Mars Horizon – Remain first in every mission as NASA

Mars Horizon – Remain first in every mission as NASA 1 -
Mars Horizon – Remain first in every mission as NASA 1 -
Hints how to remain first in every mission as NASA


starting the game

starting the game 
It is decisive how you start your game. At the starting set the bonuses for your company as follows: 
– start the game with 2000K funds 
(money is the resource that lacks most in the game) 
– -25% research costs for mission research tree 
(because you have to research every item of this tree) 
– +1 mission slot 
(because you need to do requested missions) 
– -20% vehicle building costs 
(because money is the resource that lacks most in the game) 
you have to pay for all this with: 
– -10% launch reliability 
(that doesn’t matter, if the launch explodes, reload the game, if you get punished you can 
compensate it by doing a good minigame) 
Furthermore set autoresolve to “All misssions”. 
After starting the game you can check the bonuses in the diplomacy screen, that looks like this: 
Mars Horizon - Remain first in every mission as NASA 

running the game

One rule at first: Save the game before every launch and every minigame, if things go wrong. 
1.) At first build a sounding rocket and research/build the small launchpad immediately and launch it when it’s available 
2.) Research the mission tree, research buildings and vehicles only if you really need them 
3.) Money is the resource that lacks most, so do all requested missions that have money as reward 
4.) Do all scientific requested missions if you can afford them 
5.) Build additional mission slots 
6.) Build the payloads without any extras 
7.) Research the payloads first in the mission tree and thereafter the necessary rockets/buildings, so you can already build the payload while researching the rockets/buildings 
8.) payload reliability is decisive to have success in the minigames, so don’t train in science, but in reliability instead 
With that you are getting first satellite, first moon probe and space monkey fast. Go on like this: 
9.) Now pay attention to China, China is always unfair and can destroy your efforts 
10.) Build additional mission slots if possible for additional requested missions 
11.) Research the Atlas-Agena rocket combination, this is one rocket that carries most payloads 
12.) Get to the inner planets fast and bring some men into space 
13.) Do all possible requested missions to get money and science for 1st man on moon while 
researching the manned moon mission + necessary rockets. 
14.) research always the items you NEED, and don’t go into the research bonus trap 
++.) If enemies got first, abandon the game. 
Obviously the most difficult part of the game is made after landing a man on the moon first. 
15.) You should have 5 mission slots when starting to go to the outer planets 
16.) Bring unmaned lander to mars and research space stations 
17.) Get the advanced shock absorber when available, it increases payload reliability when added to your rockets 
18.) Don’t do manned missions if they are no milestone missions. Getting money and science unmanned is much easier. 
Now you should have an advance to the other companies, but you need to press on to get the mars elements on it’s surface. 
In the advanced game the secret is to get money as much as possible and then science as much as possible and you get it by doing the requested missions. Money missions always have priority ! 
And at last: I needed 150 hours to make it first in every mission, so don’t be frustrated and try it. 

Written by cancer352

This is all about Mars Horizon – Remain first in every mission as NASA; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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