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Hello and welcome, This Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Neketaka Shuffle Mission Guide was written to be helpful to you, and we genuinely hope that you do.

This is a good order of missions that will get you easily to level 10, so you won’t have to worry about progressing in the game again.

Enter the Dragon

He loves fine wine and risotto truffle, and is here to do the Neketaka shuffle .”

The Neketaka shuffle is a simple walkthrough players can follow once they have completed Port Maje. This will allow you to reach level 9-10 without ever leaving Neketaka. So, when you’re ready, you can leave with the power and resources you need to survive on the high oceans. Also, you’ll stop complaining about Deadfire. I have seen countless Twitch streamingers curse this game’s name after failing to use readily available information. I don’t just mean being confused about game strategies. I mean actually being confused when the answer is right there on the screen. Keep your Insight, Mechanics, and diplomacy scores as high as possible.

If I’m wrong or miss something, I’m not.

Queen’s Bed I

Queen’s Bed is one of only a few places in the game that has a questline specific to time of day, as well a semi-timed mission.

1. The fastest way to get through the dialogue is by selecting the option of folding the in-between dialog when you arrive.

2. You can loot nearby crates to help fill up your ship with supplies.

3. Talk to Radora about Zamar’s problems.

4. Family Pride questline can be obtained by talking to Nera Bardatto in the estates. This questline is the longest and most difficult of all the questlines.

5. Sanza’s Map Emporium is located in the center of the screen. You can get the island exploring quest from Sanza.

5.5. Rob the Luminous Adra Miller of all of its crates Adra. This is the only meta moment in the guide. I am lying.

6. If it is daylight go to the Vailian Ambassador to talk to them and continue the questline started in Port Maje. You can also start the side quest with Luca by talking to the Huana guy outside. If your dialogue is correct, you will be able to resolve it instantly with him.

7. Aenia is now in front the embassy. You can start her bounty quests.

8. You can find a number of NPCs by heading into the Wild Mare. Ask Radora to direct you towards a guy who can only be found at the northern end at night.

9. Talk to the bounty NPC nearby to receive more bounties.

10. Talk to Kahn. Kahn will direct you upstairs to Aenalys. You will be sent back to Kahn if you do not speak with Aenalys correctly. He will then give you the task to find Oswald.

11. Konstanten, the best companion of the game, is also waiting for you on the second level, provided that you do not tell him to go home.

12. Return north and settle the Bardatto/Valera dispute under the waterfall however you like, but don’t continue the quest any further.

13. Then, return to Zamar in order to put an end to the situation.

14. Head North to Periki’s Overlook.

Periki’s View I

There’s not much to see and do.

1. You can browse the different stores for items to suit your needs.

2. Talk to Degnos at the front of the bathhouse. Retrieve his satchel on the second level.

3. Rob her store blind and talk to Fassina. Take the Spine of Thicket green.

4. Arkemyr Manor, in front of Huana’s Manor, is the place to meet the two bickering Huanas and Rauataians.

5. Between the Watershaper’s Guild and the manor, recruit Worthless idiot.

6. Recruit Tekehu from the Watershaper’s Guild.

7. Serpent’s Crown can be found to the north.

Serpent’s Crown

This guide will now cover the one meta-move.

1. You have no good reason to steal it, but head straight into Takano Estate.

2. To find her quest…and body, head to the left and Muhai’s Estate.

3. If you want to purchase all pets, head to the upper-left side of your map to find Nungata’s bounties.

4. You can get a bounty quest by entering the Kahanga Palace on the second floor. Then, head downstairs to see the cutscene.

5. Depending on a few variables, you can choose to recruit Maia or Pallegina. After completing the quest, make sure you talk to Prince to get another one.

6. The Sacred Stair can be found to the east.

The Sacred Stair

1. You can recruit Ashley Johnson, a pixie vampire, by going to the roof of the Spire of the Soulseekers.

2. If you wish, you can purchase items from various vendors outside.

3. There is another bounty vendor at the northern end.

4. Burn Muhai’s body, or whatever you choose to do to finish the quest at the center.

5. Here, a clever player can steal a fire shield from a chest located at the top stairwell.

6. Brass Citadel can be found to the south.

Brass Citadel

1. Visit the Fleet Master’s Office to pick up a quest.

2. If you’re building guns, head to the gunsmithy.

3. Bertenno is having a problem on the docks.

4. Rauatai’s quest is to go into the citadel and get it.

5. Continue west to Gullet.

The Gullet

1. Biha’s place is where you can do something big for mf children.

2. Go to the Hole. Recruit the ogre that is in the kitchen. Seduzo can help Biha. Head upstairs to yell the paladins and get them to give up their seats. Tell Seduzo about this and then return to Biha’s home to complete the quest.

3. Talk to Enoi at his home. This quest could end in many different ways. I will assume that you’re going to ask the crown for help.

4. Pitli’s Sanctuary is the next stop. After talking with her, head to the mysterious caves west and explore the disease.

5. You can now go to Dereo’s hideout and give him the cornett Takano stole.

6. Follow his directions and Delver’s Row.

7. many shops in this area can help you. Thieves’ Paste is particularly useful, since you will break into a store on the side and steal the cure of the disease affecting PItli’s citizens, as well the best weapon in the game.

8. The Undercroft is just past the criminals.

9. Talk to Mad Morena. Be careful how you speak to her. You want her quest to be completed by giving her back the adra crates that were stolen earlier. After that, you are free to act however you wish.

10. Follow the path until you find Dereo’s assistant and the entrance to old city.

11. DUNGEON TIME. The second cornett lies underwater in overlook. You’ll also find a sword that talks down here.

12. Return to Dereo to complete his quest.

13. Return to Pitli to complete her quest.

14. Back to Periki’s Overlook

Periki’s Overlook II

It’s time to rob Arkeymrs vault. We could have done it sooner, but we waited to ensure our Mechanics levels were high enough to open and disarm all the traps.

2. Take the quest notes from the Dark Cupboard, and head up to the living area.

3. You can head out of the window onto the manor’s roof, and be ready to fight the robot in real life when you arrive.

4. Arkeymr’s quarters are on the left side of the roof. Grab his robes and passcode.

5. You can find the imp near the robot you fought. It would be best if you gave the passcode for the entire dungeon to neutralize it.

6. Two flights of stairs will lead you to the basement. The rooms in the basement are where you can pick up the pieces to infiltrate into the vault.

7. Enter the vault to steal the Harapo Epic.

8. You can return it either to the Huanas, or Rauatians. I’ll assume it’s the former.

9. Return to the Serpent’s Crown after escaping the front door.

Serpent’s Crown 2

1. You can stop before the palace to give away the Harapo Epic.

2. You can tell the Prince what’s happening in the Undercroft.

3. If you know how to do it, you can have him feed the Roparu in Gullet.

4. You can ask him for the next quest.

5. The Sacred Stair is back!

The Sacred Stair 2

1. Talk to the head priest at the Temple of Berath to agree on a visit to the Hanging Sepulchers.

2. Do what you have to do in the dungeon. This is the most difficult part in Neketaka. Don’t fail.

3. Return to priest and turn in quest.

4. Back to the Gullet

The Gullet II

1. Inform Enoi what you did with the Prince. You can also solve this problem by speaking with Mad Morena and some dumbasses on the Sacred Stair.

2. Head back to Queen’s Berth.

Queen’s Berth I

1. Degnos will finish you off at the docks.

2. You will now have to deal the Family Pride quest which is very annoying and finicky. Here’s my recommendation. Do not delay.

3. Speak with the Bardattos and accept their quest. Ask Ezzali if the Valeras can be reconciled.

4. Talk to the Valeras and agree with their quest.

5. Deal with the sailors in the Wild Mare’s balcony, then look for Zili on the ramparts that overlook the harbor.

6. Return to the Hole in the Gullet immediately after speaking with him. Listen to the conversation in back rooms and then run out of the room as soon the next quest stage appears. Do not reveal who you are to the plotters.

7. Ask Ezzali if she wants to reconcile with the Valeras. Say what you have to say to get her on board. Do not agree with her to help squash the heisters. You may have asked her multiple times before you get the dialogue option saying that the feud is messing up her money.

8. Do not tell the Valeras about the sailors. Tell them Ezzali wants to talk. To the best you can, don’t tell anyone or help anyone about the heist.

9. Return to Ezzali to set up a meeting.

10. Do your best to make sure that these people get along.

11. Get out of the city. (On foot.)

Neketaka Island

1. You don’t even need to go around the island. You can grab the amazing Frostseeker bow by heading to Maukotu’s Canopy in the west.

For Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Neketaka Shuffle Mission Guide, see this guide. Please let us know in the comments below if you find anything incorrect or outdated, and we will attend to it as quickly as possible. I hope that today turns out well for you. A big thank you to Your Dad for his post that inspired this guide. Also, don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so visit us frequently for more posts.

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