Resident Evil 4 – Basic Controller Aim Settings

Resident Evil 4 – Basic Controller Aim Settings 1 -
Resident Evil 4 – Basic Controller Aim Settings 1 -

Welcome to this post This Resident Evil 4 – Basic Controller Aim Settings Guide was created to help you.

To make the Controller’s aiming more responsive and precise in the game, you can adjust your game’s settings.


I thought I’d share my settings. Feel free to share yours, too.

These settings let me respond quickly to enemies, without overshooting or undershooting. It basically eliminates acceleration, and it slowly slows down the reticle when it passes over an enemy to prevent overshooting.

Options –> Controls

Reticle Deceleration = 2

This can slow your focus when you’re passing by enemies. It’s subtle enough that you don’t become too focused on a person in the group when they’re panning. But, unless you have excellent stick control and are able to find ways to reduce the game’s dead zones, I would suggest small amounts of value.

Options – Camera

Maximum Camera Speed (Controller)

  • Normal Gameplay = 6
  • When Aiming = 2

Camera Acceleration

  • Both ‘Normal’ & ‘When Aiming’ = 10 (MAX)

You can turn off the cursor’s acceleration by setting it to the maximum. The acceleration values are set to 6 and 2, respectively. Setting the value between 0 and 10 will allow acceleration to continue however it will take longer to reach the maximum speed.

You can test the Maximum Camera Speed settings for yourself however, it is not recommended to test them in combat situations unless you wish to disable deceleration for your enemy.

Wrap-up / A note about deceleration

Why is there no acceleration? Simply put, the game appears to keep the speed of your movement in a single direction. However, in practice, there are times when you swing to the side in order to hit the target. If you do, you might discover that you’ve overshot a bit. The acceleration is still being applied frequently so that an overcorrection can occur.

It was more sensible to me to reverse the curve rather than to accelerate the cursor to get the enemies in my sights. This will provide you with the fastest speed and allow you to apply the brakes once you are in the right spot. It’s not intended to shoot treasure.

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