Touch it. Save before attempting puzzle in A4. It’s a bit tricky. Here’s the solution:

Head to B2. Flip the switch. Traverse the rest of the area, killing all enemies to spawn a treasure chests and flip all switches. You should get 2 dungeon keys from the chests. Make sure you get Spider Fang from the spiders too.

Head to E2. Pick up Pure Water along the way in D2, located next to the torch. Use both of your keys to traverse through the room. Pull the switch near the entrance to E2 if necessary. Head to E1. Flip the switch and get ready for a boss fight.

Boss: Invader Lieutenant, 2x Invader Scouts
My party: MC lv 15, Dog lv 15
Defeat the minions first. They shouldn’t be troublesome at your level. I used Badge of Might and Badge of the Jungle for maximum damage in my normal attack if that helps.

Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough
1st Friend Saved!
You Saved your 1st Friend!

Return to your home to heal and stock up on fresh water, and then head to C3. There’s a portal near Silent Blues.

3. Third Friend


Portal 5

Clear the area of enemies and open all chests. Return to Silent Blues.

Silent Blues

Report your quest. Talk to the man again to unlock the terminal on first floor. Check the terminal for your target lists. You might have meet these monsters before. If you defeated them already, just interact with the terminal on the right for your reward. Go to Rogue Port.

Rogue Port B2

Gear up and go to your first friend’s house. You’ll have to do some scripted battles after this, so get ready. Unlock both doors in the Police Department to get some items.

Enter the Theatre, the building in the southwest area. Defeat the toilet in the kitchen area and then pay 2000 credit to see Canary Chicks. Head to the south exit.

Jump in the vent near the stage.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Theatre Vents

Defeat all enemies and open both chests. Exit the building and head to C1. Make sure to defeat all enemies in B1.


Save before proceeding. Follow the path until the next area. Solution: top lane, bottom lane, top lane.


You’ll get a quest after arriving to this area. Finish it and eliminate all monsters as usual to reveal a chest. Go to D2.


Enter the house to get a quest. Kill all enemies again, picking up the newly-spawned chest afterward. Head to the east exit after you’re done.

Grand Bridge

Follow the path until you reach Skyscraper City.

Skyscraper City

Enter Miss Rachel house to get some cookies. Let’s get a new party member first before completing this area. Return to D2 and enter the cave to the southwest.

Chains of the Beast

Defeat the enemy on this screen. It’s a bit stronger than the normal enemies, so watch out. Use the right chain to climb on the top.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Follow the path until you reach an intersection. Head east and activate the terminal. You’ll see that it’s unresponsive. Follow the south path to find another unresponsive terminal. Return to the intersection and head north. There’s a chest to the west of the entrance that might be overlooked here. Well, the next screen is dead end so return to the dungeon entrance and climb with the left chain.

This place is mirrored from the right side. Just follow the path until you reach an intersection and explore all paths. Make sure to interact with the tombstone at A1 Floor 2.

Return to the dungeon entrance. Follow the east exit until you reach D2. Head to the next screen. Defeat all enemies and climb the chain to reach a chest. At this point, I’m getting low of Fresh Spring Water, so if you also need to restock, return to your home. I mean, it’s already day 7 anyway. We need to get to this day’s portal.


Use the portal for fast travel.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Don’t go to the Time Rift – just enter the other portal to the north (not the one in the center). After you finished restocking in your house, head to Rogue Port.

Rogue Port B2

The portal is in Shopping Center Bathroom. Enter it.

Portal 6

In the first intersection, explore both north and east exit first. It’ll give you a key and a map. Continue heading west, dodging all enemies that teleport you to the dungeon entrance and killing the rest. You might want to save often. Explore the west exit first on the next intersection to find your second key. The north exit will have 2 doors that require your keys.

In the third intersection, take the east path first. There is a chest that you can only take by getting teleported to the dungeon entrance. Backtrack to this intersection again and head north. Use the portal to reach Private Quarters. Open the chest and use the refrigerator to recover your health. Once you’re done, talk to the shop owner. You’ll return to the Shopping Center. Return to D2 and head to Chains of the Beast.

Chains of the Beast

Head to the north and battle the boss.

Boss: Werewolf
Use your fire attack to defeat it.

Talk to your friend.

Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough
3rd Friend Saved!
You Saved your 3rd Friend!

Whoops, it seems that I saved them in the wrong order. Anyways, exit the dungeon and restock. The game bugs out when I go to my house, and the day goes from 7 to 8. If you also experience the same thing, just return to D2 and head north. The portal is in the northwest exit.

4. Second Friend


Portal 7

Ugh, this place is pitch black. Head all the way to the east until you reach a chest containing key. Watch out for the enemy that can teleport you to the entrance. The key can be unlocked in the passage east from the exit. Follow the path and go to the west. There’s another key on the corner with another teleporter enemy. The key unlocks the door north from the previous door. There is a chest, a Magic Flower, and another chest if you defeat all enemies here. That’s all that this portal has to offer, so exit this place.

Guess what? It’s day 9 already. Head to B3.


Defeat the blue tree on the southeast area. Report your quest in Silent Blues and go to Rogue Port in B2.

Rogue Port B2

Buy some gears for your new party member if you haven’t already. Once you’re done, enter the portal in Arcade’s toilet.

Portal 8

Interact with the mirror in the middle of the room until it reflects a light. Do it three more times and a green color will flashes. Use the portal in the center room to reach a chest. Exit the portal and go to A1.


Explore the house, defeat all enemies, and enter the cave. There is also a Magic Flower here.

Clockwork City

The map is in the dungeon entrance. Feel free to explore the dungeon in any order that you want – just make sure to kill all enemies for your reward chest. If you want to explore it efficiently, leave the east path for the last in the first intersection. You need to collect gear keys which are located in A4, A1, and E1. There’s also a hint in D2 that contains Seek the four corners in it. Lastly, check out the gravestone in C1.

Once you’re done exploring, you’ll end up in C3 Floor 2. This room is a bit tricky since you need to interact with the marked tiles. Yes, they are hard to see with the poor lighting. I have marked them below if you need to see the solution.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Save and make sure you are ready to fight the monsters in the next area.

Boss: 3x Robotoid, Mega Robotoid
Cast Lightning IV to the enemies. You can reduce the enemy’s HP to half (or even one shot them) with a single cast of it with Teacher’s Badge and Badge of the Mage equipped. Assign the rest of your party members for cleaning up. Leave Mega Robotoid for the last.

Flip the switch to save your friend.

Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough
2nd Friend Saved!
You Saved your 2nd friend!

Return to Rogue Port.

5. Cleanup

If you only care about achievements and/or game completions, head to the next section.

Rogue Port B2

Go to your second friend’s house. Talk to his mother to finish another quest. Now, head to the school, located to the far west. Head upstairs and climb on the vent near the east door. There is an enemy here. It’s quite tough, so be careful. After you’re done, go to C4.


Defeat all enemies and enter the cave.

Cave of Mutation

Just like its name, it’s just a cave with mutated monsters. The cave entrance is a large area, but there’s nothing worthwhile except for the chest that spawned after you defeat all enemies. All paths lead to a dead end with one mutated enemy. Exit the cave after you’re done and head to the south exit.


Defeat all enemies and open the chest. Since it’s day 10 already, head to B4.


Defeat the evil foe on the northwest corner. Report to Silver Blues once you’re done. Head upstairs and talk to the man for your next batch of bounties. You also need to activate the terminal downstairs to register it in your journal. Head to D3.


I found that the apple tree near your house can be picked, so feel free to interact with it if yours are also the same. Head to the portal that is located northeast from your house (no, it’s not the portal near your pond).

Portal 9

Defeat all enemies. Several chests will spawn in each green areas. Open all chests, including the ones to the north side, and exit the portal. Go to Rogue Port.

Rogue Port B2

Go to Mayor’s House, the building to the southeast corner of the map. Talk to the mayor to get some money. Now, head to Skyscraper City, located 2 screens west of D2.

Skyscraper City

Explore the south and east building. There is a grandma that will give you some cookie after some intervals and some enemies in the south building. Enter the Box Factory, the tall building that you see for the first time.

Box Factory

Well, the area is easy to navigate. Just explore everything and kill all enemies until you reach the top floor. Save before attempting the push box puzzle. Talk to the man at the highest floor to get some items. Exit the building and head to the east exit.

Skyscraper City

You can’t move here until the screen flashes. No, it’s not a bug, don’t worry. Explore the smaller houses in this area. You can use the refrigerator in the empty houses to recover your health. Enter the big building on the northeast corner, Building 5. Head upstairs and talk to the sisters to get a quest. You should be able to finish it right away if you interacted with all trash cans that you meet.

Exit the building and enter the building to the south, Building 6. Withdraw your cash from the ATM and give it to the ghost in the counter. You should be able to explore the whole building. Once you’re done, exit the building.

Enter the building to the northwest, Building 3. You can buy a XV Beatmaster for 50,000 credit on the second floor. Save before interacting with the ghost on the southwest corner in the fourth floor. It’s a boss.

Boss: Wily’s Ghost
The most effective way to defeat it is by inflicting burn and poison to the boss. A single burn or poison will deduct its HP by 4k, 8k with both. Keep inflicting status ailments (stun, frightened, freeze, etc) on the boss in the meantime.

Talk to the man to the southeast and answer him with Right to get an item. That’s all you need to do here. You can use the elevator to go to the basement, but don’t do that yet. It’s already day 11 in my place, so if it’s also the same for you, let’s hunt down today’s portal. Head to B1.


Enter the portal.

Portal 10

Defeat all enemies. Your reward is in the next room. Return to Skyscraper City.

Skyscraper City

Enter the building south from Building 3. It’s the huge building in the middle that is located to the south. You’ll reach Building 4. Clear out the area and buy Turnip Seeds at the second floor. Enter the building to the northwest of this building, Building 1.

Clear up the building of enemies and head to the building south of here, Building 2. Talk to the chef in the third floor to finish a quest. You basically need to clear both the first and second floor out of monsters. Talk to the guy below the chef and answer with “Lust for brains”. Chase him to the bathroom. Save before entering though, the game might be bugged out if you interact with the toilet too fast. After you explore the whole building, return to the first floor and talk to the receptionist. Answer 0 to get some items.

Head to the east exit.


Clear out the enemies. If you are having trouble with the enemies, just inflict DoTs on them. Head north and fall to the hole near the house to go to Temple of Dogs.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Temple of Dogs

Interact with the statue according to the picture below to open a path.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Well, the next path is a dead end. You need 2 dogs to proceed. You can get another dog by clearing portal 25 which come out at day 26. Exit the temple and head to the hole on the southeast corner.

Hidden Grave

Your party members should be gone after you go to Temple of Dogs, so add them from the mummy to the east. You can get an achievement here by inputting a friend code, but I didn’t have it. Feel free to let me know if you know the code though. Exit the area.


Skip to day 12. The reason is because the game bugged out on my again when I went to home, changing the day to day 12 with less than 1 hour to the next day. You can make the time go faster by going to the middle of the portal of the three tombs. Just exit once you reach the next day. Plant the seeds in the backyard of your home in D3 and go to C4.


Defeat the evil foe, a walking computer. Head to B1 afterward. Report to Silver Blues on the way to B1.


Enter the portal. It’s on the southeast corner of the map.

Portal 11

Explore the area as usual. There are some chests but I’m not sure how to reach them. Exit the area and head to your home, fast forwarding the time to day 13. Head to B4 and enter the portal.

Portal 12

This area is straightforward. Just go and flip the switches to continue. There is a boss-like monster at the end of the path, but it shouldn’t be that hard to beat. It’s already day 14 by the time I went out, so if it’s the same for you, head to D3. The portal is in the southwest corner.

Portal 13

There is nothing in this place apart from enemies and a chest. Clear them up. After you are done, head to your house and go to sleep in your room.

Dream World

You should enter a dream-like state. Go to the cave where you met your second friend – it’s to the southwest. Talk to the Pumpkinhead to buy a Dreamscape for 100k credits. Access the portal to the southwest to wake up and go to sleep again. Exit the house and go to the east exit. You’ll reach a chest containing Badge of Dreams in the last area. Return to your home and wake up.

6. Final Dungeon

Let’s beat the game for now. Head to Skyscraper City and enter Building 3, the huge building in the middle north. Head to the basement floor. Follow the path until you reach a dungeon.

Warped Spacetime

This map consists of a circled area. Feel free to go west or east as long as you go north after you finished everything. The next area is also circled, with an extra area to the south in the middle north. There is a puzzle box to the west, but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. You need to rely on the exploit that you used in the previous dungeon. Anyway, there is only a grave with this message in it.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Follow the path to the east. You’ll get a map in this area later (in A2) so you should be able to see where you have to go next. There are other tomb in B1 for another clue. Yes, you need to go to these spots (E2 and B5). In B5, there is a tomb that says “Pick when it’s safe.” Pick the apple northeast from this tomb whenever it shows as green with red apples in it. A portal will show up at day 10 next to it. Pick up the key from the portal. If the portal doesn’t show up, reenter the area at day 10.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

The key E2 is simpler. You just need to find a portal at day 10. Again, if the portal doesn’t show up, reenter the area at day 10. As you can see on the screenshot, I accessed the portal at day 11. This is because I fought an enemy beforehand. I entered this area at day 10, so the portal is still here.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Once you got both keys, go to C1. Use the keys to unlock the south exit. Save before attempting to fight the enemy.

Boss: Abyte
My party:
MC lv 38: Wilv’s Pitchfork, Badge of the Innkeeper, Sports Cap, Cloth Overalls, Badge of the Creek
Dog lv 38: Badge of the Deadly Scholar, Badge of the Werewolf
First friend lv 37: Alien Gold Crossbow, Badge of the Deadly Scholar, Hairpin, Tank Top, Badge of the Jungle
Third friend lv 35: Platinum Plunger, Badge of the Deadly Scholar, Steel Pot, Ripped Shirt, Badge of the Jungle

The boss will often attack you with AoE spells. It also seems to resist both fire and poison, so don’t push your luck. Focus on attacking the boss with physical-based attacks until it dies. Assign 1 party member to use items to recover status ailments and 2 others as a buffer: 1 for EDEF (Energy Shield IV) and another for ATK (Offense Up II). Use First Aid Kits and Antivenoms as soon as your party members got any status ailments except for Frightened and Silenced. You can use healing skills such as Recoil and Regenerate as a substitute for healing items, or use Pure Water and/or Cookie whenever you need it. I only used First Aid Kits and Antivenoms though.

Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough
Final Boss Defeat!
You have Defeated the Final Boss!

Congrats for beating the game!

7. Postgame

Well, actually all of these can be done before beating the final boss, but I figured these are more of completionist stuffs so I moved them here. Besides, I think that the guide format that I used is not good enough to cater this guide. Anyway, you only have three more dungeons to do and some leftover daily quests (portal and evil monster hunting).

If you just want to get the achievements, head to your home’s backyard and harvest the plants.

Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough
You Successfully Harvested Carrots!

Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough
You Successfully Harvested Corn!

Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough
You Successfully Harvested Tomatoes!

Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough
You Successfully Harvested Turnips!

– Dailies

I’ll list what you can do daily here, so feel free to proceed as you like.

Day Portal Bounty Others
1 Skyscraper City, north of Box Factory (might be bugged and not spawning)
2 C3
3 B3
4 E4 Bounty 1 – E4 (toilet)
5 E3 Bounty 2 – C3
6 C2 Nightmare state in Dream world
7 B2 (Shopping Center’s toilet)
8 D1 (E1 on map)
9 B2 (Arcade’s toilet) Bounty 3 – B3
10 D3 Bounty 4 – B4 First time you can enter Mayor’s House in Rogue Port
11 B1
12 B1 Bounty 5 – C4 (computer) Nightmare state in Dream world
13 B4
14 D3
15 D3 (living room) Bounty 6 – C2 (yellow tree) Day of the dead at C3 in Autumn
16 D3 (your sister’s room)
17 D3 (living room’s toilet)
18 E3 Bounty 7 – E1 (grey man) Nightmare state in Dream world
19 A1
20 C3
21 B3 Bounty 8 – D2 (E2 on map, blue hydrant)
22 C2
23 C5 (interact with flower, north, west, west, west, north, north)
24 D1 (E1 on map) Nightmare state in Dream world
25 B2 (Resident 2 or second friend house’s bathroom)
26 C4 (fall down the holes and interact with a statue to get Island Key Card. Use it to unlock the “chairs” blocking your way. You should get another dog, Bark, after clearing this area.
27 C4 (bugged portal – you can’t explore the cave)
28 D2 (E2 on map, bugged portal – you can’t explore the second floor of the cave)
29 E4
30 C1 (Save often. This place is crash-haven.) Festival in Rogue Port (might be bugged since it doesn’t triggered in mine)
Nightmare state in Dream world

There isn’t much difference between nightmare state and dream state in dream world. You’ll have to go east from your home and defeat all enemies there. You also can find Badge of Dreams in dream state in this area. Some posts say that you can get Badge of Nightmares in nightmare state, but I couldn’t find it. Anyway, you also can explore the west exit in nightmare state, which ends in Silent Blues, but there isn’t anything worthwhile to be found there.

Finishing all 8 bounties and reporting to the man upstairs in Silent Blues will finish the whole quest. This man will sell you alien diamond weapons, the best weapon tier in the game.

– Mausoleum

Head to graveyard and enter the house to the northwest. Make sure that you stock up on First Aid Kits and Vegetable Juices.


The first area is a three-way with 3 enemies. Defeat the ones on the left and right to flip switches on both sides, and then head to the middle lane to go to the next screen. Before you go there, the chest will spawn near the area entrance, next to the left lamp.

The next two areas are pretty straightforward – flip all switches, go to the next area. Make sure to save and get ready before you enter the next room in the third area though (the one where you have to flip switches from 4 corners of the area).

Boss: Embodiment of Evil
The boss is tougher than the final boss, but it can be beaten the same way as the final boss. Just keep on attacking, cast both Energy Shield IV and Offense Up II, and heal with items whenever necessary. Having HP Regen through Regenerate and Recoil also helps with the healing.

Head south twice and open the chest. There is also a Friend Code 3 if you interact with the sign to the south: 37RTX4TX.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

– Temple of Wolves

Temple of Wolves are located in the Graveyard, in the hole next to Mausoleum. You need to have 2 dogs to enter it. You’ll get the first one near your home and the second one after you clear portal 25 that spawns at day 26 each month.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Once inside, interact with the corresponding statues to proceed. You’ll get this by trial and error.
Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

Rogue Port - Red Nightmare - Walkthrough

There should be three wolves inside. You’ll get a chest containing Badge of Wolves after defeating them. I did it with my first dog being at level 56 and the second dog at level 1 (yes, it dies in all fights). You might need to use Vegetable Juice to recover the dog HP whenever it’s low, but I only used one since I’m too lazy to recover it from poison. Just spam Swift Attack and equip it with your best badge (I used Badge of the Dead and Badge of the Jungle).

– Time Rift

Enter Time Rift, located in the middle portal of three portals connecting D3, Rogue Port, and D2. Head north to reach an inverted map. There’s nothing to do here apart from defeating the enemies though.


I’ll just put everything that I couldn’t do here in case anyone else want to find out or give some info.
– Friend Code 1 and 2 location for the achievement (or do you only need Friend Code 3?)
– Friend Code from Rogue Port – Blue Nightmare
– Portal 30 location (day 1 portal)
– How to trigger Rogue Port festival
– How to access Cave of Trials, the cave in D3, further (when is the holiday?)
– How to recruit the last party member (from the bugged portals?)
– How to unlock the locked door in Building 1
– Badge of Nightmare location in nightmare state


Finally, it’s done. It took me a while to finish the game. I didn’t expect the game to be this long, and most of the time was spent in clearing all portals in the hope of some reward – it turns out that the game has none. I might have missed some areas, even not getting one achievement which I assumed is related to the other game, Rogue Port – Blue Nightmare, but I’m done with the game for now. Anyways, hope it helps you to finish the game and enjoy it.


Written by aquatorrent

This is all about Rogue Port – Red Nightmare – Walkthrough; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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