Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Quick Start for New Players Guide

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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Quick Start for New Players Guide 1 - steamlists.com

Covering all the basics for New Players to get started. Enjoy..


Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Quick Start for New Players Guide - Intro - 9472494
“PoE 2: Deadfire” is out for years (way above 300 hours myself), but it seems here at Steam most just bother with specific builds.
So, this Guide is for new players (..or those interested to start a second Playthrough), but not sure about the details and looking for some input to optimize the experience ^^

Combat (RTwP, TB)


The standard Mode. Pillars 2 is tailored around this mode..
You play in Realtime and Pause (default: SPACE) whenever you want to micro-manage Abilities/Casts
note: You can tweak AI-scripts to automize most combat up to 99% ;D


Introduced later, this mode has some advantages, but also many drawbacks.
Personally, I´d suggest against it.. fights feel drawn out.


Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Quick Start for New Players Guide - Difficulty - 1572D03

– Setting –INGAME descriptionComment
Story– extremely EASY Combat-> not worth it)
Relaxed– easier Combat-> boring
Classic– STANDARD Combat-> perfect for NEW Players
Veteran– more enemies and more aggressive tactics-> ideal Challenge for RPG Veterans
Path of the Damned– largest number of enemies, encounters are stronger, AI cheats you-> UNFAIR +Frustrating +Unrealistic

Berath´s Blessing – optional use of Achievement-points from former Playthroughs
Trial of Iron – only 1 Savegame (!)
Expert Mode – “helper” features disabled
*Scaling: influences ALL encounters

Char Creation 1 (Race,Culture,Background)

General procedure is this:

Start NewGame ..choose Difficulty/Modifiers ..create Char (Race,Class,Stats, Culture,Background) .. name your "Watcher" and the game starts..


Race (+Subrace)


Aumaua: +2 Might

  • Island Aumaua (Among the Waves: No Wading – move at normal Speed even in water/sand/..)
  • Coastal Aumaua (Towering Physique: Resistance to Might Afflictions)
Dwarf: +2 Might, +1 Constitution, -1 Dexterity

  • Boreal Dwarf (Hunter’s Instincts – Increased chances to Graze vs Oozes/Sentient Fungi/Plants and Ogres/Skuldrs/Trolls/Vithrack/Xaurips)
  • Mountain Dwarf (Hale and Hardy: Resistance to Constitution Afflictions)
Elf: +1 Dexterity, +1 Perception

  • Pale Elf (Elemental Endurance: +4 Burn AR / +4 Freeze AR)
  • Wood Elf (Wily Step: Resistance to Dexterity Afflictions)
Godlike: +1 Dexterity, +1 Intellect

  • Death Godlike (Death’s Usher: +20% Damage vs targets Near Death ../Pallid Fate: +3 Power Lv. Near Death)
  • Fire Godlike (Ashen Skin: +2 Burn AR ../Battle-Forged: when Hurt/Bloodied/NearDeath +1 AR / 2-4 Burn Retaliation vs Melee attackers)
  • Moon Godlike (Silver Tide: first time a moon godlike is Hurt/Bloodied/NearDeath , they cast healing AoE)
  • Nature Godlike (Wellspring of Life: While under Might/Constitution/Dexterity Inspiration, gain +1 Power Lv.)
Human: +1 Might, +1 Resolve

  • Meadow Folk (Fighting Spirit: +7% Acc / +15% Dmg when Bloodied or Near Death)
  • Ocean Folk (Fighting Spirit: +7% Acc / +15% Dmg when Bloodied or Near Death)
  • Savanna Folk (Fighting Spirit: +7% Acc / +15% Dmg when Bloodied or Near Death)
Orlan: -1 Might, +2 Perception, +1 Resolve

  • Hearth Orlan (Minor Threat: 10% “Hits to Crits” vs targets that are threatened by allies)
  • Wild Orlan (Defiant Resolve: Resistance to Resolve Afflictions)




Aedyr:+1 Resolve
Deadfire Archipelago:+1 Dexterity
Ixamitl Plains:+1 Resolve
Old Vailia:+1 Intellect
Rauatai:+1 Constitution
The Living Lands:+1 Might
The White that Wends:+1 Perception





  • Drifter (+1 Sleight of Hand, +1 Bluff, +1 Streetwise)
  • Hunter (+1 Survival, +1 Mechanics, +1 Alchemy)
  • Laborer (+2 Athletics)
  • Merchant (+1 Streetwise, +1 Bluff, +1 Diplomacy)

Any, except.. The Living Lands

  • Aristocrat (+1 Diplomacy, +1 Bluff, +1 Intimidate)

Any, except.. The White that Wends

  • Mercenary (+1 Streetwise, +1 Athletics, +1 Intimidate)
Exclusive to..

  • Artist (Old Vailia.. +1 Mechanics, +1 History, +1 Insight
  • Mystic (The White that Wends.. +1 Religion, +1 Arcana, +1 Metaphysics)
  • Philosopher (Ixamitl Plains.. +2 Insight)
  • Clergy (Deadfire Archipelago.. +2 Religion)
  • Raider (Deadfire Archipelago.. +1 Streetwise, +1 Athletics, +1 Stealth)
  • Scientist (The Living Lands.. +1 Explosives, +1 Metaphysics, +1 Arcana)


  • Colonist (Aedyr, Old Vailia, The Living Lands.. +1 Survival, +1 Athletics, +1 Alchemy)
  • Explorer (Deadfire Archipelago, Living Lands, White that Wends.. +1 Survival, +1 Diplomacy, +1 History)
  • Scholar (Ixamitl Plains, Rauatai.. +1 History, +1 Arcana, +1 Metaphysics)


  • Dissident (Aedyr, Ixamitl Plains, Old Vailia, Rauatai.. +1 History, +1 Intimidate, +1 Stealth)
  • Slave (Aedyr, Deadfire Archipelago, Old Vailia, Rauatai.. +1 Survival, +1 Athletics, +1 Streetwise)


Char Creation 2 (Class,Subclass,Stats)

Class (+Subclass)

..some classes (eg: Druid,Paladin,..) require a subclass




Barbarian*CC & Defender
  • Berserker
  • Corpse-Eater
  • Mage Slayer
  • Fury Shaper
Fighter***Striker & Defender
  • Black Jacket
  • Devoted***
  • Unbroken***
  • Tactician
Monk**Striker & Defender
  • Helwalker*
  • Nalpazca*
  • Shattered Pillar**
  • Forbidden Fist
Rogue**Striker & CC
  • Assassin*
  • Streetfighter**
  • Trickster*
  • Debonaire
Cipher***Striker & CC
  • Ascendant
  • Beguiler
  • Soul Blade***
  • Psion
Druid**Striker & Support & CC
  • Animist (Standard)**
  • Fury
  • Lifegiver
  • Shifter
  • Ancient
Paladin**Support & Defender
  • Bleak Walkers**
  • Darcozzi Paladini
  • Goldpact Knights***
  • Kind Wayfarers*
  • The Shieldbearers of St. Elcga
  • The Steel Garrote
Chanter***Support & CC
  • Beckoner**
  • Skald
  • Troubadour***
  • Bellower
  • Berath
  • Eothas
  • Magran
  • Skaen
  • Wael
  • Woedica
Ranger*Striker & Defender
  • Sharpshooter
  • Ghost Heart**
  • Stalker
  • Arcane Archer
Wizard***CC & Striker
  • Conjurer**
  • Enchanter
  • Evoker
  • Illusionist
  • Transmuter
  • Blood Mage

* = my Rating




+2 Fortitude


+2 Reflex


+2 Will

AttributeBonus (per point)Defense (per point)
Might+3% Damage / Healing
Constitution+5% Health
Dexterity+3% Action Speed
+4% Stride
Perception+1 Accuracy
Intellect+10% Area of Effect
+5% Duration
Resolve-3% Hostile Effect Duration
+1 Deflection


Berath´s Blessing (new game +)

..available AFTER getting Achievement points in former Playthroughs..
Aside from many options regarding your Backstory (related to PoE 1), you can enable a second Pet SLOT (Party Buff). This can be a huge advantage ^^

Party Setup

In PoE 2 you have 5 Slots for your Party. That means you bring your Hero + up to 4 helpers..
It´s smart to mix a bit because you need some melee fighters and some debuffers/supporters.
Singleclass vs Multiclass is a longterm decision that impacts the game quite a bit.. Single (one class) grows strong “faster” and can reach the highest (T8/9) Abilities/Spells, while Multi takes longer and cannot get T8/9 ..but allows more passive skills and is very strong Endgame.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Quick Start for New Players Guide - Party Setup - 64025F6



  • Single-Target
    #1 option – Rogue
    Sadly, Backstab Assassin is very tricky in Party and not worth it.. most times you will not get the bonus except on first hit. Much better results, if played SOLO (micro-managing included).
  • AoE
    Strongest AoE besides Endgame-Wizards is Offensive Tanks (like 2H Brute) and tanky DPS like DW Swashbuckler/Psyblade/Mindstalker..
    Druids allow good Melee builds via Shapeshifting, but you need some Gear to get that running.




  • #1 option – Ranger:
    Best Ranger is Maia (Companion).. by a mile (thanks to her unique Subclass + Pet)
    -> Ishiza fully specced is basically your 6th party-member ːDː
    “Custom” Ranger can be good, ..but for the most part it´s just OK, not superb. Maia = Best
    Before you get her, use Serafen (2x Pistol or Melee Barbarian) for Earlygame


Spellcaster (ranged + melee)

Magic users like Wizard/Priest/Druid are typically “ranged” (spell description shows the respective range), but many casts are Buffs/Selfbuffs and allow them to be solid Melee-fighters or mid-range supporters.. especially with powerful summoned weapons

Party-related thoughts:


  • #Rule of Thumb: 3x Melee + 2x CC/Support/Ranged
    Important: ..focus one Rogue on Mechanics to break Locks.. and spec another Char for SlightOfHand to steal/pickpocket.. (otherwise money becomes a problem)
  • Multiclass needs Lvl 10-13 to feel good. That means Multiclass-Party takes longer to get strong, but it´s worth it Mid/Endgame.
    -> I would always suggest a Chanter + Cipher + 1-2 Wizards for Debuff/Sustain.
  • Druid-healing helps a lot Midgame, but once Chanter is Lv.19+ and your Party 80% geared, you can play without
  • Paladin is also great Early/Midgame, but not needed Lvl 13+

Some Hints:
– If you´re new, I suggest to use the Companions +Sidekicks, but make them Multiclass
– Lv.10+ you are mostly finished with Neketaka itself.. now you can start to gear up and start your career as a famous Pirate.. time to start plundering the seas ːD
– Lv.17+ you can think about replacing most Companions by Custom chars because at that point you got the hang of it and Companion-quests are mostly done.
– Tweaking AI-Scripts helps a lot
Story-heavy Party (Suggestions):
If you want to enjoy max Story and Dialogue.. while maintaining a solid Party I´d suggest:
Eder (Fighter/Rogue) +Aloth (Wizard/Rogue) +Pallegina (Paladin/Chanter) +Maia (Ranger/Rogue)
– Xoti (Priest/Monk) would be your Healer-Substitute for her Quests
– Serafen (Cipher/Barbarian) until you get Maia and for his Quests
– Fassina (Wizard/Chanter) is a decent choice Mid/Endgame ->Custom char is better
– Ydwin (Rogue/Cipher) starts glass-cannon, but once geared a monster like Mirke ːbrawlerː
– Mirke (Monk/Rogue) is very strong.. ->Custom char is slightly better
– Vatnir (Priest/Chanter) not needed outside BeastOfWinter (Endgame).. still better than Xoti
– the others are more or less optional, but still nice to have during Shipfights (->up to 6 Reserve-Slots ːDː)

Gear (Armor, Jewelry, Weapons…)

Gear example: Offensive Endgame Tank (2H)
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Quick Start for New Players Guide - Gear (Armor, Jewelry, Weapons...) - DC7301D
..as you can see even with debuffed Stats in fight, barely taking damage and selfhealing, selfboosting.. (5-8 enemies = 10 seconds of mayhem)


..Recovery is usually important, don´t hamper yourself too much.. Light/Medium Armor is best^^
note: “Godlike” cannot wear helmets (head slot unusable)

CategoryRecovery PenaltyBase AR_Weakness_

  • Cloth Armor
0%3— none —

  • Hide Armor
  • Leather Armor
  • Padded Armor
  • Hide : 3 vs Slash / Corrode
  • Leather : 3 vs Crush / Freeze
  • Padded : 3 vs Pierce / Fire

  • Breastplate
  • Mail Armor
  • Scale Armor
  • Breastplate: 5 vs Slash / Shock
  • Mail : 5 vs Crush /Freeze
  • Scale : 5 vs Pierce / Corrode

  • Brigandine
  • Plate Armor
  • Brigandine : 5 vs Pierce / Corrode
  • Plate : 5 vs Crush / Shock


Jewelry /Belt /Boots /Cape

Necklace and Rings can provide strong Bonuses.. equip fitting bonuses that help your char
Belts are perfect to rise +Con.. or get Resistances.. or Push/Pull Immunity
Boots increase Stride (Movespeed), or protect from Afflictions.. some increase Stats
Capes can increase your Deflection /other Resistances /increase CastSpeed /heal from Fire Dmg


Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Quick Start for New Players Guide - Gear (Armor, Jewelry, Weapons...) - 0DEC93D

Bows/Xbows (all 2H)Firearms (Veilpiercing)Magical
  • Arbalest – slow
  • Crossbow – average
  • Hunting Bow – few good ones
  • War Bow – strong
  • Arquebuse – strong, but slow Reload
  • Pistol (1H)- nice, but Single-target
    (Modal: +50% Recovery speed / -25%dmg is great)
  • Blunderbuss (1H) – small AoE, but short range + low dmg
  • Scepter (1H) – average
  • Rods (2H) – few good ones
  • Wand (1H) – OK, but weak

Melee – 1H:

  • Dagger – fast and deadly (Modal: +10 Deflect / -25%dmg is great)
  • Battle Axe – few but strong, Mid/Endgame weapon
  • Club – nice Debuff vs Casters (Modal: -10 Will / -25%dmg is great)
  • Flail – overall very mediocre
  • Hatchet – great Debuff on fast DW chars (Modal: -10 Acc / -25%dmg is great)
  • Mace – only few good ones
  • Rapier – evade it, 1-2 OK for specific builds
  • Sabre – some very good ones, also top dps
  • Spear – one really worth it (Mid/Endgame)
  • Stiletto – useless
  • Sword – several good ones (Watcher´sBlade, Modwyr, ..)
  • War Hammers – near impossible to find a good one before Endgame


  • Small Shield – small one is ideal for Monk
  • Medium Shield – best choice (-30% chance to block weapon dmg is great)
  • Large Shield – not really needed, because 2H Tank is extremely viable

Melee – 2H:

  • Estoc – skip it.. Piercing is the worst Dmg-type.. all Uniques are Piercing-only ;((
  • Great Sword – best 2H weapons.. some are very powerful (Effort, TwinEels, Sanguine)
  • Pike – a few good ones for Caster (mostly Druid)
  • Morning Star – most useful if you play Barbarian or use “Willbreaker” (OP)
  • Pollaxe – Midgame option for Tanks (+1 Engagement / -10% Stride)
  • Quarterstaff – a good one for Mage/Monk

note: Summoned Weapons use the respective Proficiency when equipped!!


Companions: https://brightrockmedia.com/2020/01/14/pillars-of-eternity-2-best-classes-poe2/ – [brightrockmedia.com] 
Class: https://brightrockmedia.com/2020/01/14/pillars-of-eternity-2-best-classes-poe2/ – [brightrockmedia.com] 
Multiclass (Combo-names): https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Multiclass – [fextralife.com] 


Written by wespe___o=/;;;:*

This is all about Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Quick Start for New Players Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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